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Me: Wants a sugar daddy to spoil me. 
Me instead: Spoils my s/o or friends at any chance I can get

Sun through the houses

Sun in the 1st house:  With the sun in the first house, great effort is put into creating and maintaining a good self image. The way you are perceived by others is paramount to first-house sun people. Accept that you need to be a leader or an innovator, and go for it, but be careful not to be overbearing with others. A sunny disposition is generally attributed to this placement and a positive confident attitude is normally displayed. 

Sun in the 2nd house With a second-house sun, a person’s identity is developed and expressed by defining personal values and accumulating objects of value. You have the ability to attract money and resources, but you can’t always hang on to it or it doesn’t bring you the happiness you expected.   Avoid over-identifying with what you have. Take pride in the solid and secure foundations that you build, as well as the lasting relationships you aim to maintain, while being careful to avoid possessiveness.

Sun in the 3rd house: Gemini, the natural ruler of this house, gives Geminian overtones to all traits. You is driven to learn, explore and enjoy their immediate environment.  You have an uncontainable desire to acquire knowledge. You relish in taking various pieces of knowledge and putting them together like puzzles that need solving. You’re observant, optimistic, flexible and you’re a superb communicator, able to relate ideas clearly to others. You would make make an excellent teacher, lecturer or writer.  

Sun in the 4th house: The chart holder with a fourth-house sun is not happy unless their home life is happy. Because the fourth house can be deep and emotional, the sun here has to work extra hard to liven and inspire things. They thrive and excel in a home that is active, alive, open and loving. If they aren’t in this type of home environment, they will not feel invigorated about their life. They will strive to make the changes necessary to give them the home and family life they need. 

Sun in the 5th house: The sun is comfortable in its own house. In fact, it is driven to shine here. At its best, it creates a chart holder who is confident about who they are and how they affect others. You want to be noticed for your unique and special qualities and your creativity. You are happiest when you are expressing yourself in a special way and attention comes your way as a result. You have a flair for drama and/or sports. You are proud of your fun-loving attitude towards life. As you demonstrate your ability to shine, avoid grabbing center stage all of the time.

Sun in the 6th house: The work that you do, and the services that you offer, are very important to your sense of identity. In order to feel good about yourself, you need to be busy with daily activities and to produce work you can be proud of. Focus on finding a suitable and rewarding avenue for expressing this part of you, being extra careful to choose an occupation in which you can express yourself. You are sensitive to criticism about the work you do, and you work best when you can create your own schedule.

Sun in the 7th house: Libran traits are accented with the Sun in this house. You take pride in your ability to negotiate, and to establish harmony in your relationships. It is important to you to have a partner, as you feel incomplete without one. You can be fickle about partners because new partners inspire them and allow them to see themselves in new ways. You’re self-confident, popular and have favorable dealings with your superiors. You’re good at public relations, sales and promotions.

Sun in the 8th house: You have a great urge to go farther or deeper into life every step of the way. You want to experience more, and your desires are both powerful and intense. It is hard for you to find satisfaction in common experiences, and you have magnetic power if you choose to use it wisely. You are fascinated with what lies under the surface, and at some point in your life, self-improvement is a big interest. You are attracted to unexplored or taboo areas of life, and you avoid all things superficial.

Sun in the 9th house:  You have a deep need to understand the world around you. You have high ideals and you have your eye on what’s on the horizon. You are looking ahead, and at times can seem quite restless. You are proud of your knowledge and of your morals. Be sure to avoid self-righteousness in your enthusiasm to share your knowledge. When used correctly, you are a tolerant, adventurous, and curious person, and you want to see the best in people and in life

Sun in the 10th house: The traits of Capricorn are much in evidence. Your career takes on greater than average importance. You feel the need to improve your career and is usually successful and involves your whole personality, possibly at the expense of your marriage and friendships. You’re ambitious and intrigued by power, which may make you too authoritative and dictatorial. You’re a leader in whatever you do and people pay attention to you. You may become arrogant or rebellious if you let that attention go to your head.

Sun in the 11th house: The Aquarian traits are stressed here and you simply want to do your own thing. You have many clear-cut objectives and usually achieve what you set out to do. You have a strong desire to gain recognition through mental achievements and inventions. You have strong organizing abilities and are usually a leader in any group you are involved with– societies and groups are an important part of your life. You’re apt to be a humanitarian with concern for universal human dignity and brotherhood

Sun in the 12th house: You have a tendency to be introspective and need some space and seclusion in order to pull up your strength. You may avoid the spotlight, and if you do find yourself in a public role, you tend to hide your true self behind that role!  However the sun sheds his light on this house giving the native zero worries under stressful situation. No matter what the problem is, the native will sleep sound, and will be able to see all the secret dealing happening behind or against him or her. This also can take a native to foreign lands.

