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Pharah and Mercy's (Tank!) S/O has just gone to dentist to have their wisdom teeth pulled out. Out of all of their blabbering, they start singing 'I am number one'?

(LOL! I actually had to look up the song for this because I’ve never heard it before!)

“[Name], you have to keep the ice pack on your jaw,” Mercy told her s/o as she guided their hand back to their mouth, “We want to reduce as much swelling as possible.”

[Name] rolled their eyes, really tired of having to hold a bag of ice to their mouth all afternoon. They were already loopy enough, couldn’t they just have someone tape it there for them? Still, Angela and Fareeha were great caretakers for their s/o. They both stayed in the waiting room for the entire length of the surgury (Angela occasional hovering around the nurses to make sure they were doing it right). Then they took [Name] home and had them lay on the couch while Fareeha prepared a lunch of soup and applesauce.

“Angela, your so pretty,” [Name] slurred.

“It is a good thing I’m your girlfriend then,” Mercy laughed.

Pharah came in with the bowls of soup, setting them on the coffee table.

“Fareeha is too…” they sighed dreamily.

“I’m what?”

“Pretty,” Mercy said.

“Oh! Thank you,” Pharah smiled.

“You’re pretty, and you’re pretty, and I’m pretty! I mean I must be to have to girlfriends, BUT we’re like the best!” they snorted.

Pharah held back from laughing as she took a seat next to Mercy. The two hated to admit they were making a spectacle of their s/o, but they were just being so hilarious!

“We’re like…number one!” they suddenly exclaimed.

The two froze at the mention of the song. Oh no, not that song! [Name] sung it obnoxiously for days after it became a meme! They eventually made a house rule not to sing it after noon, but [Name] was too drugged to remember that rule.

“We are number one! We are number one!” they started to sing, and both girls facepalmed over their soup.

“Now listen closely~” they continued, “Here’s a little lesson in trickery! This is going down in historyyyyy! If ya wanna be a villain number one–”

Suddenly Fareeha shoved a spoonful of soup into [Name]’s mouth, effectively shutting them up.

“Fareeha!” Mercy gaped, “You cannot be so rough! You could reopen the wounds!”

“Please just eat your lunch, [Name], hopefully none of us will remember this by tomorrow,” Pharah grumbled.

“Hahaha!” they laughed as they took the spoon from their mouth, “You think Talon ever sings that to themselves?”

“I’d like to think not,” Pharah rolled her eyes.

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im not saying noya is probably in love with suga and asahi but noya is probably in love with them. i mean, he aires them so much and he shows it in the weirdest ways. he's always pushing asahi to do his best and he loves praises from suga... the boy just wants to date them but the boY DOESNT KNO HOW TO ASK THEM OUT.

Hahaha, so cute. I can only imagine Noya trying to make himself ask them out, only for untimely interruptions to cut him off every time. But nobody discourages Nishinoya Yuu, and he will prevail. Asahi will blush. Suga will smirk.

And they will poly happily every after, ‘cause I said so. A+ hc, anon!

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PolyReaper76 meeting their s/o and their s/o being really sweet/innocent,to pure for thus world,but then watching as future s/o turns into a killing machine on the battle field.Than s/o goes back to being sweet and innocent directly after the battle.

Things seemed so much simpler before the Swiss Headquarters were destroyed. Jack was optimistic, Reyes was moral, and their s/o was the sweetest angel in the world. Their callsign became Angel, not only for the way they fought like a heavenly warrior, but also because they were gentle and kind. Whenever Jack and Gabriel would fight, they’d be quick to intervene and try to break things up. Some arguments they quelled…but some they were cast out of. Towards the end of Overwatch, Angel felt like they weren’t part of the relationship anymore; like a relationship didn’t even exist at all.

They wanted to shout and scream at the two for being total bone heads! Overwatch was crumbling because of their bickering, why couldn’t they realize that? When Overwatch did fall, Angel left the two for good, believing their two lovers dead. When Winston recalled Overwatch, Angel returned. Jack and Gabe soon saw their girlfriend/boyfriend on TV, fighting alongside the rest of the recalled agents. But they didn’t show some of the more gruesome fights on TV.

When Jack saw Angel on one of her missions, they were tearing through Talon agents, screaming obscenities, and crushing skulls. It was so different from the elegant style of battle they used to use. They had been so bubbly and cute in the old days, Jack never would have guessed they were capable of something so gruesome.

