sally please

Okay. But I need more Paul please


Give me Paul holding the new baby

Give me Percy’s kids running up to Paul screaming “grandpa! grandpa!”

Give me Paul and Annabeth talking while they’re waiting for Percy to get home

Give me Paul at Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, teary eyes and taking photos

Give me Paul referring to Percy as Son

And in turn Percy calling Paul Dad


Give me more Paul

okay, memes aside, please spare me from the thought of Sally watching the crash. Idk what’s worse, her being there in person as his crew chief and having to watch it before her eyes (but being unable to go to him)

or being back in Radiator Springs, seeing it on tv, or worse yet NOT knowing about it until a customer mentions something like “hey, you’re McQueen’s wife, right? How’s he doing, the media got cut off from updates.” and that’s the first she hears of it.

i have been looking into kin things and i am? ??? ?? ??? i know i have kins but i have yet to find them and the ones i have found make me uncomfortable, eep

Big three moms

Nico and Bianca
Refused to hide defying Zeus for her children
Loved them and Hades

Jason and Thalia
Left Jason to the wolves at two
Lied to his sister
Did drugs
Demanded Zeus make her a goddess
Best mom ever
Paul is a great father
She married gabe to save her son
Believed in the God’s because even if they were wrong she wouldn’t tale that chance she wanted her baby safe
Accepts Percy lives a dangerous life and tries to help him
Loves and protects his friends
encourages Percy to do what he feels is right
Kicked monster ass alongside Paul

Jason and Thalia didn’t have anyone for so long so someone please please write something where Sally is their foster mom and Nico and Bianca are those nice kids who’s mom is friend with Sally
Because Beryl Grace did not deserve her children they deserve so much better

Wicked Game - James March X Reader

AN: NSFW ya’ll. This one I wrote cause @mrmarchswife requested some of her favorite ghost (the ghost with the most hahaa) James March, so here it is.

James was bored. Absolutely bored. He sat in his room, swirling the drink in his glass, elbow resting on the table. He sighed loudly. “Miss Evers?” He called.

“Yes, sir?” She came bustling into the room, a pile of linens balled up in her hands.

“I require some entertainment. Would you summon dear Sally here please?”

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Under the cut there are exactly #144 gifs of Nigerian-American actress PEPI SONUGA requested by anonymous. They are what I deem to be roleplayable. Each gif was created from scratch by myself and taken from her role as Sally in The Fosters. Please do not take or edit them without credit (or asking me first) or add them to any gif hunts. Each gif is 250x188 in size. Please like/reblog if you use them or you’re a rph.

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