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Otto Von Chriek - There were ten more of these, this is the only one that isn’t blurry… - with Angua von Uberwald, Sally von Humperding and Cheery Littlebottom

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Sally von Humpeding - Sorry Otto, SOMEONE couldn’t concentrate on taking the selfie because they were too busy LIPSYNCING TO NICKI MINAJ

Cheery Littlebottom - Um excuse you, ANGUA was the one who ruined like five photos by trying to do bunny ears then pretending they were peace signs when she got caught!

Angua von Uberwald - i think we just all need to agree that trying to take selfies after the punch got spiked was a bad idea

I’ve been thinking a lot today about possible Pride marches in Anhk-Morpork.

Cheeri excitedly leading the float for dwarves. (Bisexual dwarves! Gay dwarves! Trans dwarves! Non-binary dwarves! Dwarves creating new pronouns!)

William de Worde and Sacharissa Cripslock reporting on the march and meeting Otto’s boyfriend. And Otto and Sally would be helping to organise the LGBTQ+ vamps. (Vampires who have been in same-gendered relationships for centuries. Vampires who are now finding words to fit their identities.)

The wizards would provide the food. (Well, the University cooks would provide the food, because the wizards insist that you can’t march on an empty stomach.) (Ponder and Rincewind would be marching together.)

Vimes would be annoyed at the extra paperwork and hassle organising the march brings (“good gods traffic is going to be a nightmare and think of all the unlicensed thieving”) but would end up really enjoying it and be glad that it’s happening, especially since Young Sam has started questioning his gender identity/sexuality. (Vetinari would probably make Vimes lead the parade in full fancy uniform for shits and giggles. With a ridiculously colourful cloak.)

And Sybil would adore it, would help organise everything, be helping to sew flags and would have her own float with her dragons. (Sybil is demisexual and demiromantic, btw.)

Sybil would also make sure Ventinari was there as well, with a flag. (I really like the idea of ace!Vetinari, and I love lizardrosen’s idea of dfab angender Vetinari as well.)

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otto’s cute profile picture by @k-cervantes, polly’s cute profile picture by @agentquinn, sally’s cute profile picture by @pmendicant

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Otto Von Chriek - SQUAD SHOT - with Mal von Uberwald, Sally von Humpeding and Margolotta von Uberwald

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Polly “Ozzer” Perks - My favourite part of the night was when you guys did the dance routine to “Single Ladies”

Mal von Uberwald - I’m sorry, are you attempting to embarrass someone here? That routine was perfectly in-sync, it was a work of ART.

Margolotta von Uberwald - Ours was considerably more impressive than Morporkia’s attempt at Soulja Boy…

Sally von Humpeding - You mean LIPWIG’S attempt at Soulja Boy?

Margolotta von Uberwald - Exactly.

Otto Von Chriek - [sunglasses emoji] [sunglasses emoji] [sunglasses emoji] [sunglasses emoji]

littletinydoom  asked:

So the big question: how do they react to Pokemon Go? I think Carrot would be delighted by everyone's sudden interest in obscure cultural landmarks!

It’s the big question indeed. here a few:

Vimes doesn’t understand the hype but is happy to see people walking around,even if he’s worried someone’d look at his/her/their mobile at the wrong time.
Nobby is a pro, is in every important chatroom and is often a gym leader and, like most of the Watch, is team Instinct.
Havelock is not a player but uses the game to obtain informations.
the Black Ribbon Squad is always in competition with each other ( Mal is team Valor, Sally is Instinct and Otto is Mystic. nobody knows about Margo).
Sally has a Golbat named Batman, which lead to  Mal having a Golbat named Batbat( because “it’s not a man, Sally, it’s a bat!”).
Downey has a powerful Arbok (even is Ekans are rare in the university) and some Golbat and is pissed that poison doesn’t work like in the other games.
Sybil is very proud of her Dragonite but is more interested in hatching eggs than catch wild pokemons. She and Carrot organize walking trip for pokemon trainers and they’re quite popular.
there is a trainer who nobody knows who is s/he/they (the name is just  'Dorito’) who is object of wild  theories.
Leonard is collecting all the pokemon ‘for science’ and sometimes ask Drumknott  to play the game in his place.
Drumknott don’t understand what’s about this game everyone is playing, but something play it for Leonard