sally interrupted

First Words
  • Percabeth's kid: Sah-
  • Percy: Annabeth! She's going to speak! Come on quickly!!!
  • Annabeth: Wait really?
  • Percabeth's kid: Saah-
  • Percy: What are you going to say? Sally?
  • Annabeth: Percy! Stop interrupting her! And it's Grandma sweetheart
  • Percabeth kid: Sse-
  • Percy: Sweetheart?? Seaweed Brain??Sherlock??
  • Percabeth kid: Spe-
  • Percy: .....Speedos?
  • Percabeth's kid: Spi-
  • Percy: Spying?? Spelling??
  • Percy:
  • Annabeth: *beaming proudly* *picks her up and pats her head*
  • Percy:
War of Love (Lafayette x Reader) Part 6

Words: 3087

Warnings: Cringeworthy French (I’m sorry French speakers)

Tags: @pearltheartist @fandomsinabookshelf @unprofessional-inhumanbeing

A/N: Extra long chapter to celebrate Lin’s birthday! 

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Laurens laughed awkwardly, shaking his head. “No way, are you playing a trick on us? I mean, I walked around naked plenty of times. You…” His eyes widened, then he stared at you. “You saw me naked…you saw me naked!” He panicked, his face turning red as he moved away from you. Mulligan rubbed his head, cursing at himself.

“No wonder you never wanted to talk about women. Even when we walked by brothels, you didn’t even glance. And… the waterhole…” he put his face in his hands. “I made so many bad jokes…”

Hamilton nodded slowly. “This makes complete sense. The necklace, the laugh, the face…” He looked at you. “I can’t believe I didn’t guess it before! I knew you acted just like a woman!”

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Imagine John and Sherlock at a crime scene, and it’s late. 

They’ve been here for quite some time, and John is tired. In fact, everyone is. Even Sherlock, who would like to pretend otherwise. 

And then, three times in a row, Sally Donovan interrupts what Sherlock is saying – and each time, John is getting more and more annoyed.

On the fourth time, John stands upright from where he was leaning and he points his finger at her. “If you call him a freak one more bloody time, we will leave.” He glares at her, then at Anderson and everyone else who is looking. 

“John-” Sherlock starts, but John’s gaze falls on him next and it quiets him up.

“Honestly,” John continues, his eyes still on Sherlock. “He comes here because he enjoys this. Sherlock will never admit it, but he actually likes to help people. Not just the victims in these crimes, but he likes helping you lot as well. He doesn’t have to be here.” He pauses. “You’re not even paying him.”

Sally opens her mouth to say something, but no words come out. 

“If you all cannot let this man work and show him some respect…we will leave.” John repeats. “Sherlock Holmes does not deserve ill treatment. And, I won’t allow it any further.” He nods in conclusion at Sherlock, prompting him to begin speaking again, this time, without interruption. 

Sherlock just looks awestruck for a few silent moments, eyelashes fluttering with his quick blinks. Then, he starts to speak.

Though Sherlock is talking to the NSY team again, he keeps his eyes on John. And, when it’s finally time to go home, they walk together shrouded in the barely risen sunlight. 

John clears his throat. “I’m sorry…about earlier.” He says. “I know Sally is probably going to continue calling you a freak – and Anderson is going to continue to be an awful mess but-”

“What would I do without you, John?” Is all Sherlock says, but it seems more like he’s just saying it to himself and not to John at all.

John doesn’t know what to say back, because he doesn’t know what he’d do without Sherlock either. And, he doesn’t want to ever find out.

Virginian in denial (Jeffmads) Chp.6

Who gave him the right to- James sighed, he shouldn’t get mad while driving.

“Not sure why I’m surprised, that’s just like Lee, he gets involved with other people’s problems, and expects them to fix his…”

James thought back to the rest of the memory.


“Can we not do thi- COUGH! COUGH!
James’s coughs started getting worse, he pulled out his handkerchief and coughed into it, red spots dropping on it.

“James, are you ok?” Samuel walked over to James.

Lee laughed, “Wow Thomas, my bitch cares more about your boyfriend the you do-”

WHAT WAS THAT CHARLES?!” Lee looked back at Samuel, shocked silent.

“I’m the bitch, is that what you said?!” Samuel started walking back over to Lee, who started backing up, “Calm down Sammy, I just meant-” Lee’s back hit the wall,

FLEEING LEE! That’s what they called you, your grades were dropping faster than you could drop your pissed stained pants, you ungrateful- YOU COULDN’T EVEN TIE A NOOSE WITHOUT ME!!”

Samuel’s hand were shaking as he took a deep breath mixed with a scoff.

