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Ocean’s Eleven AU

Mary Morstan plans one last heist with longtime girlfriend Janine Hawkins. Their team: pickpocket Molly Hooper, explosives expert Sally Donovan, card shark Ella Thompson, high roller Martha Hudson, legwomen Sarah Sawyer and Jeanette Chapman, retired conartist Violet Holmes, computer systems specialist Kitty Riley, and professional acrobat Soo Lin Yao. Their target: Irene Adler’s casinos on the Las Vegas strip. But when Molly discovers Irene is dating one of Mary’s old flames (Anthea McCallister), all hell breaks loose.

The ladies of Sherlock are all so interesting and complex. I mean, look at what we have:

  • the best forensic pathologist in Britain, a kind, adorable mousy young woman who loves kittens and fluffy jumpers almost as much as she loves solving murders and getting up to her elbows in chest cavities
  • a brilliant, snarky and seductive lesbian dominatrix who once held the British government to ransom and worked with the most feared consulting criminal in the world
  • an ageing socialite who was an exotic dancer in her youth and ran a drug cartel with her husband before she had him arrested and executed in Florida as revenge for his consistent abuse
  • a young black woman with a strong moral code and an unwavering dedication to justice who has worked her way up through the ranks of the police force to become arguably the best detective in Scotland Yard 
  • a flirty, outgoing Irish woman who was the trusted personal assistant of one of the most feared men on the planet, and who responded to personal betrayal and heartbreak by extorting thousands of dollars from a gullible media
  • a deadly ex-assassin and one of the best shots in the world who targeted the rich, the powerful, the dangerous and the criminal during her career before leaving it all behind to become a nurse and lead a normal life. She fell in love, became pregnant and is now fighting to keep her new family safe as her past starts to catch up with her.

I just wish the writers were more interested in exploring and developing these characters. At the moment they’re so under-utilised it’s criminal.

hello my dudes, would you please like this post if you are done with john wifecheater’s bullshit, stan mary morstan, want to protect the holmes brothers, and at least not hate molly hopper, irene adler and sally donovan, bc i would follow you forever

like i don’t even care who you ship, i just need to see some good content for once bc tumblr’s recommendations are absolute shit

Since itsgonnabemay.gif, I thought I’d post the May Challenge so people can get to work on things. I think this is a fun one.

The May Challenge for Ladies of Sherlock is Victorian. So take any of the BBC Sherlock characters and place them in the Victorian Era. OR… Take female characters from the original Arthur Conan Doyle canon (Violet Hunter, Helen Stoner, Grace Dunbar, etc) or pastiches (Mary Russell, Enola Holmes) and bring them into the modern BBC era.

  • This challenge is open to any sort of creative endeavour: drawings, writing, vids, craft, anything you can think of that’s creative.
  • It can be JUST one of the ladies in question, it can be several of them. However, focus MUST be on a female character.
  • All female characters from Sherlock are welcome, both major and minor. For the purpose of this challenge, any woman from the original Arthur Conan Doyle canon– as well as pastiches (i.e. Mary Russell, Enola Holmes) are also eligible.
  • Artwork and fic can be adult rated, however please tag appropriately with NWS and/or NSFW.
  • Crossovers are welcome, as long as one of the ladies of Sherlock is the focus.
  • Cisswap fics – otherwise known as Rule 63 or  Femlock— does NOT count as a Lady of Sherlock.
  • If the character(s) featured in the fic/art/etc are from the BBC series, they must be portrayed in the Victorian-Era. For characters that are in the original stories but are in the BBC show (Mary, Irene), they must retain some semblance of their BBC personality or look. 
  • If the character(s) featured in the fic/art/etc are from Victorian-era stories (either ACD canon or pastiches), they must be portrayed as updated to the modern-day BBC era.
  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of submissions you can make.
  • This challenge is open from May 1 to 31.

To post your fill, post it in your blog with the tag “#ladiesofsherlock” in the first five tags or send us your post ID through our ask.

(Artwork by artbylexie. Used with permission.)

