One Night Stand


ONE NIGHT of diverse aesthetic stimulation brought to you by Salford University’s level 4 (First Year) Visual Arts students.

Showcasing a variety of experimental work in various mediums; and with the whole year exhibiting- there will be LOTS TO SEE and we would LOVE to see you there!

Open from 6pm till late All creative and curious minds welcome! 
Free entry for all and there is also a bar at the Mill! :)

Please Invite everyone that you know! 

Don’t miss out on this Eclectic and Dynamic Exhibition!

Islington Mill
James Street
Salford M3 5HW


I’ve been working on a selection of video stills over the past two days-, there’s more but this is plenty for the purpose of tumblr… you get the gist right!   I’m still experimenting with shape/placement and how I want to fill the shapes…but I really like how crude I have made them in comparison to the black and white stills :) ie: grainy/sqiggly/childlike 

I’ve chosen red geometric shapes to contrast the black and white fluid/ghostly images of myself. (plus I was wearing red on the day of the shoot for the purpose of it projecting well onto the netting that Paul has been using. I’ve chosen ghostly looking images which are often over-lapping, cross-fade frames to emphasise movement. time passing and memory. Something from my past. 

The beauty of this photography experiment is that I would have never have been playing with these images now had Paul not asked if I would put a short piece of video footage together for the purpose of an experimental projection; so thanks Paul; for the unintentional push out of my comfort zone that I needed and enjoyed!! and awesome job Danny, for filming/editing :D  



Censorship is alive and well in the 21st Century

This is Danuta Gray she is a retired gynaecologist and an artist, who submitted a number of nudes to an exhibition at the Birmingham Botanical Garden these were accepted and then after a complaint from a teacher showing round a class of juniors withdrawn.  Danuta complained and they were re-hung with paper over the imagined offensive bits.



This kind of Victorian nonsense has no place in today’s society.

Blackest is the new Black introducing Vantablack

Willow you are going to want this and not be able to afford it!

The photograph above, not mine ripped off the Internet, is one of Anish Kapoor’s pigment sculptures.  Some of these were shown at Manchester City Gallery a while ago and while I accept that my viewpoint may not have been that of the artist I was disappointed by the black not being black enough. It cast shadows on itself instead of absorbing all the light that fell on it there was clearly some reflection.

However it has just been announced that a British company Surrey NanoSystems have invented a process to produce a black coating that is literally so black that you cannot see it because so little light is reflected off it. Currently very expensive, a five cm disc coated with it would cost about £500, the price is expected to fall as the technology improves.  See: -

There are artists such as Frederik de Wilde already working with such substances and the scientific and military applications will of course already be being considered, not least of which is the lining of telescopes and the calibration of light detection systems where this will be the zero.

So Willow when you make a tube lined with this and look down it at your object you will not know you are looking down a tube because you will not be able to see the walls, cool eh?  The tube will appear not to have depth because there will be no visual cues and if the object were suspended in the tube it would be seen as floating in a black disc.  I want some of this.

Interestingly there is a font called Vanta Black, if you had a company and were looking for a name for something, might you not Google it first? Perhaps they did, perhaps Vanta Black is their house font, it is quite a nice plain sans serif bold font.


Additive Light (and subtractive sort of)

So we have been taking last semester’s work down and I was curious to see if the lights I had made and put RGB filters on would add up to white light when all shone onto a white board, which they do, see photograph1. 

Then I put my finger in the way and found you get three different shadows made of the secondary mixture of the two you have not obscured, photograph 2

Next photo slightly more complex shadow of a metal fixing plate and notice that where all the lights are obscured the shadow is black

Next photo “Saturday Night Fever” starring Jenjens gluegun men.

No photo but a sample of my butterflies looked very pretty if a touch twee, I can see playing with this for a week or two


Hard copy portfolio and studio photos

Made the box up this morning, glued the sides first and then the top and bottom to the relevant frame.  This may not be the best way to do it, the frame was not quite square and forcing it to the guides on the top and bottom was not easy.  It may be that glueing the sides individually to the top/bottom is the way to go but there would then be the problem of making sure the sides were perpendicular.  If I were to be making more of these boxes I think some sort of jig would be needful, but I must say that it does look really good if a touch like an old fashioned speaker cabinet.  Tomorrow it’s cleaning and coating with teak oil.  Note the test with Aftermath and Slice posters.

