salin effects

You’ve heard of Kids React, now get ready for...



The Guy: okay here’s an example of a sign that a civilian might have in their home for decoration -hands over a cute beach-themed wood plaque-

Kix: -takes it, reads aloud- “Saltwater cures all wounds.” It cures all… what? Who would put salt water in a wound, for the love of the Republic? If it’s an open wound, it’s just gonna make your patient try to hit you! There was this one time, on the front, when… well, nevermind.  -stares at sign, stricken- Well… a saline solution is fairly effective at preventing infection, but it doesn’t cure the wound. It’s not gonna do a thing for internal bleeding, since you can’t ingest a significant amount. Or head trauma. Or a broken bone. Why is there a picture of a pair of sandals?

The Guy, explaining: So this sign is related to another popular saying that lists three types of salt water as the three cures for all of life’s problems: sweat, tears, and the ocean.

Kix: -squints at The Guy- …. huh…. so the problems civilians worry about the most are… overheating… getting sand in their eyes… and… … … 

The Guy: ….. uh…

Kix: is the last one hunger? Because there’s always something you can eat in the ocean?

The Guy: Well, no, sweat is symbolic of hard work, tears stand in for emotional release and–

Kix: ohhh no it’s the sand too, isn’t it? It washes away the sand. General Skywalker keeps saying that sand is the most miserable substance in the galaxy….

The Guy: No, I’m pretty sure the ocean is about relax–

Kix: Wait…this is.. General Skywalker made this, didn’t he? Oh. This is his personal artwork. I thought this was supposed to be about civilian culture, not Jedi….

The Guy: ….Anyway…. -puts the sign away-

Kix: -stares into the camera- General Skywalker, if you’re watching this, I apologize for not understanding your art very well. Also you should talk to Hardcase, he can give you some pointers on how to draw shoes.