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Name: Salman
Nickname: Sallu by freinds occasionally 
Birthday: 11th of Feb 1992
Star Sign: Aquarius (but i dont believe in horoscopes
Gender: male
Height: 5′ 4 -5′5 I think
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Romantic Orientation: Straight
Favorite Colour: Bright colors like (royal blue, lemon yellow, Red, orange and the list goes on)

Time and date at the moment: 3:24pm, Tuesday 7th of July 2015
Average hours of sleep per night: depends on the clinical rotation i am posted in adn the work load and the time of semester. During my finals i stay up like three days in a row living on coffee and caffine but when i am on a break i can sleep for more than 12 hrs a day too so it varies
The Last Thing I Googled: Wimbeldon 2015 and its scores
First word that comes to mind: one of my tumblr friends name who i miss alot
One Place that makes you happy: travelling and crying in sujood praying to allah
How many blankets do I sleep under: One
Favorite Fictional Character: !! well i dont have any favourtie characters 
Favorite TV Show: The suits, Parks and rec, modern family, prison break, dare devil, lost, omar series, and an good show worth watching that is recommended to me  
Favorite Musician/Band: don’t listen to music much now trying to memorize quran instead by listening to it over and over again, but occssionally i listen to my old songs collection like enrique, joe satriani, the piano guys, the corrs, beethoven, mozart, basically rock and catchy
Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: its been a while so dont remember 
Wearing right now: Blue jeans and blue and white stripped casual shirt
Last Book I Read: i do  not read books and most probably if i have it would have been one of medical books

I’m going to tag a lot of people because I want to get to know more about y’all  even if we don’t  talk: dreamangel1 7abibti-ya-sooriya evaporating-enouement mariyaaxox call-meh-pizza claustraum iyliee tinayuen aisha-mizuhara exoticsensationss s-a-b-r a-wandering-traveler-and-soul muslimah-revert shake-for-a-sheikh sxrx-c cringe-attacks myroadtolifestartsnow girlwiththedeerstalker awkwardmuslim free-too-be  halaltrophywife kperez7 palestinian-aussie revert-toreality @rez-bella16 sweeetaddictionn  thelilleopard umar-farooq1 you-shut-me-up sorry i am tagging more than ten cuz i want to knowall of your guys your blogs are fun to visit some i talk to some i dont but i want to talk to . anyone else who wants to do it feel free to go ahead with it