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First off let me start by saying I don't work for SAI nor am I associated with them in any form or shape. Second, I do not own any salient "products" nor do I lust for their stuff. I hear SAI does not disappoint. why do you consider them a "shit" company? I'd consider a company shit when their stuff is not to spec and have horribly reputation with quality and performance. Sure they're expensive AF, but can you really be mad at Ferrari for not making a budget friendly car? I'm just curious.

Buckle up Anon, I’m about to go on for a while.

The high price their products command is not the issue I have with Salient Arms.

The shoddy build quality, gimmicky modifications, questionable reliability, and appalling customer service while charging premium prices is the issue I have.

One example of this horrible customer service is the ordeal that YouTuber EDCGunsandGear and his attempt to purchase Salient’s in-house pistol, the BLU.

Now his is not the only story of borderline customer abuse I’ve heard of Salient committing, just the most recent and most easily included in this post. Do some searching and you’ll see countless stories of lies, excuses, delays, lack of communication, and generally shitty behavior from Salient Arms.

And while I can’t argue that they make some nice (though gaudy and ostentatious for my tastes) guns, they also cut corners, add in gimmicks, and sacrifice reliability and durability for cool factor.

Boresight Solutions is one of the best and most respected stipplers/frame modifiers for Glocks and similar pistols out there, and I don’t think Travis Haley needs much of an introduction. Here’s what they have to say about what they’ve seen from SAI products:

This is not to mention things like the fact that they’ve had a website “coming soon” for over 4 fucking years. Salient seems to be too busy moving to Nevada, creating flashy shit for SHOT and having their guns put in Michael Bay movies to bother actually operating as a business and delivering products that their customers paid for months and months ago.

Now, I’ve never owned a SAI gun, and I’ve never handled one. I’m sure many of them are very nice, and I’m not saying the owners of those guns should throw them in the garbage or anything silly like that. I’m just saying, that from what I have seen over the years, they are a shitty company to deal with, and their products aren’t really any better than products you can get from competing companies that actually care about pleasing their customers.

Agency Arms is the most obvious example, they’ve built up a loyal following in the past year or two, and their Glock modifications seem to be both more durable and practical than most of Salient’s. They also consistently meet their quoted lead times and seem to place a large priority on ensuring the customer is happy both with the product and the transaction. If you don’t like Agency’s way of doing things, companies like Boresight Solutions, SSVI, Blown Deadline, ZEV, and ATEi (among others) all do incredible work that can fit anyone’s request.

There are countless top-quality 1911 gunsmiths out there that will provide an equally (if not better) well-made product with less gimmick, (and without turning your gun into a billboard) such as Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, Les Baer, etc.

As for their AR15s, their gas system is interesting, but nothing that hasn’t been done by premium companies before, their Jailbreak system is ugly as fuck and does the same thing as other blast deflectors, just in a bigger package, and you can get BCGs with slick coatings from damn near every company under the sun - including Cryptic, which is very popular. The SAI offers nothing you can’t get from KAC, Warsport, or other top-end AR manufacturers, usually at a lower price.

Like I said, I’ve never even handled an SAI product, so take everything here with a grain of salt. But I would never give Salient my money, and I’d never recommend anyone else do so either.