We are synchronous

there’s something connecting us

together, we’ll be limitless, assiduous;

restless, but always serendipitous

The four of us are a chorus;

formless, but

still a fortress;

ready for metamorphosis

We are a four-part omnibus

weakness has no place in us

our aegis is endogenous

we won’t give in to fatalist-thought

because the friendship we’ve wrought

is stronger

than any other

Although I have no other strengths and I may still be weak inside

but there is one thing I surely can do

With my electro-melody, even if it’s embarassing

With words straight from my soul I’ll send this to you!

Happy Synthesizer for you I’ll play this one-time melody

In hopes that it will one day reach deep into your heart

Think back to all the downers and fakeness that surrounds you

I’ll make it all disappear with this song you hear!