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You're welcome. And thank you as well for putting them in their place by giving valid arguments and explanations, because I also thoroughly enjoy how you obliterate their lameass excuses by stating cold, hard facts. And you're right about them resorting to insulting us and our fandom when they can't come up with anything else, because there ISN'T any valid thing they can use to back up their excuses. And I honestly can't believe how people could ship Salgron. Especially with that lawsuit of his.

Salgron is one of the weirdest ships ever. I don’t see how people managed to find a way to do that because to ship you need some sort of groundwork and those two have nothing at all regarding rl interaction. The only time those two spent time together was during the first two seasons and it was purely for promotion, all they did was sit by one another but that’s as far as it went. I don’t remember Dianna even talking about him via social media either like she does the others. Honestly her and Kevin spent more time together off set and they barely had on screen interaction for god sake. People just get needy, especially a large potion of Mark fans. Also I’m glad you like what I post

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I was really weirded out by the fact that some people actually ship Salgron. Then again, they might also just be Quick shippers, too. Lol. Because really, Dianna never talks about him. Basically zero interaction with him apart from the promotions. I love your posts because you're so good at tearing apart the excuses of the Quick shippers. Most of them don't even answer back after you completely destroyed them lol. I'm honestly filled with joy whenever I see that someone sees Puck as a douche.

I don’t partake in rl shipping anymore though I used to be a huge Achele shipper. I just find it to be really weird to ship actual people together so the Salgron thing is double the awkwardness to me.
Some come back, some don’t but it gets to a point where I just answer with completely unrelated things cause I get bored of their whining.