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I’m glad we’re not getting a Season 2 this year

I’ve seen people disappointed about the movie, and wanting a Season 2 in October.

My perspective is… This is the BEST NEWS THAT I HAVE HEARD in this fandom, hallelujah.

The biggest enemy that Yuri on Ice has always had is its own success. When your show is basically printing money in DVD and merchandise sales, you can bet that the higher ups are breathing down your neck. Do more. Do it now. Do it faster. If you find a goose that lays golden eggs, by all means, make that thing lay as fast as it freaking can, and while you’re at it, can you make those eggs any bigger?

I have seen success absoutely ruin amazing shows/series/book series/etc. Over and over and over again.

This is particularly true when the show/series/book series has a strong romantic subplot, as Yuri on Ice does. That’s because often, in order to keep people who are invested in the romance invested, shows tend to do one of two things: 1. Keep people from getting together long after any reasonable person could imagine that they’d be apart, or 2. Add ridiculous drama to keep splitting them apart and then getting them back together.

I trust Kubo and Yamamoto. I don’t for one second trust bean counters. And I absolutely do NOT want to see someone splitting up Yuri and Victor in nonorganic ways just to keep some unnaturally stupid tension. Yuri on Ice was magical because it was made with love–every aspect of it–and every time the show surprised us, it was with how much more love was in the show than we’d ever imagined. But it is hard to manage that fine line between enough internal tension to move the story forward and that love that makes Yuri on Ice utterly magical.

When I heard details about the production, I could sense that love. They traveled to every venue, constructed the story around what was actually possible. The spirit of everywhere they went to pervades each scene. You can line up shots of where they were with anime scenes. The way they constructed characters, their skates, the music for their skates, how it all fits together to tell an overarching story about love in all its forms, something that is utterly compelling and yet lacks villains. Even details like putting the wedding rings on the right hand. This is storytelling at its very damned best, at every level, and I’m on my knees to it.

And you want them to do what they did in years for season 1 in a matter of months? It’s not possible. Not with the site visits. Not with needing to construct characters with respect and love. Not with commissioning music. Kubo was talking on Twitter today about visiting Mexico, and the idea of her taking Leo’s heritage as a Mexican American so seriously, and with such respect, in a time when Mexican-Americans are being absolutely vilified in this country, makes me almost weepy. That is what I want–that love, that respect for what they do.

The very, very worst thing that could happen to Yuri on Ice is for the second season to be made with money in mind rather than love. I would rather have no second season than to see someone push this show to become more “mainstream” (read: toning down the queerness, fuck that), or for them to not have the time to develop a story line that continues season 1 with the mastery and the love that made it so special.

The fact that they’re taking their time is the best thing I could have heard. We can get it fast or we can get it good. There’s plenty of media out there that comes out fast. There’s a reason this one was special. Everyone who wants something fast, well, there’s plenty of crap out there–feel free to be a fan of it.

Have a little patience, and trust the people who brought you this piece of genius, who have every financial incentive to take as much money as possible. If they say you’re not getting a season 2 this year, you better believe that it’s because they can’t do it well.

Two years may sound like an eternity, but a crappy season is the thing that actually lasts forever.

Tentative Box Splits!

Hey guys, I will also be organizing a few tentative box splits. Boxes will only proceed if there is only one slot remaining and orders haven’t closed on AmiAmi.

**Max of 2 slots! Opening a second box due to requests, but if ¾ slots haven’t been filled up I’ll be closing that one and informing everyone who reserved.

Kindly read the FAQ before applying. I will only request payment when boxes are confirmed.

Apply here!

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Gruvia had a strong presence in both exhibitions of Mashima-sensei’s artwork. During Sensei’s Fairy Tail exhibition, you could purchase a Gruvia-only ticket on one of the days of attendance, and a Gruvia badge was also for sale as merchandise for the fans. Both exhibits had special couple postcards of Gruvia one could receive as a gift for attending, or for purchasing merchandise. Mashima-sensei even labeled the Gruvia postcard available during the Fairy Tail exhibition “Autumn of romantic love.” 

Plus, some of Gray and Juvia’s moments in Sensei’s current exhibition were considered important enough to be displayed in their respective panel collections. Considering how much is involved through history with Gray’s character especially, it’s pretty telling that some of the most signature moments include Juvia.  

And as if the above weren’t already enough, Mashima-sensei also took the time to personally add an additional new Gruvia drawing to the walls of his exhibits each time. 

