salkis re

I Woke Up like This | Art by Salkis Re

This painting is the second installment to Salkis Re’s “Loc’d and Loaded” Series. All the girls in this collection have loss in their hair and striped tops with bold colors.

The Story: This painting is simply the celebration of loss and the beauty of its simplicity and the no fuss beauty within the wearer of them! Its called “I Woke Up Like This”. Read more about the art here

He didn't tell me he didn't want me anymore!

Ladies let me explain to about communication, yes it involves what is said but also involves what is not said, Only 7% percent of communication is words, the rest is tone body language and of course what is left unsaid. If he doesn’t say that its over but he postures like it is, then that is all the official word you need, you don’t need him to tell you its over, if he doesn’t want to spend time with you,  if he isn’t making plans for the future with you , then it’s over. Women are too caught up on secrets and story telling, thats why Zane books and soap operas are such an easy sell with us. Look for what real, what he is telling AND SHOWING you..

Talking To your Body

I talk to my body everyday. the body is very intelligent and every cell inside you has all the information to duplicate you, just one cell from you and you have a clone. That said you have to talk to them do they don’t run a muck and get out of control and start doing there own thing  (cancer). You have to tell your heart that you love it for beating and sending nourishment to your body, you have to talk to your eyes and tell it that you appreciate the gift of sight. The cells are brought to attention when you send out this vibration to them, but you have to consistently send them love and instruction. You have been informing them that you hate the way you look, that you don’t like this or that about yourself and this create rouge cells and that throw fits and directing the others to corrupt you. Take control of your mind and then your body as the supreme commander of your body and tell it what you want it to do..

Is Your Partner Making You Punish for Mistakes You've Made?

Do you feel like you have to suffer because you hurt your partners in the past? I think we all have hurt people whether intentional or not, but does this mean that you have to suffer in a relationship that feels like ‘payback’ to you?

Why give someone the power to sentence you to purgatory because of past can start your life over right now if you choose but the resolution has to come from within you cleanse yourself through introspection, through examination and and resolution of learning from your dastardly deeds but don’t think you can climb out of your actions with guilt and shame,

allow penance to be your personal process and not some continual groveling and pity sex…allowing people to make you miserable because of mistake is no way to live, its no way to learn, its no way to grow from the experience.
“keep it moving!”