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Sally Lockhart Mysteries vs Doctor Who

Did anyone notice how many references, signs etc that were in the ruby in the smoke and the shadow  in the north that were in Doctor Who?
I mean apart from Billie Piper and Matt Smith of course.
These were out before they were in Doctor who. Like VOTE SAXON etc.
Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat clearly watched this show and little light bulbs went DING! Anyone else agree? :)

A Start on Summer Reading

I know, I have barely contributed anything to my Tumblr since January other than the sparse video clip or the odd link here and there. But it’s May now and I am just finishing up my first semester as a graduate student (I’m pursuing a Master’s of the Arts in Teaching English-Secondary Education). I knew the work would be hard…but, man, it has been HARD. I have been so overwhelmed between classes and waiting tables at the bar that I’ve barely had a second to even glance at a young adult novel, let alone pry open the cover and glimpse inside. Well, this is finals week, and I am just about done (Phew)!

Luckily, as classes have been winding down, I’ve had some well-needed quiet time to get a heads start on my summer reading list. I finally got through Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, so now my sister won’t scold me for seeing the movie without reading the book (Don’t worry, as a personal rule, I try never to do this anyway). And in the Young Adult genre, I read Bumped by Megan McCafferty which I was really anticipating because of my ongoing love for Notso Darling and him, yes him…Marcus Flutie. Also the fourth book in Michael Grant’s Gone series, Plague (same old thang in the FAYZ), and The Ruby in the Smoke, part of the Sally Lockhart Mystery series by Philip Pullman who also wrote His Dark Materials. I haven’t had a chance to review the YAs yet I certainly will in the next couple of days. Keep a lookout!

anaspiringreceptionist replied to your postHave you read any awesome books lately?

Shadow in the North was adapted into a movie as well :D I’ve got them both on DVD. I loved Ruby in the Smoke as well. I’ve got all four books, but I still need to get around to reading the rest of the series.

Ah, I only saw on the Wikipedia page the film link to the first book. Yay! I totally do want to get them both on DVD now. 

starssoblue  asked:

Have you read any awesome books lately?

I’m currently reading Philip Pullman’s The Shadow in the North and loving it. It’s the second book in the Sally Lockhart Mysteries (the first book is Ruby in the Smoke; The Tiger in the Well and the Tin Princess are the last two). I love mysteries and Sally is so very awesome and kickass and very modern for a girl living in the late 1800s. I read Ruby in the Smoke while in high school and remember loving it and wanted to finish reading the other books in the quartet (if I can find them all, lol, these are old books published in the ‘80s and it seems like, besides buying them online, bookstores wouldn’t have them). And I know the first book has been adapted into a film starring Billie Piper (who was Rose in Doctor Who) and I want to see it after I’ve read the books.  

What about you? Any awesome books you’ve read? 

Thank you to everyone who gave me book recs the other day! I was asking about medieval-ish books with a lot of court intrigue, particularly books with Lucrezia Borgia, and these are the recs everyone suggested:

  • The Accursed Kings by Maurice Druon 
  • The Sally Lockhart mysteries by Philip Pullman (they’re about a plucky young heroine in Victorian London who uncovers terrible secrets and conspiracies but also works as an accountant for a photography firm who are her found family)
  • books by Margaret George
  • House of Leaves
  • Madonna of the Seven Hills by Jean Plaidy
  • Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant
  • books by Sarah Poole
  • books by Phillipa Gregory
  • The Family by Mario Puzo
  • Shakespeare’s Henry VI 1, 2, and 3 and Richard III (four-part series all about the WotR)
  • Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy
  • Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi 
  • Marlowe’s Edward II
  • The Sunne in Splendour

And morgauseloveshersisters was super helpful, she reminded me that cortegiania has a whole page dedicated to book recs:

Thank you everyone!!