Gruvia’s firm presence among Mashima-sensei’s lifetime of artwork doesn’t just show his own love for the pair he created, but his acknowledgement of the fans enjoyment of Gray and Juvia’s relationship, as well. “Gurejubi” is immensely loved by the Japanese fans, and there were tweets from those attending about their happiness that sensei drew Gray and Juvia’s characters together on the wall while they were there.


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Urgent Sales Post

UPDATED 6/16/17

Well, my job hasn’t been all that kind to me about giving me any decent hours… despite me profusely telling my hiring manager I need as many possible hours they can give me so I can actually afford things.

The most I’ve ever gotten is $80 a week but my usual paycheck is $50-60 a week…
This past week I had NO hours, and as far as I know, I’ll only be getting 6 hours this upcoming week…

I’ve been job searching and asking around to see what other places are hiring, but not many are unfortunately…

So, I’m cutting my prices drastically to try to keep some money to the side.

ANYWAYS, enough rambling lol

Shipping is not included in these prices, so please PM me about that! For the USA, shipping usually ranges between $4-6 unless you have bulky items; then it can be around $10 or so :)

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I will only hold items for one week, and from now on, a partial payment will be required to reserve the items for longer than one week.

I am definitely willing to negotiate; I’m trying to make up for these lost hours from work, and this is one of the only ways I can see it happening.

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2017.06 Group Order Preview - Tourabu Merch

Touken Ranbu is slightly complicated because there are so many characters/sets, it’s hard to confirm which ones are in stock. Therefore rather than putting up public preorder posts like HQ or YOI, what I normally ask is… please tell me the sword(s) you like, then I can let you know what’s in stock. 

The new es series set with cushion is available tho, so you’re welcome to pick any of those. 

The sakura sets are also pretty ok stock wise…. depending on the sword lol!!

So if you want tourabu stuffs, please contact me via tumblr messenger and let me know what swords you want. :)

The greatest trick the internet played on itself was thinking it was subversive and unruly. But your average 4Chan post has all the forged renegade edge of bathroom graffiti in Tom Morello’s studio mansion. Take the most popular symbol of online rebellion: the Guy Fawkes mask.

Quick tip to any revolutionaries out there: If a side effect of your anti-establishment movement is that Warner Brothers makes a cool $600,000 in merchandise sales … you might want to rethink your approach. Because that’s absolutely what happened in 2011 when over 100,000 of these masks were being sold annually.

And this is just the tip of the jagged and ironic iceberg. Remember that Trollface meme? The one that was originally created to make fun of trolls? Well the guy behind that actually copyrighted it – and has since made an equally cool $100,000 in licensing fees and settlements. For as they are inorganic, unoriginal, and attention-desperate, memes are also extremely corporate. And to further expose that irony-berg, the swell of legal interest has to do with how lawlessly they were first conceived. You see… it turns out that you can’t just use an image you don’t own without there being some kind of judicial consequence. Especially when it’s of a person. Star Wars Kid, Scumbag Stacy, Good Girl Gina – these have all resulted in takedown requests, lawsuits, and ruined lives. Not to mention all the memes that originated from TV and movies.

To recap: Memes were created by a “free” internet using stolen pictures, those images became the subject of copyright and harassment lawsuits, and as a result the meme world became more corporately owned and mainstream. This led to the final nail in the coffin – for where there is money and sweet youth blood, there are inevitably politicians

Memes You Probably Helped Spread Are Secretly Propaganda

Digimon Electronics FOR SALE!

-Can take close up pics of packaging, screens, etc, and battery test vids if requested, but please don’t ask unless you’re actually interested
-Batteries not included/shipping cost not included
-Can accept payment by Paypal or Interac etransfer [within Canada]
-Can combine shipping with other sale items
-Feel free to ask me for feedback; I may ask for yours too
*Anything valued over $100 will be shipped with tracking
*This post will be xros-posted in multiple places

$100 USD - Pendulum Cycle V8 White
Very Good condition, opened to remove batteries. Inner box & manual only. Based on Pendulum 3/3.5 Nightmare Soldiers

$55 USD - Japanese Digimon Mini V1
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$200 USD - Japanese Pendulum V5.5 Metal Empire
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$145 USD - Korean Pendulum Progress V2 Armageddon Army
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MORE SALES: Digimon Part 1 | Digimon Part 2 | Pokemon

raficha  asked:

I disagree when you say youtube wasn’t helping you guys to continue making the show. If it wasn’t for youtube, many wouldn’t discover it in the first place. I’m not from USA and is so frustrating I can’t watch the rest of the season. Please, there must a way for the international fans.

