sally land

I don’t get why suddenly there is all this hate for La La Land? Everyone seemed to love the movie a month ago …
Yes, I have seen both La La Land & Moonlight.I  prefer La La Land. I don’t however think it was pleasant to witness that mistake onstage and see the awards being snatched from La La Land cast and given to Moonlight when it could have been avoided and Moonlight cast & crew could have had proper speech time. Moonlight is a good movie and I can see how it is currently more relevant judging by what’s going on in the world. But this in no way means that La La Land shoud be hated. They are two very different films, people have invested a lot of work in both of them. Loving both is also an option you know.

ok someone literally put me in a trash can where i belong but

since mortal!au apollo is canon now

apollo meeting sally jackson 

  • Apollo landing in New York City really disoriented because he’s not used to life without his powers 
  • He’s walking around the city angrily, cursing Zeus and shouting at the sky 
  • Everyone gives him strange looks like what. is happening. who is he
  • But Apollo doesn’t pay attention he’s just circling around the same few blocks 
  • Eventually he just sits down on a bench and cries
  • Most of the passerby don’t pay him much attention, except for one 
  • she’s too much of a mom not to notice when a teenage boy is crying on a bench by himself
  • so she sits down next to him for a few minutes without saying anything and he doesn’t notice her
  • eventually she puts her hand on his shoulder
  • “are you okay, honey?”
  • apollo looks up angrily, wondering why this woman is referring to him like this; he’s not used to being talked down to 
  • but then he remembers that he’s just a teenager now
  •  he wipes his eyes, clenches his fists and just shakes his head 
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • Apollo needs a cover, and fast. 
  • “I, um… got kicked out of my home.”
  • “Oh no, that’s terrible! What happened?” 
  • “I made my dad angry.” 
  • “Do you need a place to stay?”
  • He starts shaking his head, but then he realizes he has nowhere else to go 
  • “If it isn’t too much trouble…”
  • “Not a problem! My son Percy won’t be home for a while anyway,” she replies cheerily, but with a hint of sadness in her eyes 
  • wait, Percy? Apollo thinks. “I forgot to ask,” he says, “what’s your name?”
  • “Oh! I probably should have mentioned it before you agreed to stay in my house!” She laughs. “Sally Jackson,” she says, holding out her hand for him to shake. 
  • Apollo looks at her hand, and then back up at her, eyes wide. “Sally Jackson!” he cries, “My uncle talks about you all the time!” 
  • “What are you talking about?” she asks, alarmed. 
  • Apollo takes her still outstretched hand and shakes it. “My name’s Apollo,” he tells her, and her jaw drops. “Let me explain.” 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Facts:
The most difficult shot was opening a door because of the filmmakers’ dedication to be as true to shooting like live-action as possible, one Nightmare Before Christmas shot proved especially challenging. When Jack discovers the part of the forest with pathways to other holiday worlds, he looks longingly at the Christmas tree door. A close-up of its shiny golden knob reflects this mournful skeleton as well as the trees behind him as he advances to open it. Getting the reflection just right took a great deal of time, care, and attention.