Molly Hooper Appreciation Week

August 28th, 2016 - September 3rd, 2016

Welcome to the first annual Molly Hooper Appreciation Week! We’re here to celebrate one of our favorite members of Sherlock’s makeshift family, Molly Hooper, the queen of the morgue. This week is open to any and all fanworks that celebrate your love of Molly Hooper. Each day is dedicated to a theme (aside from Day 7, which is a free-for-all day). The themes are as follows:

Day 1 - A Day In The Life (Fanworks focusing on a typical day in Molly’s life; aka “slice of life” fanworks)
Day 2 - In My Wildest Dreams (Fanworks focusing on AUs)
Day 3 - OMG You’re Really Real? (Fanworks focusing on crossovers)
Day 4 - Flying Solo (Fanworks focusing on just Molly and no other human characters)
Day 5 - Best Friends Forever (Fanworks focusing on Molly’s friendships with others)
Day 6 - Nothing Greater Than True Love (Fanworks focusing on romantic relationships with others)
Day 7 - Free For All (Anything that didn’t fit into a themed day that focuses on Molly in some way)


- Any kind of fanwork you can think of is acceptable for this week: fanfic, fanart, fanvids, manipulations, gifsets* (please make sure they are your gifs, though, and you’re not taking them from others), meta, headcanons…anything you can think of that would celebrate Molly Hooper that would fit in with a theme (or just show love for her in general on Day 7) will be accepted with much pleasure.
- Be kind and respectful to everyone participating. We don’t want any wank because this is a week for sharing our love for a character who loves pretty much everyone we’ve seen her meet.
- If there’s something submitted that you like, please like it (or even better, reblog it so others can see it too)! If there’s a link to it on another website, go to that website and leave them love there as well, especially if it’s fanfic on AO3 of As a fanfic writer myself on AO3, kudos and comments mean the world to us.
- Any and all romantic ships are allowed EXCEPT on Day 4. Fanworks that day should focus solely on Molly without romance factoring into the fanwork. Any way you ship Molly on other days, however, we want to see it! We turn no one away. All ships are valid ships. Likewise, all takes on Molly’s sexuality and gender are valid for this week as well. Not everyone shares the same headcanons but we should all be respectful of others.
- If you post something for the day, please make sure one of your first five tags is molly appreciation week and then make sure a second tag is as follows, depending on the day, so your works can be found by everyone (feel free to track any and all tags that catch your fancy, or just the “molly appreciation week” if you want to catch everything):

day 1: a day in the life
day 2: in my wildest dreams
day 3: omg you’re really real
day 4: flying solo
day 5: best friends forever
day 6: nothing greater than true love
day 7: free for all

(There’s more details in how to tag for the fest, and also a tip for tagging if you’re writing femslash, here)


If you have any questions or want to help volunteer to just keep an eye on things/be around if anyone has any questions (since we aren’t running a secondary blog and I am not online often, I wouldn’t mind having someone who can help monitor the weekly tag and the daily tags and make sure they stay wank free), let me know via ask or via submit (please don’t send me IMs…I’m on mobile most of the time and mobile doesn’t alert me to them half the time). Fair warning: any hate or rudeness will be deleted without being posted. This is being set up to celebrate a character we all love and adore and let’s keep to that spirit, all right? All right!

* For anyone who wants to make a gifset but can’t make gifs, @mollyhooperish has volunteered to help out by making gifs for people with full credit for ideas. Please contact them for more information to collaborate!

Double Standards In Sherlock

My favorite thing is how people villainize Mary Morstan in the captions of (my) gifsets for being a liar as if she is this lone bad egg in a sea of good eggs. Well,  I love to break it to you, THIS SHOW IS BURSTING IT’S BRIM WITH LIARS.

Sherlock lies about almost everything and when he doesn’t tell a direct lie, he represses either to protect himself or others. Yet when Mary does this she is the devil for hiding, when Sherlock does this he’s a “a lil smol bby in love with *insert character name here*”

 John lies to himself all the time. Lies about he hates Sherlock, how he doesn’t miss the war, doesn’t miss solving crimes with his best friend. Yet one of the criticisms I often see written about Mary is that she’s just pretending. Right cos no one in this show ever pretends.

People lie for themselves and each other all the time in this show. Molly lied for Sherlock for two years (which would have involved lying to John too) but I don’t see anyone calling her the devil. Watch The Reichenbach Fall. In hindsight that entire episode is a lie. I think there is only two or three scenes in that entire episode that don’t have at least one person lying in them. But yeah, only call Mary out for being manipulative, sure.

Speaking of manipulation, this brings me to my next (and personal favorite) double standard. I’ve seen this added to captions of my gifsets as well as those of my friends gifsets and I piss myself laughing whenever I see it. People think Irene Adler is pure evil and hated by all because she manipulated Sherlock into loving her so she could use him to screw the government and protect herself.