Frederator, knowing that cartoons could be different online –independent creators need independent homes– launched Cartoon Hangover with Bravest Warriors in late 2012. Cartoon Hangover found millions of fans (and millions of views) for the show, but on YouTube the show could never get to the point where it could financially support the amount of episodes and production values that Frederator fans wanted and deserved. At the current advertising rates and the production value that you now expect from Bravest Warriors and Bee and PuppyCat, each episode would have needed approximately 35 million views for each episode to break even. These shows have not returned a profit. And frankly, almost no TV quality cartoon will have returned a profit on two hours of content, even with going to a big cartoon cable television channel in the US first, let alone having been only on one advertising driven, video streaming site to date. The costs of production are too great. YouTube favors a production quality that is much less expensive than Bee and PuppyCat and Bravest Warriors are set up with, and favors content that is getting searched for already or has some kind of built-in brand equity. The merchandise sales are insufficient in this short time frame (even though three years sounds like a long time to most of us). Bringing our shows to VRV, for the US territory, is one part of a multi-part plan to get them to being profitable. 

Ghostbusters 2016 rant

Re: whether or not a reboot should have been made…

There is a difference between remaking something like Gone With The Wind and Ghostbusters. Comparing a cinematic masterpiece to a cult classic is apples and oranges. Yes, the original Ghostbusters is one of the greatest movies of all time, but you know what else it is? It’s a hero movie. It’s a timeless underdogs-becoming-heroes story, and the fact that so many little boys (and girls) looked up to the old ghostbusters should not be a reason to *not* remake it. To properly reboot a franchise one major question you must answer is “how can we make this different and worthy?” And they answer that question with great dexterity by making the heroes women.

I grew up with the original ghostbusters as heroes. We played GB every day on my street, and I looked up to those guys, partially because they were cool role models, but also because there were no women heroes worthy of looking up to. Yes, Annie Potts and Sigourney Weaver’s characters are iconic but they’re not heroes. They’re not heroes of their own story. This new movie could only work as a reboot and it could only work with women. There would be zero reason for a reboot starring men, since the originals are still so popular. And as a lot of grumpy nay-Sayers like to talk about, no it doesn’t work as a sequel with women because a sequel to the originals would mean that these women were riding on the coat tails of men. It would mean that every bit of science they had would have only been possible because men did it first. This reboot gives them a universe of their own where the science is theirs, where the heroics are theirs, and the reward is theirs and theirs alone. You know, like in real life, where women do things without men literally all the time.

These women are the Ghostbusters I needed when I was a kid. It would have been a game changer for me. And what upsets me the most about these butthurt fanboys who can’t shut up about how this movie somehow “ruined their childhood,” is that they completely forget the fact that THEY ALREADY HAD THEIR CHILDHOOD. They HAD their heroes, they HAD their toys, they HAD their fun, and they grew up not knowing what it’s like to never be represented in any way other than an accessory. I will *never* understand why they feel it necessary to try and take this movie away from NEW generations who didn’t and have not had that. Girls who have never seen a group of female action heroes who are smart, and funny, and independent, and so wonderfully bad-ass. Let the girls have this movie. Piggy backing on that- never before have you seen a movie where the action heroes are four women over 30! Three of whom are over 40! And who represent so many different kinds of women! AND THEY’RE SCIENTISTS IN COMFORTABLE CLOTHES! I am always so touched to read posts where women say “I saw myself in this character because…” Representation is important, and if lack of representation doesn’t bother you it means you’re represented enough not to care. If you’re upset that this movie was made for whatever reason I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter because THIS MOVIE ISN’T FOR YOU. Like Paul Feig tweets all the time, this movie has already made a huge impact on many people, young and old, all different sexes, genders, races, and geographic locations. It’s an unmitigated success on many levels, backed by reports from Sony themselves. When a movie makes nearly $100mil profit in ticket sales (not including merchandise or third party tie-ins) and you consider that the majority of movie goers ARE women, it goes to show that this is what the audience wants. What the audience has been wanting for for a long time.

So thank you to Sony, thank you to the creators of the original for loving and believing in this movie so much, and thank you to the makers and stars of the Ghostbusters reboot because it is important, it is necessary, and it is wonderful. A sequel would show those butthurt fanboys that we don’t need them to get stuff done.

Thank you for your time. End rant.