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Greg: Okay, guys. Let’s settle this. [points to Anderson’s shirt] What color is this?

John: Grey?

Sherlock: It’s light grey.

Sally: It’s grey.

Greg: Okay. Now tell them what color you think it is.

Anderson [very quietly]: Dark white…

@sherlockchallenge - November 2016.

Prompt: smell

Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world.

[“It’s supposed to smell differently to each of us, according to what attracts us” - 
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince]

friendly reminder that john watson was probably a pallbearer at sherlock’s “funeral” and was probably in uniform, his left hand clenching around the handle every so often as he held his coffin
friendly reminder that lestrade was probably also a pallbearer
friendly reminder that john looked at the small group of people that amassed to remember sherlock holmes’s life and probably remembered with a pang that sherlock didn’t think he had friends
friendly reminder that sally, anderson, and dimmock might have been there, in silent respect
friendly reminder that mrs hudson would have said something at whatever service was held, and that lestrade probably had to hold her hand so she wouldn’t sob too much
friendly reminder that, even though we didn’t see it, the funeral happened and was very real

Sherlock: Hello Graham. Did you get my text about the murder on the docks?

Greg: Yeah, I looked it over. Nice work.

Sherlock: Good. Thanks, Dad.

Greg: …

Sherlock: Why is everyone staring at me?

Sally: You just called Lestrade “Dad.”

Sherlock: What? No, I didn’t. I said, “thanks, Gad.”

Greg: Do you see me as a father figure, Sherlock?

Sherlock: No. If anything, I see you as a “bother” figure, ‘cause you’re always bothering me.

John: Hey, show your father some respect!

Sherlock characters Hogwarts houses (Opinion list)

Always that disclaimer of “disagree If you must, just don’t think I care enough to argue about it”. Enjoy.


Sherlock: I’ve gone over this many times but I guess I’ll go over it once again. A lot of people assume that he is a Ravenclaw because he’s smart. False. Sherlock Holmes is a textbook Slytherin. Yes he’s smart, but he’s smart about what HE likes to know. In the books for example he doesn’t care to even know that earth revolves around the sun & he even goes as far to say that he doesn’t care to even remember the fact. A Ravenclaw would NOT act like that. Sherlock is just a snarky, sarcastic, SOB who has very singleminded goals and aspirations. He isn’t a bookworm if the book doesn’t pertain to what he’s doing at the moment.

Mycroft Holmes: He’s fantastic for a sarcastic one liner. He’s like Sherlock but he’s even more of an asshole in my opinion. He and Sherlock constantly try to one up each other, but they don’t have similar goals necessarily so it never gets too rough. Totally a Slytherin.

Mary Watson: Two words… DECEIVED EVERYONE. She’s fantastic. Also very resourceful and has straightforward goals / aspirations.


John Watson: He’s brave, daring & it takes a bit of recklessness to follow after Sherlock. Absolutely brilliant friend. I just feel like Gryffindors would do the John thing and just make faces if they disagreed 😂

Greg Lestrade: Also a very obvious Gryffindor. Courageous and daring. He’s very friendly and seems like he would be popular with other humans.


Mrs. Hudson: She’s just a cute little puff. Ya gotta love Mrs. Hudson. Fave. PLUS she just kind of loves Sherlock & that’s just a cute little like family Slytherin/hufflepuff thing ya feel ❤️

Mixed houses…

Molly Hooper: This is only based on the show BECAUSE THERE IS NO MOLLY HOOPER IN THE FREAKING BOOKS. Anyways… she’s like a mix between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. She’s absolutely brilliant at what she does so I’ll credit that to Ravenclaw. She’s got hufflepuff traits too though like she’s loyal (even when Sherlock is awful to her lol), she’s a hard worker, she’s V PATIENT (with Sherlock again lol). Like idk she’s both in my mind. She doesn’t fit in just one house.

Jim Moriarty: This is gonna be an unpopular opinion to many because he’s the bad guy… but I wouldn’t say he’s 100% Slytherin. Like yes his goal is to beat Sherlock, but he’s kinda brilliant and he’s got the cocky thing from Gryffindor. So like he’s a Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw. He’s so calculated and ingenious, but again he’s a cocky bastard & he’s very straightforward with his goals aka he has one goal in a sense.


Anderson and Sally: I loath them. They don’t deserve to go to Hogwarts.


There may be no more pushing off the stool, or no more fruit friends, but I’ll always gallop with gay abandon, and I’ll always find a euphemism in anything. I’ll always sing if someone inadvertently speaks song lyrics and I’ll always love the word “plunge”. And that is not being a child, but sometimes the world needs to be jollied.

Sally: [After Mary tells them she talked to John about Sherlock’s relationship status] She’s *spying* for you?

Molly: No. No!

Irene: If you have nothing in common, it’s difficult to hide intense sexual attraction.

[Molly glares at Irene]

Irene: And we hear it’s been a while.

Molly: Okay, stop.

Mary: He is *there* for the taking, honey.

Sherlock: [Arrives] Okay, I’m going to need his medical records for the past year.

[everyone stops and stares at Sherlock]

Sherlock: What?

Molly: Nothing.