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So it’s been confirmed that Percy’s sister is called Estelle after Sally’s mother in Ship of the Dead. Can we just stop and take in (and fall in love with) the fact Percy will probably use a pet name like Stell or Stella for this child? 😍

headcanon that Percy calls Estelle his “little stargirl” because Estelle, Stellar, Star, you see where I’m going with this

I love Piper. She’s like the little sister I never had. Because the little sister I do have is normal and not terrifying.
—  Percy Jackson.

it makes me really mad that the song miss jackson by p!atd can’t apply to pjo

Sally is now mrs blofis (I think)

Little Estelle is ms blofis

Annabeth will be mrs jackson

And Percy is a boy

It was brought to my attention that percabeth’s daughter would be miss Jackson and that’s actually rlly satisfying

Hello hello hi.

Estelle Jackson is a little baby that must be loved and cherished and protected

We haven’t physically met her yet, but dammit pROTECT THE SMOL BABY GIRL AND LET PERCY AND HIS FAM BE HAPPY

Estelle or Laura??

While I know Rick is forgetful about both big and small details, and I notice every inconsistency like they are jumping off the page, I think he might be good this time. I’ve seen people say Sally’s mom’s name was said to be Laura in The Ultimate Guide, and I’d just like to point out that The Ultimate Guide is not official canon. It is a companion book put together by Mary-Jane Knight through Disney Hyperion, so while Rick has endorsed it, he himself did not write it. Moreover, this guide gets many details incorrect, like saying that Connor and Travis are twins (lol no) and describing some characters’ physical attributes incorrectly. Rick may have endorsed it on his website, but it is never in the “more by this author” list at the end of each of his books.

Now, this guide says that Sally’s mom was named Laura, but if memory serves (correct me if I’m wrong) this is not said in the actual text, but in a picture of a newspaper headline. It seems Mary-Jane and/or the illustrator of the Guide just made up some names when no names were to be found in canon, and Rick did not catch it. I literally just read all of Rick’s books again (which did not include The Ultimate Guide, and I don’t own it anyway). Sally’s parents are never named until Ship of the Dead, when we get the name Estelle.

Tl;dr Rick is forgetful, but this does not seem like another “Jane/Jessica” debacle. Estelle is established canon fact; Laura is a “fact” that I’m assuming someone else came up with when there was no actual canon. I’m ignoring the “official-but-not-really” Ultimate Guide and going with Estelle, which I like better anyway. Keep in mind this is my thought process of what counts as canon and my opinion. I could be wrong: this could be another classic Rick moment…but does it really matter?

Also, take “guides” with a grain of salt unless they’re written by the author…even then, be wary. *side-eyes Rick*

Also also, I’m gonna die when we meet little Estelle! I can feel the infinite love Percy has for her already!!! Estelle and Sally are a blessing to this world!

This has been a long ass 2 am PSA. Thank you for your time.

Reason number #29987378 of why I am not reading the sequels and try to stay away from the wikia;

Riordan named Sally and Paul’s daughter Estelle? AFTER SALLY’S MOTHER?




I have named Sally and Paul’s daughter Laura years ago. AFTER SALLY’S MOTHER.

Because Sally’s mother’s name has been Laura for years now.

Is it truly asking too much for you to check your own damn notes before you write something? Is it truly that hard to keep your facts straight, for heaven’s sake?

This is why I opt to ignore all of his new “canons”.

Sally is the daughter of Jim and Laura.

Her daughter is named Laura after her mother, Percy named his twins James and Laura after his grandparents. Don’t fuck with my headcanons because you can’t keep your own canon straight, man.

(And all I wanted was to confirm the year Sally and Gabe got married because the one I had in my notes felt a bit off. Because I check my canons before I write something. And now here I am, furious once again.)

I want Sally Jackson and Frederick Chase to become friends, them bonding over having powerful demigods as their kids and finally talking to someone who gets it, gets what is to wake up one day, so young, and have your world changed by gods. I want Frederick and Paul talking about teaching and helping Sally with the research for her book; Paul, Sally and Frederick having dinner nights and talking about their kids (because Paul considers Percy his) and drinking wine. 

And then we have Annabeth, who is absolutely over the moon that her dad is flying to NYC to spend time with her, no stepfamily (because they never managed to get close) and she loves seeing her dad interact with Sally and Paul because they are also her family. She went from being a little girl feeling like she had no one to Sally, Percy, and Frederick in the kitchen cooking while she and Paul talk about history and architecture while playing with little Estelle. Sally, Paul, Percy, Frederick, and Estelle are her family and it just makes her so happy to see them together and happy.