Today marks 11 years on testosterone. As I venture into a new transition in my life, the effects of aging, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how it is impacting me. This life experience will be explored more deeply as I learn how to form my words and reflections around it while also observing what we tend to place value on in this world.

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Scout Publishing’s The Outrider Review

out·rid·er (outrdr)


1. A guide; an escort; a forerunner.

2. A person who goes in advance to investigate, to discover a way; a scout

Personal Message: Hi everyone! Rebecca here. Ryan Sallans over the years has become an internet confidant, educator, survey/charter assistant, Pub bud, and friend. If you are familiar with KNOWhomo, you have most likely encountered out raves about Ryan’s autobiography Second Son. 

Ryan has expanded his lecture series, events, and writing over the last year. Scout Publishing LLC is now an operating dream of his and he has published the company’s first internet ‘Zine, THE OUTRIDER REVIEW. KNOWhomo moderator, Ruth Elizabeth, contributed to the first issue along with numerous other creative individuals. The 'Zine consists of art, photography, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, prose, and insight. 

Each issue is $2. For those who feel that $2 may be something to look away from, please remember that we are all champions of each other. Tumblr’s top blogs and amazing individuals are able to create, generate, and transform by the help of your support. I would encourage anyone who reads The Outrider Review to think of their support as a donation to continue work and creative processes by the LGBTQ* community and its allies.

The Outrider Review is also taking submissions for next month. I will include that information below of click HERE to take you directly to the page.

And as always: Keep On, Keeping On! - Rebecca

From ScoutPublishingLLC:

We are currently accepting original, unpublished works of poetry and prose, both fiction and non-fiction, and artwork for our second issue.  Submission deadline is March 1st, 2014.

To submit your work, email a word document of your writing or a high resolution jpeg image of your artwork to

Other items needed in your submission: Author Name, Title of Work, Brief Description (if artwork), and Brief Author Bio.

Interested in advertising in The Outrider Review? Email to receive the current Ad Rate Card.
Understanding Transgender Reality

An interview with author and speaker Ryan Sallans, including some useful do’s and don’ts for therapists and family.

Do people sometimes ask you, “How did you know for sure you were transgender?” If so, how do you feel about being asked that question, and how do you typically answer?

I’ve been asked, “How do you really know?” on numerous occasions. This question is always hard for me to answer because knowing didn’t happen overnight. My awareness slowly started to build internally from the time I was a child into adulthood.

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comments on Arielle’s new video with Ryan Sallans. Wow guys, she really is totally educating the community. You can just tell by these comments.

anonymous asked:

I know that you've mentioned in your resources that it's possible to have top surgery without going on T. But I was wondering if you knew anything having top surgery if you think you want to go on T but haven't started yet. I'm worried about starting T before having surgery because I have a large chest and I worry about feeling more pressured to conceal it if I start passing better. But I've heard that some surgeons think that being on T can help with getting good results.

Zak: I’ve known people who have had top surgery before starting T and haven’t had any issues with it. Ryan Sallans went this route and his results are awesome. From what I understand, testosterone would really be more important if you get the peri rather than double incision. I’m not 100% sure about that, though.