sally sparrow


[DW meme] Favorite episode per season
 Season 3 // BLINK

You have to remember that being scared of the dark and being scared of monsters is basically a childish impulse. There’s always something of the nursery about horror….Adults never quite grow out of their childhood fears. They just belong in a different part of our heads. —Steven Moffat on ‘Blink’


Moffat’s Women - Sally Sparrow
Sally is intuitive and smart. Although she might come across as a bit of a cynic, she is able to accept and adapt to the impossible very quickly and she can be as empathic and caring as she is quick-witted. She doesn’t give up, even when she is scared or disconcerted by what is happening, and this is what allows her to bring together the puzzle pieces of the episode. Sally most definitely is the heroine of her own story - and in the end sets in motion the events of “Blink”.