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Ammit the Devourer. According to ancient Egyptian writings, when you die, your heart gets weighed by Anubis on a scale against the feather of Ma'at.

If your heart is lighter than a feather, congratulations you won.

If not, your heart gets fed to Ammit. Ammit is part lion, crocodile, hippo and has a spotted coat. Mmm, hearts.

Ammit is for sale! A cool 30$ and it’s yours.


Made these designs for a college class, then printed them on shirts for a Graphics gallery show. Thought I would make them available online for a bit!

Original tee shirt designs, hand pressed with heat and vinyl by me on super nice brand new shirts. $20 each (or 2 for $30, all 3 for $50)

Message or email me (! Email transfers or paypal works best? $6 for shipping to anywhere in Canada, bit more for other countries.

  • Available sizes unisex S - XXL
  • 100% cotton crewneck shirt with short sleeves
  • Sizes run normal/slightly baggy
  • Machine wash cold & tumble dry low INSIDE OUT
  • Don’t use fabric softener

friendly reminder that my muntjac skull is on sale for a mere $140 on etsy (formerly $220 and rare opportunity to get a cool subadult specimen like this!!) and the funds would be used towards achieving a big milestone: getting a spinning wheel!!

plus there’s some yarns and rocks and i’m hopefully going to post more things today!!

EDIT this boy is now on hold and pending sale thank y'all so much!!!!!!!


the calendar // panic! at the disco

friend for sale

• I’m kinda cool
• I listen really well
• I’m 20
• I know the struggle of adulthood
• I care a little too much for my own good
• I can talk whenever
• I love rain
• I live for fantasy
• I love cats (and all animals)
• I hate Trump
• I don’t cost any money
• I really need someone to talk to…
• please..
• be my friend
• this post isn’t a joke
• srsly talk to me
Custom Liquid Cooled Gaming PC - Canyon Core P3 | eBay
For your consideration, presenting the fully custom Canyon Core P3! All the core components are liquid cooled using water blocks from EK, with a custom hardline loop. A full copper 420 mm radiator ensures maximum heat dissipation with the help of three 140 mm static pressure fans. | eBay!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am once again selling via ebay. Into PC gaming at ultra settings? Do you like the aesthetic of custom liquid cooled components? This Grand Canyon inspired machine will meet those needs built by yours trully. Featuring legacy components that still kick ass by today’s standards including a 3rd gen i7 3770K OVERCLOCKED TO 4.6 GHz, and dual 980 Ti graphics card in SLI mode, and 32 GB of memory overclocked to 2000 MHz. Did I mention these components are liquid cooled? More details in the listing. Local pick up only. I accept Paypal. Thanks for looking :) Feel free to check out my Instagram for build progression Reblog would you kindly?

Ser cool sale del alma, no de tus yantas

Quiero tenerlo todo
Quiero que el espejo me devuelva la mejor imagen proyectada en mi selfi,
Tenerla en mi iphone de ultima generacion.
Quiero que todos los corazones virtuales se mueran por latir por mí,
por mi imagen,
Por mis yantas que se gastan sobre el piso fino de parquet.

Quiero aparecer en el inicio de todos tus sueños
Que me veas menear mi pollera amarilla
A mi, a la turbia de ghetto que vive en recoleta

Quiero escuchar un trvp y fumar mi flor al lado del culo de todas mis nenas

Quiero ser tan posmoderna hasta hacerte volar la cabeza,
Contagiarte mi amor a la era capitalista siendo tan indie tan pero tan indie

Es mi estilo de vida, bby
Trataras de imitarme
Pero nunca nadie podra igualarme.

just bought some nice af clothes from the mens section of forever 21, all 100% cotton, all on sale. my cool gay Aesthetic is about to get even cooler and gayer

(p.s. i know this is deeply uninteresting but i’m excited and i wanted to share)


THIS GUY IS FOR SALE!! i made a couple guys from this old pattern recently to make sure i still had all the pieces, and this is one of them. i was gonna keep him but i need to buy some supplies and am fresh out of moolah. i’m workin hard on commissions but in the mean time if this guy could sell it would really help haha. for convenience’s sake i stuck him on my etsy shop, so if you want him, you can get him here for $80 shipped!

this is probably my favorite pattern i’ve ever made. the shape and size and weight are all perfect for huggin and snugglin, and he also makes a pretty deece neck pillow. sometimes i’ll use one of these guys as a pillow instead of my actual pillows because they’re so comfy.

it’s been so long since i drew the bois