Cotton On Sale Haul

Nope, I did not miss any zeroes on this edit haha. Here are their original prices:

Floppy Hat/Fedorta Hat - P999!
Acid Washed Bucket Hat - P399?
Graphic Tees - P799
Strappy Sandals  - P1000 above
Tie Dyed Dress - P999

Ever since I’ve discovered thrift stores - I rarely buy from malls, specifically clothes. Everytime I’m in H&M or Forever21 and I see something I like - my mind automatically says “you can find that at the ukay ukay and cheaper!”. 

But at times I get attracted to SALES. Usually sales here in th PH are still somehow expensive (because in Japan, they go extra low) but I couldn’t believe my eyes when Cotton On had these P200 and P40 signs. I even asked the salesman TWICE if the price was really correct and it was! I instantly turned my shopping mode on.

In case you are curious, the branches I got this from were in Century Mall & Glorietta in Makati. I also got them during the last week of August!


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Mom: Well now look at you two today! You look like real business men!
Coco: Oreo wants to borrow some moneys Mom… to go door-to-door.
Mom: Why do you need money for that Oreo? Aren’t you supposed to sell things when you go door-to-door?
Oreo: Yes mom. We’re going to sell your moneys for bacons.

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I am not a good salesman.

This is why I am a radio host, listeners. Because while I like to talk to people, a real people person, it says in Russian at the bottom of my college degree, I don’t like to shape a conversation toward buying and selling. I like to tell people stories, stories that affect them, allowing my listeners to process the stories in their own unique ways. I don’t want to directly tell them how to think.


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