James looked at Samuel’s face, tears were falling from his eyes, “Samu-”

“I’m fine.” Samuel turned away from Lee and walked out the classroom door.

Shit, Sammy wait!” Lee ran out the door after Samuel.

“Well that escalated quickly.” James looked down at his stained handkerchief.

Thomas stared blankly out the open door, “…Hey you wouldn’t ever do that, would you?”

James looked up from his handkerchief, “What, call you a bitch?”

“No, kill yourself…” Thomas continued to stare out the door.

James paused, “I’ve never had a reason to, so I guess as long as you don’t give me one we’ll be fine.”

Thomas laughed uneasily.


James locked his car and walked up the apartment stairs.

James was about to put his hand on the doorknob, when he noticed a strong scent of alcohol and noises from inside the room.

James froze, I know what’s behind the door, I don’t have to go in. Samuel said I was welcome to stay at his and Lee’s place…. James gripped the doorknob, No, I can’t ignore this anymore, I can’t keep letting it drone into a low hum.

Taking a deep breath, James flung open the door.

Empty bottles of beer were scattered around the room, the pullout sofa was half opened as if someone decided it wasn’t worth the trouble, and in the middle of it all was Thomas and sally, their clothes barely hanging on them.

Thomas looked up squinting, obviously drunk, “Madie?”

James made his way towards Thomas, “It would have been fine if you told me, it would have been fine if there was a reason, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE IF YOU DIDN’T DO THIS IN OUR HOME!”

Thomas stumbled up drunkenly, “Why do you always have to try and run my life, you already screwed up yours!”

James scoffed, “MY life’s screwed up? MY  LIFE’S SCREWED UP? You’re the one that’s been sneaking off every night screwing some girl! Yea by the way, hi Sally, nice to see a familiar face!”

“I-” Sally was interrupted by a drunk Thomas, “Leave her out of this!”

James felt his anger exploding out, “Why Thomas!? I bet you don’t even know her last name! My god, you’re such a whore!“

Thomas punched James in the face, causing him to fall back into the glass table, breaking it.

James felt pieces of glass going into his back.

“JAMES!!” Sally started to walk over but stopped when she saw his face, cold.

James looked up at Thomas, looking for a sign of regret, or an apology, but Thomas’s cold expression matched James’s.

James got up, his back was soaking as he walked to the door.

Thomas watched as James opened the door, “Where are you going?”

James looked back at Thomas one last time, “Welcome to my world.”


James rang the doorbell as he heard footsteps and Samuel’s voice, “I told you to stop ordering pizza!”

When Samuel opened the door he froze with shock, “…Jame- JAMES?! OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED!?”

Samuel opened the door wider as James walked in, “Thomas had a friend over.”

“What- he- not in your own home! Why that- THAT!-” Samuel was interrupted by Lee who was walking out of the kitchen, “Oh please Sammy, I’m sure whatever word you were going to use couldn’t even begin to describe him.”

James looked at Lee wondering if this was really the same kid that tried to kill himself last year.

“Charles, can you try to take the glass out, I’m going to go get the rubbing alcohol!” Samuel sprinted into the bathroom, the heavy door closed behind him.

“Sure. Hey, the rubbing alcohol is beside the bandages!” Charles walked over and locked the bathroom door quietly.

“That should give us some time,” Lee walked over to one of the kitchen cabinets and pulled out a small grey bottle, “Alright, take it off, Jimmy-James.”

“Why did you lie to him?” James pulled off the blood soaked shirt.

“To buy us time, something tells me we’re going to need some, and Sammy isn’t the best with emotional subjects,” Lee poured the rubbing alcohol on a washcloth, “Sit over here.”

James walked to the chair Lee was pointing at, sitting in it with his chest against the chair’s back and his arms crossed over the top.

“I’m not exactly going to give you all the juicy details.” James winced as Lee started taking shards of glass from his back.

“Fair, we can wait for Sammy to come out for those.” Lee pressed the washcloth against where he had just pulled glass from.

“I can’t find them!” Samuel yelled from the bathroom, “Try the other cabinet!” Lee yelled back trying to muffle out the sound of James’s moan as he took out large piece of glass.

“Geez, how big was that table?” Lee’s tone suddenly became more serious, “So you remember the deal?”

“And you remember my response.” James flinched when lee pressed the stinging washcloth on the exposed skin, “Oh come on, Mads! Do you really believe that things are going to change if you just sit here and do nothing?!”

“Wow, you’re right Lee, the only thing left to do is to kill myself, or should we wait for ‘Sammy’ to come back to help with the noose?” James responded harshly.