“Times have changed,” he heard Reaper say next to him.

76 would have normally attacked immediately, but this once…just this once, he didn’t. Whenever Angel was around, they would truce and stop arguing, so it only seemed right to do the same now.

“Including Angel,” Jack sighed, “Do ya think we did this to them?”

Reaper enjoyed the way Angel fought, but he didn’t like Angel themself fighting like that. It didn’t suit such a kindred spirit. Of all the lights in the world, he never wanted theirs to go out.

“We break everything we touch,” Reaper droned.

The two watched as Angel finished off the last agent, releasing their choke hold and letting the body fall to the ground. They breathed heavily, trying to catch their breath as they took in the carnage around them.

“Have you thought about going back to them?” Jack asked.

“Do you honestly think they’d want to see us again?”

“…Guess not,” he mumbled, “I still miss them,”

“Me too,” Reaper half sputtered, such weak words being foreign to him.

KuroKenKage headcanons

I love KuroKenKage so much omg  (is that their ship name? do they have a ship name??)

Like. Kuroo is a buffer for most of the initial awkwardness; he probably befriends Kage first so he’s more comfortable (and as a result, less intense) when they meet up with Kenma.

This time Kageyama is quieter, fidgeting and red in the face- though it’s hard to see with how he’s looking away, self conscious about his facial expression and the lack of control he has over it- and Kenma is surprised to find that this is the same person that he ran from the first time around. 

(Kuroo probably gave him pointers beforehand like: Kenma can get overwhelmed pretty easily so one question at a time, okay? And don’t take it personally if he’s looking away or playing games when you’re talking, he tends to do that, etc

Kageyama legitimately reaches for something to take notes on and Kuroo just has a moment where he’s torn between ‘is he serious’ and ‘okay thats… kind of cute in a weird way actually’) 

Kuroo and Kage talking while Kenma is leaning against Kuroo, playing a game. Kuroo takes in their positions and promptly declares that he’s gonna get something to drink.

He comes back with all their preferred drinks and a smile on his face as takes in the sight in front of him: Kenma draped over Kage, the former looking casual as ever, and the latter a bit redder than before and a wobbly smile tilting his lips. 

As Kage and Kenma get more comfortable around each other- both taking quite a while to warm up to new people- they start talking more too, not necessarily needing Kuroo to prompt both of them to have the convo running smoothly anymore. 

Maybe this is where Kuroo starts withdrawing a bit because it was initially an attempt to set them up (maybe he took pity on Kage’s numerous failed attempts at approaching Kenma and thinks the kid is waaayyy more harmless than he seems so there’s no harm in it? Maybe he wanted to prevent having to calm Kenma back down after said attempts? Maybe he just thought Kenma could use a doting kouhai such as Kage? Who knows) 

But ofc, they find that while the two of them together get along just fine, it still feels like something is missing, which they eventually convince Kuroo of, who’s all too happy to join them again. Cuddling ensues ^.^

(I am so sorry for rambling this turned out way longer than expected?? I just have a lot of KuroKenKage feels)

I'm getting Married !!!

M and I are getting officially married this Friday!!! And I can’t wait although it still feels so surreal at times.

I know that we, nor our relationship, is perfect but I know that no matter what happens we are there for each other and always will be. I love this man beyond life itself as does he love me. After nine years together (three years of that long distance and over five and an half years of living together) everyone that we are close to honestly thought that we were already wed.

For now we are having a Justice of the Peace marriage at his parents house so that his chronically ill and in pain sick father can attend, but once the weather warms up (most likely in the late spring) we will have a real ceremony outside somewhere and an outdoor Party with everyone. In the meantime we are legally tying the knot and both my Lady Love and Red Stag will be there for me, and hopefully my grandma will be able to make it. I’m sad that my little brothers and mom wouldn’t be there, but I understand since they are a twenty hour drive away and just don’t have the means to come at the moment (although M and I will be flying them up for the ceremony when we have it).

Everything about this feels unconventional, neither M nor I are open to any of our family who is attending the “Legality” as I call it, and both of my guests are … well … sorta partners of mine I guess you could call them. I’m not officially with either of them, but am certainly emotionally invested in both of them romantically, and love them both dearly in their original way even if I’m not “in love” with them in the manner that I am with M, my Life Partner (soon to be Husband).

