salisbury cathedral from the meadows


John Constable (1776–1837), Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Garden (1823),

John Constable (1776–1837), Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (1831),

John Constable (1776–1837), The Cornfield (1826),


John Constable (1776–1837, England)

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Constable was a Romantic painter, and along with Turner is considered the finest of all Englishlandscape painters. Known principally for his depictions of Dedham Vale, the area surrounding his home, which he invested with an intensity of affection. “I should paint my own places best”, he wrote to his friend John Fisher in 1821, “painting is but another word for feeling”.

Constable Masterpiece to tour the UK

Saved! Constable’s magnificent painting was bought by Tate Britain and a partnership of museums across the UK for the British public. £23 million pounds later it is set to tour Old Blighty. 

Constable would have been delighted to know we value his work so much and recognise his immense talent in portraying the landscapes of his country. 

It is a visual personal statement painted after the passing of his beloved wife whom he adored above all others. Its significance is priceless.

Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, 1831