Shopping for Back to School
  • Elementary School: I need the largest box of pencil crayons possible, 10 mechanical pencils, 10 regular pencils, 2 different kinds of erasers, 5 blue pens, 5 red pens, 5 black pens, 12 folders colored differently for each subject, a backpack with the latest Disney trend and as much paper that will fit in the cart.
  • High school: I think I need a couple different binders, some paper, a pencil, some pens and a backpack.
  • College: What?
Mercury:7th house 💍📝💍

-quick witted and mentally alert

-possible talents in communicating with others,debate

-usually up to date on news and events

-communication is very important to you in relationships

-like working with a partner rather than alone
-good for psychology,law,public relations,sales

-partners can be intelligent and well educated,yet unstable and dishonest

-you may choose to marry young or your partner may be considerably younger than yourself

-could possibly marry more than once

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Hey Lewis, what's your take on Marcel's supposed decline in sales in relation to 'diversity'?

This essay breaks down a BUNCH of the actual root causes of the decline in sales and why it’s been happening for a while, with numbers to back it up. It’s basically a lot of factors related to poor business decisions and how screwed-up the comic industry is in how books are ordered, marketed, and sold.

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I heard that 2011 did really poorly in Japan sale wise, and that I got bad reviews on Anikore (the Japanese version of MAL) is this true? You lived in Japan so I thought you'd know more

even though i was in japan when 2011 was airing i wasn’t paying attention to it at the time :C (if only…!!!)

i tried to do some research on this and it’s kind of surprising to me how difficult it seems to be to get concrete numbers on 2011′s dvd/blu-ray sales. it seems it did sell poorly, but it was also $200 per blu-ray/$170 per dvd (each consisting of 15 eps). By comparison, a lot of other series have 14-15 eps on blu-ray for $80 and dvd for $40. so yeah, it was expensive, even for anime in japan. however, it performed very well in ratings when it was in a good time slot (for the first 97 eps) and sales relating to it, like music, were also good.

there are two big difference between hxh and other anime series that need to be taken into consideration:

1) anime-original series, like, let’s say yuri on ice, depend heavily on disc sales and other merchandise to make up the cost of production.

2) long series, typical for shounen ones like one piece and naruto, are supplemented by manga sales. the anime is just a promotional tool to increase manga sales.

essentially, the hxh manga sells so damn well that disc sales don’t matter as much. hxh 2011 was created to be a promotional tool, which arguably worked incredibly well. if you were introduced to hxh through 2011 (like i was) – congrats, their promotion worked! and they were able to localize it and air it on tv, which means even more sales for the western market. i’m also sure that streaming services like crunchyroll, hulu, netfix (whatever is/was airing hxh 2011) are also contributing to money via licensing agreements.

so basically, no need to worry about dvd sales and what that means in terms of hxh 2011′s popularity/viability for future seasons.

relating to the reviews – apparently a lot of negative japanese reviews were from avid fans of 1999? at least on amazon japan. kind of funny…

Sun through the houses

Sun in the 1st house:  With the sun in the first house, great effort is put into creating and maintaining a good self image. The way you are perceived by others is paramount to first-house sun people. Accept that you need to be a leader or an innovator, and go for it, but be careful not to be overbearing with others. A sunny disposition is generally attributed to this placement and a positive confident attitude is normally displayed.

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SCAD Tip List

SCAD Tips (aka what we’ve gained from our freshman year - me, imaginativemad, jordannabanana5, theunbloggable, lovelyladylaudanum)

*edit* Since it’s been a few years and I’m currently now a Junior, some things may not be the same and I’ll just cross out things that will be irrelevant considering the new Hive has new buildings and such; sadly I don’t know much about the new freshman and hive dorms. New information is bolded and italicized. 

1) The Hive / Other food

-Usually a hit and miss but it’s better than eating microwave food every night

-Best on SCAD days, minus all the visitors

-Please don’t go during continental time unless you are okay with just cereal, toast and sometimes pizza.

-Dining dollars roll over quarters but not years

-The artisan (located in Turner) is your best friend for late night dinner or =-weekends

-Go to J.O.’s Chop House on the weekends for a really really nice dinner.

-Sometimes random food at Hive is spicy- don’t ask why.

-The Hive conveyer belt where you drop off your plates has a sensor, make sure you don’t have any things hanging over the edge or it will stop and become backed up

-There is midnight breakfast the weekend before finals in Fall and Spring Quarter. Go- it’s worth it.

-Use your dining dollars! It’s money you can’t get back at the end of the year so put it to good use.