Oddly enough, I don’t at all dispute that is (in part) what happened, I just dislike people hating her for this when Sherlock Holmes proposed Marriage to a woman to break into an office so he could get info on a man he eventually kills in cold blood to save his friends. Not to mention, in Hounds, John was perfectly okay with dating a woman because Sherlock told him to get info on Henry. But sure, let’s drag Irene and Mary for supposedly pretending to love men. Wow. So evil. No one does this ever. *yawns*

You know what Sherlock also did? Killed people with a flippin sword to protect Irene Adler which is oh so heroic when he kills people to protect people he cares about. But when Mary non fatally shoots Sherlock to protect herself and John (she even calls an ambulance for him!) she is Moriarty, the devil, etc etc

Last but not least, there is my darling Sally Donovan. Hated by many for being an asshole insensitive to the emotions of others. Yeah, cos it’s not like we’ve seen whole montages of Sherlock behaving this exact way towards clients.

Look, everyone has a right to hate what they hate and love what they love. All I’m saying is maybe you need to reflect on your internalized misogyny a little bit if your reasons for hating a female character are the same traits for which you love your male characters AND, if you’re going to besmirch one character for being a liar, you can’t let all the other liars off scott free. But honestly, it’s better to practice common decency and allow people the occasional mistake because they’re humans not Gods. 

Okay. So. Donation fic!

UPDATED 3/24/2017!

I have started most of them and even finished a few of them. But just in case you are wondering, this is what I have done so far:



  • Black Sheep (series; currently at 3 stories; Sherlock; eventual Sherlock/Molly, not legit Tom/Molly, John/Mary, Mr. & Mrs. Holmes, hints of Mycroft/Anthea, fancast Tom Hiddleston as third Holmes brother - written for anonymous donor who requested I write what I choose and did not have time for)
  • Do You Want To Be With Somebody Like Me? (25K+ one-shot; currently at 18 chapters; Sherlock; Sherlock/Molly - written for bakerst-sherlolly)
  • Heads Will Roll (10K+ one-shot; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 1 chapter; Spock-centric; written for greenskyoverme)
  • Love Is Like (series; currently at 22 stories; Sherlock; Sherlock/Molly, John/Mary - written for starlight-falls - has NSFW stories
  • To Throw Away The Map (60K one-shot; Sherlock; currently at 4 chapters; Sherlock/Molly and John/Mary; written for ceeyajh



  • Stories for all-oftimenspace (one-shots; currently at 6 stories; Sherlock & Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries; Sherlock/Molly, Sherlock/Irene, Jack/Phryne)
  • Stories for greenskyoverme (one-shots & series; currently at 29K words; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series, Elementary, Sherlock; McCoy, Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Christine, Sulu, Chekov, Amanda, Pike, Joan, Elementary!Sherlock, Molly, Khan, Carol, OMCs)


  • Stuff Of Improbable Legends (series; Sherlock/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Vampire Academy/Doctor Who/Eureka/MCU/Murder In Suburbia/OUAT/The Scarlet Pimpernel/Elementary/Teen Wolf/Georgina Kincaid series/Farscape/Cabin Pressure/Star Wars/Grey’s Anatomy/Arrow/Supernatural/Endeavour with roleplay tweaks; currently at 107 stories; Kirk/Rose H., McCoy/Molly, Danny/Clara, Zane/Daisy, Elementary!Sherlock/Georgina, Armand/Allison, James/Zoe S., Jackson/Zoe C., Kate/John C., Martin/Rey with John W., Dean, Jo, Finn, Thea, Endeavour, Coulson, Peggy and OCs - written for sideofrawr - has M rated stories)
  • The Best Laid Plans (series; Sherlock/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 9 stories; McCoy/Molly, John/Mary, other characters/pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Saviors Of All Worlds (series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Marvel Cinematic Universe/Sherlock/Eureka/Vampire Academy with roleplay tweaks; currently at 3 stories; Kirk/Uhura, McCoy/Molly - written forsideofrawr)


