sally lightfoot crabs

tikkunthisfuckingolam  asked:

Coran as a "Sally Lightfoot Crab" and Allura as a "Light Blue Soldier Crab" (Zarkon as a Japanese Spider Crab)

Coran: Sally Lightfoot Crab. Look at this thing. I love it. God bless.

Allura: Light Blue Soldier Crab. Majestic. Amazing. 11/10 perfect for Allura.

Zarkon: Japanese Spider Crab. Listen pal. these things have always freaked me the heCK OUT. they have them at the aquarium near my house. i think one time one of them killed all the others. they’re terrifying. 0/10 do not engage.

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Sally Lightfoot Crab (Grapsus grapsus), feeding along tide pool edge, Punta Espinosa, Fernandina Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador by Ehab A. Saleh