2)Busses /Transportation

-Bus system is great on weekdays but never trust the weekend route

-The academic buildings are not conveniently close but it’s still nice to walk back or in between from time to time.

-Invest in a bike – SCAD now has a bike share program, and you get 4 free hours to use a bike per day

-Freshmen can have cars but can’t park at any academic buildings (you’ll get fined) 

-If a friend has a car, ask politely if they can take you to the academic buildings on the weekend.

-Thank the bus drivers

3) Classes / Professors

-Even if you hate 8 am’s- take one or an 11 on Tues/Thurs. and you can start your weekend early.

-Classes only happen Monday - Thursday

-Friday makeup classes suck and throw your schedule off

-Always look at the class syllabus

-Make friends with your teachers

-Time management is your best friend

-Buy your materials as you need them- not all at once. Seriously, all that charcoal you have to get for drawing classes will most likely never be used again.

-Pay attention in class

-Communicate with your professors!

-Use your 4 days to be absent from classes for actually being sick or towards finals when sometimes it’s more efficient to work in your room rather than the studio.

  1. Again, if you are sick, communicate with your professors. But if you choose to skip, skip on a day that nothing is due and you can use your time effectively to work on other projects or homework.

-The professors don’t bite.

-Blackboard is your best friend

-Have fun and enjoy your classes!

-Compare prices and consolidate your textbooks with friends if possible.  

-Share materials and textbooks with friends who are in the same class as you.

-If you’re having trouble writing a paper, go to the writing studio and get some tips from tutors!

4) Entertainment / Activities

-Masquerade ball in October

-Join a club!

-Go to the beach at Tybee

-SCAD has a gym (located next to O-House)

-Go to SCAD events (not all are very advertised or emailed out though)

-Exhibits at SCAD museum

-Watch for SCAD events that might be interesting that can help you in your career path!

-If you like movies, keep an eye on the Lucas theater and the Trustees. They usually play classic films at least once a month. The Trustees is free while the Lucas is only about $6, around a $10 trip in total.

-Have some kind of entertainment system that can be used for groups of people whether it be a blu-ray or a game console. You’ll have a lot of down time the first couple weeks.

-Go to the student center

5) Dorms / Dorm needs

-D at the Hive and Turner Annex both have a pool

-If you don’t live in Tannex (Turner Annex) you can’t get in

-Tannex occasionally floods during heavy rain (aka Titannex)

-Tannex has two sized rooms. Even numbered rooms are smaller.

-Command strips DO NOT stick to the walls!

-Laundry is not hard to learn

-Keep your dorm clean- it’s your space, be proud of it

-Get a storage unit toward the end of the year.

-Get a pasta boat

-Experiment with what you can cook in your microwave

-Learn how to fold clothes effectively

-Get a thick mattress topper

-Get some other kind of seating because art stools are uncomfortable - this stands true for older dorms, but the new freshman dorms should have sorta regular chairs

-Keep a timer for your laundry- don’t be that asshole who leaves it in hours after it’s done. (people will take your laundry out when it’s done if you don’t get to it fast enough)

-SCAD wifi isn’t the greatest - Get your own router! Find one that is cheap but reliable.

-Bring a colored printer (you can print in black and white at the labs but finding a colored printer is hard.) 

-Get a shelving unit that can be broken down

-You can pin things to the wall (just have to cover up the holes at the end of the year)

6) Misc Tips

-Get enough sleep- don’t start pulling all nighters as a freshman

-Get amazon prime student and get your textbooks from there

-Never lose your ID- you can’t get anywhere without it

-Utilize SCAD’s resources!

-Please don’t shop at ExLibris too much- go to Blick

-Get those scholarships

-Call your parents at least once a month

-Don’t throw away any materials you bought for other classes! You or your friends might need them later on!

-ExLibris (student?) appreciation day = lots of art samples

-Look both ways before crossing the streets and watch out for tour trolleys. Even when using the crosswalk drivers do not always pay attention

-Utilize CS3 if you need to! They are great for anxiety and short term depression, etc. They are only short term though but they will recommend long term places.

-The turtles by the hive


-Drink water.

-Take care of yourself

-Hold doors open for people, no one wants to constantly hit their ID to get into buildings.

-Free and For Sale and other SCAD yard sale related facebook pages are awesome for finding and getting rid of supplies, books, and furniture. 

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What happened to your youtube vids?

I unlisted quite a bit of them to reduce clutter, but the primary reason is I’m moving towards making original YouTube content.

I’m waiting until I can afford VEGAS Pro 14 Edit Steam Edition or VEGAS in general and get a new banner/avatar before I start, however. I missed my chance on the Steam Summer Sale, so I’m keeping an eye out for future sales related to it.