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Dorian trailed a hand along Cullen's back while the other man slept. His breathing was deep and rhythmic, showed no signs of the nightmares that sometimes came, which only made the soft snuffling and murmurs that came from his lips that much more endearing. They slept curled together with Cullen's head on Dorian's chest, and as he lay there watching Cullen sleep Dorian traced his finger on pale skin: love, home, us. And, like always, he drew a protective glyph over Cullen's heart. Then he slept.

*happy, tearful shrieking*

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97. ♥

97. “I’ll pick you up at the airport.” 

Notes: This one is a little more team focused than Dorian and Cullen focused, but I needed to get a handle on them anyway. Bag skates are when players are forced to run skating drills until they’re exhausted; skated their ‘bags’ off. 

@sallyamongpoison tagged me in the 5 minutes of writing challenge, and that’s where this started, whoops. But hey, I finished it so whatever. Tagging @av-mello, @pangurbanthewhite, @somekindofcontraption, and whoever else wants to do it!

Practice has just ended when Cullen’s phone starts ringing. The team is standing around in various states of undress, showering, dressing or just sitting to rest sore muscles. Cullen is mostly dressed, hair wet and curling from the shower. The group is teasing Sera about her latest crush— a woman she’d met at a bar a few days ago. The sound of Cullen’s phone going off distracts him though, and he steps just outside the door to answer it.

“Hello?” The rest of the team can only hear part of his conversation, but they can see the dopey grin that spreads over his face.

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i'm currently reading da capo and have to stop at the end of chapter 25 because there's no way i can keep a straight face in front of my family while reaing what's coming so i need to wait for them all to go to bed, this is /torture/ (also hi, i've been binge reading your and sallyamongpoison's work and it is pure bliss, and the art accompagnying the fics, a great bonus! ♥ your work will stay with me for a long time) i'd ramble more but ah, no more characters left!

You may need this to make it through the next, oh, six or seven chapters - you’re approaching pretty much the hardest thing that Sally and I have ever written. >.>;

I am so happy, though, that you’re into it. Da Capo will *always* have a soft spot in our hearts for how much of ourselves we put into it, so it’s really touching to know others get something out of it, too. Thank you so much for sharing your love with us!!!

And ramble allllllll you want. <3

The shivers that run along your spine aren’t always to do with the temperature of the air.

I haven’t exactly been subtle about my love for this particular Inquisition pairing. And I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump lately, so I thought I’d try to get some inspiration back by drawing something I really enjoy, while also giving back a bit to the authors of some of my favourite fanfictions. This one is for @sallyamongpoison, who has been very kind to me in a few small ways and is the brilliant mind behind “Cold”. I sorta had that early atop-the-battlements scene in mind for this? Tried to capture the overall feel of the story. ANYWHO, If you’re at all invested in CullenxDorian, give it a read, seriously! Absolutely beautiful stuff. I’ve linked it above \o

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i had another one! Aquinea and Halward meet Cullen and they play the whole politically-nice thing with them, but Aquinea pointedly tries to make it seem like she approves of Cullen so Dorian will like her better/allow her to stay in his life while Halward (politely) airs his grievances about his disappointment that Dorian "couldn't be mature enough to move on from this." (A+ Pavus parenting 5ever!)

How did I miss this last night?!

And I love Dorian’s mom wanting to be back in his life. Seriously. I need it. I need him to a have a decent parent. And I will cover my ears and sing “LA-LA-LA” to anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.

You know those customers that want you to do EVERYTHING for them? Like unpack their cart(while they watch), scan and bag everything, repack their cart(while they watch), slide their card for them because the machine is rocket surgery, then almost have to demand them either put their PIN in or sign for credit(usually having to phrase it several different ways)?

Yeah, sometimes I have to bite down the urge to ask “would you like me to drive it home and eat it all for you too?”

WIP #1

This is fanart for sallyamongpoison‘s Cullrian fic, Cold. If you haven’t read it yet, you should seriously check it out. This is one of my favourite scenes so far ^_^ 

For some reason, I decided that this would be the perfect time to try and do backgrounds. Go big or go home, right?? We shall see how this goes. So far I am actually pretty happy with it. There will be brick in there eventually. And Dorian will have pants xD

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for Cullrian Prompt Saturday: Dorian getting ready for a date with Cullen to the tune of an 80s pop hit of your choosing.

AAHHHH it was so hard to choose a song because I love 70s/80s music, but I figured it out!!  Also I haven’t done any song-themed fic before so I hope this isn’t too horrible :,))))



After months of relentless flirtations, Cullen finally surprised Dorian by offering to take him out to dinner.  It had been so long before they finally reached this point - much longer than Dorian was accustomed to - but he was certain that everything would be well worth the wait.

Of course, Dorian intended to look his best for this date, so he began preparations fairly early in the evening, leaving plenty of time until was to pick him up.

Once he was finished with a long, thorough shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and moved to his bedroom.  Before he could focus on his appearance, Dorian needed some background music while he dressed.  He picked up his phone and set his playlist to shuffle.  As the music started, Dorian grinned widely at random choice of song.

Dark in the city, night is a wire
Steam in the subway, earth is a afire

The song was too perfect. It was as if Dorian’s phone had read his mind.  He turned up the volume, humming along as he rummaged through his closet.

Woman, you want me, give me a sign
And catch my breathing even closer behind

For the longest time, Dorian suspected that the interest was mutual.  However, Cullen never clearly indicated one way or the other, aside from his bashful smiles and rosy cheeks.  Thank the Maker he finally made a move.  Dorian couldn’t be more eager for this date to begin.

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Only True in Fairytales: 9:Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

There were, but only in small ways. It was supposed to be entirely fluff, for one thing. Not that it’s all that serious, but it was supposed to be pure, tooth-rotting fluff, first to last. Please don’t ask why I thought that a) a story which began with the POV character recovering from being tortured would be entirely fluffy, or b) why I thought I could write pure fluff in the first place.

A ton of side characters didn’t exist until they did. Mrs. Adaar, Herah, Rilienus, Sera, Mia, Cullen’s parents: none of them were in the original plan. I was just writing along, and suddenly they were on the page. And I thought, “Why not!” There’s also the guard in the first few chapters, who was supposed to be a sleaze, succumb to Dorian’s wiles, and get shot on their way out.

There was also a lot of story after they got home, and I didn’t expect that. It was originally supposed to wrap up within three or four chapters of getting back state-side. It…uhhhh…grew a bit. And yeah, this surprises exactly no one.

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signs of affection meme: # 14

(#14 is a reunion kiss)

This took a really long time to do… but I’m really happy with how it turned out now :)

Two years ago, Dorian left for Tevinter. Cullen can’t believe he has finally returned.

By the way, there are NO spoilers in this fic, as I haven’t played Trespasser yet. Enjoy!

This can also be read on AO3 [here]

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