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Prompt: red string of fate au where only 20%-30% of the popilation can see the strings tied on people fingers. Victor and Yuuri are soulmates, but neither of them know because they can't see the strings. Yurio can...

- Yuri knew immediately that neither of the two could see their string as soon as he saw the two together
- Yuuri was so respectful of Viktor and Viktor just let it happen
- But it was obvious they were destined to be, even without their string
- Yuri knew he was going to lose to Yuuri at onsen on ice from the begging but it still hurt to know the work he put in to skating was outmatched by destiny
- I could also see Yuri being constantly pissed off by the red string just following him around everywhere
- Like, he can’t physically touch it but he nearly tripped a few times even before they went to Japan cause Viktor is always around him and the damn string flies everywhere
- Yuri knew that whoever was on the other end of Viktor’s string was going to be just as annoying as the man himself, he was right

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Political rant about Philippines.
2016 is almost over, it can’t get any worse, right? WRONG.

Our beloved vice president was FORCED to resign from the cabinet by the inhumane president (ang gago niya pota) and for questionable reasons that don’t even hold water. The vice president is the ONLY person in the government who actually works and fights for this country and he is stripping her of her already limited power.

The plot for a MARTIAL LAW declaration in 2017 is strong. There’s evidence for the buildup of its case in recent happenings (extra-judicial killings, fake terrorist bomb plantings, etc.) and given our inhumane president’s questionable morals and values, he will declare it when given the chance and we know he plans to.

Everytime I talk with my journalist friends they tell me more unreported extrajudicial KILLINGS that they find out. Why unreported? Because there’s a real possibility of being hunted if published. A lot of these scoops are terrifying because people are being killed by police groups on suspicious grounds.

The latest one I’ve heard is how they violated all the proper procedures and even sent 50 armed police just to kill 3 persons. They said they were drug users. They weren’t.

My greatest fear right now are for my friends who are closest to the political warfare. Before I used to worry that they might be captured as political prisoners (which has happened) but now I’m scared for their lives. Even more so than before.

Please, no more. Please. Just… please.