Lady Love and I have been together for the past seven years since we met in college four states away from where I live now and we became far closer than best friends and far closer then girlfriends which is why she has the title of my Lady Love.

As for Red Stag, everything is new there. I am in full NRE with him and working on balancing our developing “relationship” (whatever it may be) and my life with M and our toddler Jumping Bean. We have become quite close since our unconventional beginning and above all else he is a very dear friend of mine whom I frankly adore. I wouldn’t lie - I am still figuring out how everything works here, and what exactly it is that is happening.

Back in regards to the Legality tomorrow I am going to go shopping for a pretty dress to wear with Mrs.Thing. I am hoping to find something elegant yet simple in white and knee length that I’d be able to wear at other times too. Once we find a dress I would like to find an accessory or two to pair it with - perhaps out of items I already own but it is not a requirement. We will be having some much needed girl time together as we sadly have not been able to get together since New Years Eve when we went out together with her husband.

I am excited but also a tad detached. It all feels so surreal that M and I are getting Legally Married after so long, and the main reason for this detached feeling is that we aren’t currently having a ceremony and I’m doing it without my two little brothers whom I honestly always imagined them walking me down the aisle, one on each side of me, to give me to M. I know it all seems so silly, but it is a tender moment.
We're Here To Study, Not Flirt
Kenma just wants to study, but seat-stealing-asshole will not let him.

Sooooo I wrote a oikuroken fic and if you liked it that’d be super cool, but if not that’s cool too

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kuroo Tetsurou/Oikawa Tooru, Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou, Kuroo Tetsurou/Oikawa Tooru/Kozume Kenma, Kozume Kenma/Oikawa Tooru
Characters: Kuroo Tetsurou, Kozume Kenma, Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, excessive spilling of coffee, spelling errors? pfft idk what you’re talking about
Language: English  Words: 3334 Chapters: ½
Series« Part 3 of the Fall Into Rarepair Hell With Me series

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(H) Hagrid is asexual and polyromantic

Hagrid really really likes Olympe. More than he’s ever liked anyone before. He hasn’t had many crushes at all on his life, so he doesn’t really know how to handle it. So, he handles it like he handles the rest of his life. With sincerity and honesty.

In a sign of his nervousness, Hagrid strokes his beard, but his voice doesn’t falter. “’Lympe, I have ter be honest with ya. I like ya. I like ya a lo’. But ya must know, ah’m asexual. Means ah’m not really inter sex. I jus’ think yer really great an’ cute an’ I wanna spend mah time with ya.” Some of the words blur together, but they all come out. 

“Oh. Oh. Dear,” she starts, kindness in her eyes, finger gently trailing down Hagrid’s face. “I am so touched, but I am aro myselve. I just thought thes would ‘ave been a wonderful friendship. Can it still be?”

And even though Hagrid could feel his heart cracking and tears wetting his beard, he smiled, and replied “of - of cours’.”

Spending time with Olympe was better than not seeing her at all, so they continued to hang out together and talk throughout the Tournament. Hagrid came out as polyromantic and Olympe admitted she was bisexual, and Hagrid appreciated getting to know someone so damn much like him.

After the Tournament, Hagrid and Olympe continued to keep in touch and write, and eventually Hagrid realized his romantic feelings for her had disappeared. With that realization came a bit of closure and a new, deeper level of his friendship with Olympe.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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Poly!McGenji with a tsundere S/O who's really emotional (has anxiety & worries a lot?)

Genji and McCree’s s/o already had a lot of inner turmoil, constantly denying their feelings for the both of them with their usual tsundere personality. But then they had to deal with all these emotional outbursts. It was as difficult as it was for them as it was McCree. He tried his best to keep them calm, but they’d usually just turn their anxiety on him, worrying that he didn’t like them anymore. It was Genji who was the saving grace in the situation. He taught [Name] his meditation techniques, guiding them through breathing exercises.

Jesse felt a little useless during those times, but Genji invited him to join their meditation. It took him a while to get used it: it was just so boring at first! He wasn’t even allowed to smoke! But after a while, he developed his own meditation technique, he’d lean up against the wall, pull his hat over his head, and fall asleep. Often times, Genji and [Name] wouldn’t even notice that he dozed off! Once, though, they did, and [Name] tired after the anxiety they just fought off, cuddled up next to Jesse. Genji sighed, concluding their meditation session as a success and leaning up against McCree, too.