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Oscar Isaac will star in World War II thriller “The Garbo Network” with Bob Cooper and Richard Saperstein’s Storyscape Entertainment launching sales at the Berlin Film Festival. The script for “The Garbo Network” was written by William Wheeler and will be produced by Cooper, Saperstein, Chuck Weinstock, Jason Spire, and Isaac. The film is based on the true story of Juan Pujol Garcia, an eccentric double-agent who, with no military or covert training, somehow persuaded both the Germans and the British to hire him as a spy. His real allegiance was to England, and working closely with MI5, he created a fictional network of 27 spies said to be spread out over England, Scotland, and Ireland. The ruse helped the English to deceive the Germans about the invasion of Normandy.

Garcia is the only man in the history of World War II to receive distinguished medals of honor from opposing sides: the German Iron Cross and the Member of the Order of the British Empire.

“Juan Pujol Garcia is unlike any character we’ve seen on film – he’s a chameleon and a master manipulator, deeply haunted by his past, with an unreadable agenda… and his actions have world-changing consequences,” Cooper said.

Storyscape is also producing Michael Fassbender’s “Entering Hades,” which is set up at Broad Green, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s “War Magician,” which is set up at Studio Canal. (via

Laserdisc Player For Sale!

Anyone interested in a Pioneer Laserdisc player? Includes remote and cables. I was told by a “neckbeard” in flannel that the format was like so much better than blu-ray, it doesn’t matter that it’s as big as a wrestling ring, like it’s so organic man.

I just want to watch The Jar and the cassette won’t fit….bummer.

Got these too, soundtracks? Don’t have a record player though.

Serious inquiries only, okay?


So sorting out who does what is very difficult, so this is what I’m doing. 

Here are your options: 

Houses: Candy, Chocolate, Drink, big food, and Cleanser

Staff: Principal (taken), Vice principal (up to three), counselor (taken), janitor, and anything else like that you can think of.

Teachers: Art, history (taken), science, math, english, sales,  music, film, lunch (taken), and anything else you can think of.

If you’re in the fic and you want to be staff/teacher, reblog this with
1. What you want the most
2. Second pic

If you just want to be in a house, say the name of your house.
Thanks guys! I’ll be able to get started as soon as this is done