Lee poured more rubbing alcohol on the washcloth, “Only temporarily, and besides, a near death experience will bring him back to realization and he’ll see what he’s losing and yada, yada. yada. The point is, he still loves you, and you are so deep in hopeless emotion you’re not getting over him anytime soon.”

Lee accidentally pressed the washcloth down on a piece of glass, cutting it deeper into James’ back.

OW! Alright, I think you’ve done enough.” James tried to get up out of the chair but the piece of glass was pressing into his shoulder blade, “Gah!”

“DAMMIT JAMES! Look at yourself! You’re covered in glass and and a black eye! He did this to you! Look at the person he’s becoming! If you’re not going to do it for yourself then do it for him!” Lee’s face dropped as he heard Samuel start yelling from the bathroom, “Charles what’s going on out there?!”

“Fuck… You have to make a decision, now.” Lee looked between James and the bathroom door, “Charl- Wait!! UNLOCK THE DOOR!!” Samuel started banging on the door.

“Come on Mads…” Lee looked almost desperate now.

Samuel continued to cry out, “James! JAMES, OPEN THE DOOR, PLEASE!”

James closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “…Alright.”


anonymous asked:

Masturbation headcannons for the seven? I really love your writing ♡

oh my god, i’m gonna have to say, yes, i will do these

but this is only because it’s an intriguing idea and because this blog is made for these types of asks so here we go

  • annabeth: alright, listen, this girl is one stressed out head cabin counselor, hero + architect of olympus, so i’m gonna say she often masturbates to relieve her stress and half the time it’s in the shower after a long day, or even before her day begins, just once or twice to get rid of some of tension in her shoulders so she can go about enjoying life. of course, when she does get time to herself she can go for over an hour and sometimes she lights candles; it’s just a really fun time. oh, also, she reads lit erotica a lot before she does, i’m serious, annabeth knows how to party.
  • jason: he doesn’t know how to extend the moment, he’ll start jacking off and sometimes it takes him 15 minutes, sometimes it takes him 5, but if it lasts longer it’s never on purpose, he just starts and let’s the world decide for him. he isn’t afraid to do it in the most random places though, like if he gets a hard on during the middle of the day, he’ll go hide in a shed or behind a bush and just get off right then and there. he always gets these little, breathy moans half way through.
  • frank: this lil goober, i love him, he’d be so nervous and paranoid about other people. like he’d shove a towel underneath the door, and keep the lights off and spend half the time wondering if he should search up some porn on the phone leo gave him. and then half way through searching he’ll stop and wonder, “can leo track this? i’m gonna kill him.” once he’s into it, he’s into it and loses awareness of his surroundings, and if someone knocks on the door he snaps out of it and sort of stutters and is like “sorry, i was sleeping, gimme a sec.”
  • piper: totally unapologetic, will do it wherever, likes doing it in her bed the most. if someone knocks on the door, she’s the one who says, “i’m polishing the pearl,” and whether they get it or not, she doesn’t care, she’s to busy atm. she can go for awhile, but it doesn’t go fast for her, she needs a lot of stimulation and her build up time is longer than most. she’s got a lot of vibrators, she even has one that is designed to look like a necklace, she gave one to annabeth for her birthday. she’s grateful that all demigods are in shape and attractive, because she’s always got a plethora of images to keep her entertained. 
  • leo: jacks off so much, if he has a day off he makes an event out of it. has so much porn saved on his computer, and then has that secret folder filled with kinks that if anyone ever found, he’d basically be their servant until they promised they wouldn’t say anything. is so loud, his moans just get louder the longer it goes on, can’t do it discreetly, so he def needs his alone time. gets sleepy afterwards, he usually does it at night in the showers so one, it’ll wash away all the evidence and two, he can go to bed once he’s done.
  • hazel: oh my lil cinnamon roll, first off, the amount of time it would take her to unlearn everything she was taught when she was a child, would take awhile. but when she’s finally comfortable enough (and i’m saying this might not be until sixteen or something) she’d probably do it at night so there isn’t a chance of anyone catching her. reads some of the lit erotica annabeth referred her too, she isn’t very vocal, she’s actually extremely quiet and just likes to enjoy her time with herself. she doesn’t masturbate very much, maybe once or twice every two weeks. when she does though, it last for a little while, almost like she’s making up for the past week; she only does it when she feels like it though.
  • percy: listen, he would do it so much, but it’d always be behind closed doors. he moans, but he can keep it quiet. if he has a wet dream, he’ll wake up, still half asleep, and shove his hand down his pants and take care of himself; he’ll mean to clean it up but then falls back asleep and wakes up in the morning and regrets all his decisions. he’ll run back to his cabin for so many quickies, and at school he sits in the back, suffering, because he would so do it in the bathroom if only he felt comfortable enough. whenever sally interrupts him by knocking on the door, he’ll voice will get real high pitched and he’ll say he’s doing homework; she know’s he’s lying. he doesn’t look at porn that often, but whenever he does, he forgets to clear his history.


a concept: percy and nico come back from shopping and annabeth’s sitting at the table in the kitchen, only thing on is a white t-shirt and panties, and she’s drinking a cup of coffee and looking over blueprints. percy grabs a coke from the fridge and twists the cap off. nico is hanging up his jacket. 