Last photo is of my studio space, we have been told it is pertinent to put one or more into our Hcp and mine is so incredibly untidy that I have taken this from an angle that doesn’t show most of it.


Kim Keever and Mariele Neudecker

so Bronte and Dave and hundreds of others have commented on the work of Kim Keever and you know how it is that you have a visual memory of something and cannot put a name to it well the name is Mariele Neudeckerthe second set of images is called I Don’t Know How I Resisted the Urge to Run, and was made in 1998, she is perhaps best known for a series of vitrines with acrylic mountains salt and saturated brine. Including the enormous installation she is seen working on.  Neudecker’s work puts her in the company of other German artists  such as Caspar David Friedrich, and Anselm Kiefer, romantic, liminal, enchantment.


Just in case it gets cold in the Studio

I have been working on an idea about projecting flames onto stuff by using acetate sheets in front whatever so that some of the projection is reflected back by the sheet and some passes through, a sort of mod of Pepper’s Ghost and had left the vid projecting on the studio wall.  After a number of comments about how just looking at it made people feel warmer I decided to make a fireplace, was going to use cardboard but found some polyfoam sheet in the skip.  I have mis-remebered the design the curve at the top of the throat comes out not in as I have cut it but still.


Installing for the “Peace and Conflict” exhibition

It is a strange thing that presumably very few artists do not want their work seen and we are usually very picky about how it is displayed but installation seems to be something separate from being an artist and particularly when it doesn’t go perfectly smoothly, tiring and frustrating.

So here we have a series of photographs when, admittedly, most of it was done (my reportage yet again leaving something to be desired

  1. What next: nameplates!
  2. Powerpoint slide show and “Was it better on the other side?”
  3. ambiance
  4. as above
  5. as above
  6. Barbara’s mop
  7. Woman at work
  8. Now which frame?

Much of the frustration was caused by mis-communication and the inevitable inclination to believe that there is a perfect place for a piece. Although this is a permanent gallery space and work will be on show for some considerable time the space is multi-functional and has to earn its keep.  This then results in the need for compromise and I think with the help of Craig, Sam, Lindsay and John the caretaker we have not done badly. 

We were going to show a Power Point slide show of many of the artifacts we were privileged to have been shown on the TV on the av wall but the projector works and at least for the Armistice service on Tuesday we will show it projected onto the wall.  Gemma has complained a lot but worked very hard effectively curating much of it and organised the images, and the splendid posters and flyers.

Tuesday  11/11/2014  11:00 am at the Cenotaph at the Old Fire Station for a Service of Remembrance followed by tea or coffee and a look round the exhibition.  There will be a showing at 17:00 in the evening if you can’t make the daytime.

Call for members: -

if you have anything to do with ONS please look at the website above and contact me regarding any (constructive please) suggestions you have and if you want to be listed among the members or removed or want edits.

I have not built a site for a long time so just playing really with a view to Professional Development next year.  

Could you make a website that was a piece of art? You can make one that is artistic or one that is a piece of shit, but a website is a container, it is a sort of gallery, you might show digital art in it.  Some galleries are beautiful but are they in themselves art?  Some containers, Grayson Perry’s big pots are undoubtedly art.  

Did you ever look at a website and think “Oh isn’t that beautiful!”  If you did then you must be a media student or even more of a nerd than me.

There is a contact form and guest book on the site you could use!


One of those rare days when things just seem to fit.

Photographs: -

  1. The bulb I have been waiting for had been delivered to the wrong address and now to mine, tested the wiring and put the bulb in, fiat lux.
  2. Three hundred watts even with the sun shining through the skylights casts a good shadow on my Kirigami architecture.
  3. Solvent welding Perspex works really well when you have a good area for the joint, less so when only a couple of square mm, so used glue
  4. Second one made up and shown with first
  5. As above
  6. Turned the lamp onto the sculpture and look pretty shadows and projections.
  7. When you get the right angle all you see of the orange is the edge
  8. Other way round and light on, interesting mixture of real and projected
  9. Oblique view to show shadow/transmission

In spite of suggesting that everything went well today it did take me all morning to glue these things together but I am really pleased with how they have come out. 


