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“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

OK TIME FOR A NERD RANT!!!!!! Gabriel is talking utter bullshit!!!! I love both the new diverse characters and the old classics, every month i buy the latest issues of Spider-man, Champions, Avengers, Spider Gwen and my absoulute favourite super heroine ; Ms Marvel! All my fellow comic book fans that i’m friends with love these books and critics do to.

It’s idiotic to say that Female centred books are to blame for poor sales seeing as The Mighty Thor (Jane Foster version) sells waaaaaaaaaay more than her Odinson counterpart, that Wolverine (Laura/X23) is more popular than ever and that Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) is constantly a best seller both digitally and physically!

And so what if some of the new characters are not white? So what if they’re gay? So what if they have a diffrent faith? These stories are about heroes and not all heroes are going to be thirty/forty something white dudes.

What’s hurting Marvel sales are there Crappy events like Civil War II and Monsters unleashed….ok nerd RANT over!

(Maybe some remember my post about the toothpaste event.)



“What the hell is that?”

“What is what?” Stiles asks as he walks into the bathroom where Derek stands in front of their bathroom sink. Above it is their mirrored bathroom cabinet with one side open.

In answer Derek just turns his head to glare at Stiles.

Stiles rolls his eyes and walks over to get a look at the open cabinet.

“Ohhhh. You mean our awesome and super cool toothpastes.”


“They had this double toothpaste box on sale and had an event where you can order your own personalized stickers. Like honey and sweetheart. I thought just using our names would be good enough.”

Derek looks at his rambling boyfriend and has one of these moments where he asks himself, why he is even dating that idiot. Who even orders name stickers for toothpaste? Why is that even a thing??

He sighs and shakes his head.

“What, you don’t like them?” Stiles asks with a small pout.

“Of course not,” Derek answers with a grin. And before Stiles can start on another rant Derek kisses him on the lips and says, “But I like you enough to keep them. This once.”

Stiles looks smug and Derek stops rolling his eyes after the third time he uses the toothpaste.

Erg races are wild. Everyone is screaming and cheering. You’ve got people all over the floor in various stages of death. Coaches and coxswains are carrying people away from the ergs so the next race can start. The concession stand sells cliff bars. There’s a giant guy literally cuddling a trash can. The race officials keep walking by to put the can back by the ergs, but none of them can bring themselves to take the trash can away from the poor guy. His cox keeps promising that he is in fact okay. There’s t-shirts for sale to commemorate the event. Everyone is high on pain/adrenaline/endorphins/shock bloks by the end of it. Good times man.

At least we didn’t have to send anyone to the hospital this year…

Mike’s room after El's disappearance

- Mike gets a nightlight after El disappears; not because he’s afraid of the dark, but because he’s determined to stay awake for hours after he’s told to go to bed, watching the light to see if it’ll flicker. it always does, which fills Mike with hope that maybe Eleven is out there somewhere.

- while she’s in the Upside Down, El always wanders into Mike’s room when she has a chance to rest. she sits on his bed, sensing when he’s there or not. she’ll never tell him, but during that time, she could feel everything he felt; all the anger and sadness and emptiness. she felt it too.

- before El disappears, Mike never slept with his door open or his window cracked. now, he never leaves them fully closed, hoping that one day she might just wander in. of course, she never does.

- as he grows and matures, he gets rid of many of his old toys - giving them away during garage sales and charity events. he can’t seem to part with his old dinosaur named Roary or Yoda figurine. the memories tied to them may be small, but they mean everything.

- Mike never got around to washing the sweatpants and sweatshirt El wore during her first few days in Hawkins. instead, he leaves them out in his dresser, folded neatly like they’re waiting for someone to put them on. sometimes, on the harder days, he picks them up and brings them to his face. even after months have passed, he swears he can smell El’s clean scent.

- on days when he breaks down, he sits in his closet with his legs pulled toward his chest and tears streaming down his face. during that time, he thinks about when he found El in the exact same state and it makes him want to pull his hair out. how could have ever left her alone in there? how could he leave her alone in the Upside Down? how could he do this to her?

- when he has nightmares, he can’t stand his room. waking up there alone makes him restless, so he often finds himself wandering down to the basement. more than once, Karen has found him in El’s old blanket fort, twisted under soft blankets with tears still frozen on his cheeks.


Otter’s Mog Station Exchange

So with the Mog Station sale going on at the moment, I thought now was a good time to launch this. I’m looking to trade works such as those above for Mog Station gift codes!

More details, including what I will/won’t draw, “pricing”, and how to contact me, can be found >> HERE <<.

Thank you, and please signal boost!

P.S. If these do well, I might eventually consider taking on normal commissions! I’m unable to do so presently, because I don’t currently have a method of accepting direct payment; but I’m looking to remedy this in the future.


Bishin, Shouri, Takeru, and Naoki went to go see Takato at his birthday event!

  • Bishin wrote in his blog that Takato was too cute and seemed very happy.  He also wrote that his birthday present to Takato is a secret, that he loves him, and that he’s glad that Takato is their Kenma.  It’s the first time he’s had a kouhai so cute.
  • Takeru wrote that it was a wonderful event, and really felt that Takato is very loved by many people.  As a teammate, seeing that made Takeru very happy and very proud.  
  • Bishin and Takeru modeled the cap that Takato had for sale at his event, but neither Bishin nor Takeru think it suits them.
  • Takeru put together Naoki’s outfit and was shocked at how good he looked.

(x) (x) (x) (x

You date Joseph and he continues to live on his yacht.
He takes you and Amanda and his kids for a cruise on the yacht as celebration for her graduating high school.
You have a grill party that night with the rest of the neighbourhood. 
As the night quiets down, and Joseph helps you clean up while stealing kisses here and there, you ask him to move in. Amanda is leaving, it was actually her idea! You guys don’t have to share the same bedroom right away, Amanda offered her bedroom to Joseph. 
He cuts off your rambling with a kiss and a smile.
He moves in, Amanda goes off to college.
And on holidays where she comes back, you all go for a ride on the yacht.
And on weekends when there aren’t Church bake sales or events, you and Joseph enjoy a lazy day on the yacht because that’s his space. That he wants to share with you. And on the weekends when he has his kids.
And you both live happily ever after.

*for those of us who didn’t talk to Rob to get the good ending the first time lmao

A Transmutation the Fullmetal Way!? A Special Present to come with Pre-Ordered Movie Tickets!

First Group Special Present
An Alphonse Workbook for the Subject “Alchemy”!

For tickets pre-ordered July 12th (Wednesday) or after
Alphonse (Size B6)
※ Only 30,000 made

Second Group Special Present
A clear file with the live action brothers posing like in the manga!

For tickets pre-ordered September 23rd (Saturday) or after
Original Clear File (Size A5)
※ Only 50,000 made

< Ticket Varieties >
General: 1,400 yen (with tax)       Children: 900 yen (with tax)

※ With the purchase of 1 ticket comes 1 special present.
※ The special presents can be purchased at movie theatre ticket windows across Japan, they’re limited items not for sale. 
※ In the event that the items are sold out, their selling will stop. 
※ It’s possible for the real item to look slightly different from the images.

source: Official hagaren-movie tumblr