Danmachi Gaiden -Sword Oratoria- CM; airs April 14th.

Considering posting chapter 12 in two parts. The second part is teeny tiny, like a page, but tonally I’ve always hated how it fits with the rest of chapter 12? So I may post it separately as an interlude before part three of the story starts in chapter 13. I’ll probably post it within a day of 12, though, since it’s all done. Maybe chapter 12 part one tonight and part two tomorrow!

Yeah! That sounds good. Okay. Sorry, stream of consciousnessing at you. Chapter 12: part one will be up tonight! Good decision, Liss. 10/10.

Comercial del Anime DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria.

El Anime se estrenará el 14 de abril.

La web oficial del próximo Anime para televisión adaptación de la serie de novelas ligeras spinoff de Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria escrita por Omori Fujino e ilustrada por Haimura Kiyotaka, comenzó la transmisión de un nuevo comercial el jueves. El Anime se estrenará el 14 de abril del 2017 en Japón y contará con 12 episodios.

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