“so, what’d you do while we were gone?” percy asks.

annabeth, without even an upward glance, says, “masturbated.”

at the same time, nico passes by, heading to the bathroom, saying “nice.” and percy chokes on his soda, looking around the room for an answer. to what? he doesn’t know.

pancakemaster2000  asked:

HI!! I love your blog!! Can you write a short percabeth fan fiction? Thank youuu!

Thank you!! <3 sure thing!  this’ll take place about ten years or so after BoO.


To her credit, Annabeth didn’t complain about her new size.  Percy had been worried she’d mourn the loss of her always athletic figure, but Annabeth was remarkably well-tempered and calm about the whole pregnancy shindig.  Even now, with the due date a mere two weeks away, she was laughing cordially and beaming at his mom, sharing some joke Percy had been too zoned out for.  

At least one of them was sane.

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can i have an imagines where youre best friends with jack and youre carving jack and sally pumpkins and you two keep throwing the guts at each other and you slip and he kisses you and then fluffffff?

AN And I’m back! Hey guys, apologies for the lack of updates. Absolutely no service at my campsite. Then today we had this lovely idea that we should drive from Valdez to Fairbanks, and if you know anything about Alaska, you’d know that holy shit that’s a long drive. But not only did we go from there to there, we also went from Fairbanks back down to Anchorage. It is currently almost 3 in the morning. I am tired as hell. I had some emotional distress on the way down, so no double update tonight. Maybe one tomorrow if I’m feeling up to it. I love you guys though, thank you so much for supporting me and being patient, I love you. I really hope you like it and that it’s not too terrible. Enjoy friends xx

Your POV

I was sitting on the couch watching TV with Jack, something we always did on a weekend. But this weekend wasn’t any weekend. It was the weekend before Halloween. So thanks to Alex, we got the entire place decked out. I didn’t live with Jack or anything, but we did spend a lot of time together.

Jack is my absolute best friend, I can say that with confidence. Not sure if I rank higher than Alex on Jack’s best friend scale, but it is my goal one day. We have been best friends forever, and we usually went all out for Halloween. When Alex was dressing up with Lisa, Jack was dressing up with me. It was wonderful.

We had already picked out our costumes. Jack was Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I was his counterpart, Sally. Alex and Lisa were going as the Scarecrow and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

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Scene Bucket #211

Grace: Omg Percy texting Sally “mom i’m pregnant”/“I’m so sorry” and her texting him back “shut the hell up”

Macy: “That got old the eighth time you did it, and you’re still in charge of cleaning the gutters when you get home.”

Grace: “I have swine flu”

“Not getting out of it, Percy”

Macy: “Gored by the minotaur?” Several minutes later: “I texted Will, he says that’s bullshit.”

Grace: “aw you checked you do care”

Macy: “Gutters, AND pressure washing the siding.”

Grace: Oh my god, Sally showing up to try and help with peace talks and the Roman’s don’t immediately realize she’s Percy Jackson’s mother, and Octavian is going on about how having a mortal present is offensive, and Sally interrupts him mid-word like “Honey, honey, stop, close your mouth. You’re exhausting.”

Macy: “Shh. you’re turning a really worrying shade of purple, have a seat and take a deep breath while the grown-ups talk.”

Grace: Yeah, really. And Reyna can swear she looks familiar but she can’t place it, since Percy takes after his father, not Sally. And then Percy strolls up, still achy and bandaged from the return trip, and hands sally a cup of coffee. “Morning mom.” And the Roman’s all jolt like what

Sally responds with “Morning, dear,” and ruffles his hair.

Macy: no

nononono nope nooo

Grace: ????????????????????????

Macy: sally hanging out with a bunch of the aphrodite kids on the porch of the big house letting them braid her hair and telling them stories about when percy was little

like, despite them being aphrodite kids, none of them have really had a lot of maternal interaction, i don’t think

Grace: awwwwww aawwwWW sally becomes camp mom