  • Untitled Random Fics (6065K worth of one-shots; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series, Sherlock, Elementary + possible other fandoms; characters and/or pairings TBD - written for greenskyoverme)
  • Untitled Random Fics (135 one-shots incorporated into the Stuff Of Improbable Legends series; Sherlock/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Vampire Academy/Doctor Who/Eureka/MCU/Murder In Suburbia/OUAT/The Scarlet Pimpernel/Elementary/Teen Wolf/Georgina Kincaid series/Farscape/Cabin Pressure/Star Wars/Grey’s Anatomy/ Arrow/Supernatural/Endeavour with roleplay tweaks; characters and or/pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (107 one-shots incorporated into the The Best Laid Plans series; Sherlock/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; McCoy/Molly, John/Mary, other characters and/or pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (47 one-shots incorporated into Saviors Of All Worlds series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Marvel Cinematic Universe/Sherlock/Eureka/Vampire Academy with roleplay tweaks; Kirk/Uhura, McCoy/Molly, other characters and/or pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (40 one-shots incorporated into untitled series; Vampire Academy/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; Kirk/Rose, other characters and/or pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (10 one-shots; fandoms, characters and or/pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (44 one-shots; fandoms, characters and or/pairings TBD - written for all-oftimenspace - ON HOLD
  • Untitled Song Inspired Fic (1.5K to 2K one-shot; Cabin Pressure; Martin-centric; written for chitarra10)
  • Untitled Song Inspired Fic (1.5K to 2K one-shot; Elementary; Sherlock & Joan; written for chitarra10)
  • Untitled Song Inspired Fic (3K to 4K one-shot; Sherlock; Sherlock & Mycroft; written for chitarra10)
  • Untitled Fic (3K to 4K one-shot; Sherlock; Lestrade & Sherlock; written for chitarra10)
  • Untitled Body Positivity Fic (1K to 2K one-shot; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; Kirk & Spock Prime; written for Felis Blue)
  • Untitled Sterek Fic (12K to 13K one-shot; Teen Wolf; Derek/Stiles; written for Felis Blue)
  • Untitled Fic (3K to 4K one-shot; Sherlock; Mycroft, Sherlock & John; written for a-studyinsherlock)

If you have donated money or reblogged any of my donation posts, you are entitled to a fic, so please, feel free to ask for one! Even the reblogs get at least a 1K fic from me. I had my back surgery on June 1st and am currently still in a back brace and will be in one for another two months before I can begin physical therapy, so I have quite a bit of time on my hands. Just send me an ask with your prompt (fandoms in general are Sherlock, Star Trek reboot, Eleven era Doctor Who, Marvel Cinematic Universe (preferably focusing on Captain America), season 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Elementary and both St. Trinian’s movies), whether you reblogged it or donated money (and how much) and your AO3 username if you have it and I’ll write you something. Please let me give back to you guys, okay?

NOTE: As I update these fics or get new ones this list will continue to be updated and will be included in any future donation posts I make, as proof that I am fulfilling my obligations to those who request fic. I am currently the primary caretaker for my mother, who is battling breast cancer, as well as dealing with my own health issues, so there has been a lull in my answering of commissions, and my apologies for that. I run myself into exhaustion most days and don’t have the energy to write, but I will continue trying.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to tell you that I find your blog very refreshing and fun! (Especially the Mary appreciation. Can never find good blogs that like Mary instead of trying to shove her into a horrid villainous character mold that she doesn't fit into.) I was curious-- you post a bunch of ships (which is really nice, btw. I don't ship anything too vehemently in general, but it's fun to see it once in awhile, especially with some variation!), do you have a preferred one?

Thank you, nonny!  (and btw, if you’re not already following them, the-sign-of-tea and consultingpiskies are great for Mary-positive posts.)

My preferred ship…  that’s a great question.  

The short answer is basically Sherlock + Anyone and Everyone and No One and inanimate objects and abstractions and pretty much anything else you can think of.  :)

I love it all – I’m compelled by every single interpretation of Sherlock’s sexuality or lackthereof.

And the longer version…  get ready…

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Lessons To Learn From The Women Of BBC Sherlock

Irene Adler: No one but you is in control of your dignity and there is never a situation that isn’t to your advantage. Ever.

Molly Hooper: A broken heart does not have to make you unkind, uncaring or weak.

Mary Watson: It is never too late to be the person you want, the right people will love you for who you are now and, more importantly, no one has the right to take that away from you.

Mrs Hudson: Everyone has a story worth listening to, but no one’s story makes yours worth anything less.

Sally Donovan: Stick to your guns and remember that respect is always a two way street.

Janine Hawkins: People will treat you how you treat them. Kama is funny like that. 

Kitty Riley: Be wary, the devil only makes offers to the desperate.