Parallel Evolution: Kirigami Architecture

If you look for examples of Kirigami you will find that they  are usually based on cutting across a fold and the base of the piece is a 90 degree angle a little like a book half opened. This need for the angle means that the pieces must either be shown in the corner of a room or on a table or shelf.

I have discovered that it is possible to cut this original fold and overlap the paper such that much of the original structure is preserved in 3D but the backing sheet is now flat and the object can be shown on the wall as a relief.  There are obvious restrictions which I need to understand better for example after overlapping the paper is no longer square and has to be trued and I need to find a cleaner method of making the joint in the overlap.

In the nature of these things, when I think that I have had a fundamental insight and invented something new I find in a few weeks or months that someone has done it before me, which is why this post is titled Parallel Evolution.  

That time of year?

Just read a couple of posts from Bronte and Lizzie (Both of whom I love, how could you not?) and it being that time of year when there is less to do and more time to philosophise I hereby append my four penny worth to the debate.

See: -


It gets  worse as you get older

  • my teeth are loose or filled or both
  • my back hips and knees hurt when I get up in the morning
  • ACE inhibitors are needed to keep my BP approaching OK
  • I can’t see without my glasses
  • my hair falls out without my having permed or bleached it
  • my memory is appalling and getting worse but I still remember with regret the stupid, thoughtless and cruel things I did to people who loved me
  • in my head I’m still 25 without those things that made being young so wonderful

Perhaps it’s not all bad

I like the programme days I wish people would engage with them, the nature of life seems to be that you get out what you put in and being happy 10% of the time is better than being unhappy all of it.

I think that I have loved being an Art Student from the first day of Foundation when I wondered what I had let myself in for to now where I find myself feeling sad that I have less than 12 months left as an undergrad.



Out for a walk (and to see if I could find any more interesting signs to acquire) and I saw this beam probably cast iron, it is remarkable how much of a beam can be cut away and thus reduce its weight without much decreasing its strength. so we have this with circles and triangle spaces cast in it.  Form follows function but it may still have aesthetics included. 

Second photograph there is another sort of gasket (there are actually dozens) like the Sierpinski gasket I so love this one is called the Apollonian gasket and is formed from packing a circle with smaller ones, to some rule, in my case largest three similar you can fit in.

Relatively easy to draw or program on a computer but long winded to make. These are 10 cms across not particularly complex and have 40+ elements in each, need to make a third and then group them and infill the gaps.

I do see this as a maquette perhaps each smaller element getting taller so as to produce a 3D tower, may try it in copper sheet, but would need to practise my soldering.


Canard Mk II

Second video of trying to fly geotextile birds in the studio, I had found that anchoring them to the floor or fan was unsatisfactory and that they went chaotic at about a metre high this is a different technique I have strung a line across the studio walls and put  several geotextile birds in a line but only one is driven by the fan and the movement of that one moves the line and makes the others move.

There are things to look at: -

  • the driven bird occasionally spins round the line and flies upside down, so I need to devise a structure for it that will keep it right side up. ?cross bracing like a kite ?anchored to the fan with some amount of freedom
  • obviously need more lines of birds, therefore more fans
  • need to vary the placing on the lines so as to appear random ish
  • need to vary the height of the lines so as to appear random ish
  • want to look at at the possibility that the rather than a series of lines the supports all go to a central large canard and that is the only driven one sort of like a spider in the centre of a web
  • the birds are white against white walls with lots of stuff on them and in this video sort of get lost ?black birds ?use a project space so they are the only things in it

These items apart I am generally pleased with how it is going.


Topology and Sculpture

In topological terms a doughnut and a tea cup are the same shape, you can deform the one into the other.

The two shapes in the photographs of the maquettes above are similar in that if the side pieces, that are only there to hold the shape, are removed the one may be deformed into the other by a relatively simple rotation.

I woke up the other morning with this shape in my head and managed to get into Uni without forgetting it.  Time to make a really big one.