Mom: Well now look at you two today! You look like real business men!
Coco: Oreo wants to borrow some moneys Mom… to go door-to-door.
Mom: Why do you need money for that Oreo? Aren’t you supposed to sell things when you go door-to-door?
Oreo: Yes mom. We’re going to sell your moneys for bacons.

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I am not a good salesman.

This is why I am a radio host, listeners. Because while I like to talk to people, a real people person, it says in Russian at the bottom of my college degree, I don’t like to shape a conversation toward buying and selling. I like to tell people stories, stories that affect them, allowing my listeners to process the stories in their own unique ways. I don’t want to directly tell them how to think.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 44 - Cookies


I sold a gorilla a mirror once
told him it was computer
The faces he made
working deep into the night


A river is a mirror
into a wolf’s soul
sang  the moonlight
said the bathroom graffiti


I wonder if she ever tired
of measuring her reflection
on those lonely nights
Would it ever be enough


Here is a unique find from the stacks - Our Sweetest Music: By the World’s Greatest Composers. This book is a salesman’s dummy, which has numerous specimen pages and illustrated sample covers for Our Sweetest Music, Happy Days, Sports and Pastimes for Boys and Girls, Our Animal Friends in their Native Homes, Robinson Crusoe, The Swiss Family Robinson, Pilgrim’s Progress, and Poems for Childhood; with publisher’s prospectus tipped in at each title. This book was published in 1903.

xZ1033 D85 O9 1903

-Lindsay M.