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Florida student posted “Slaves for Sale” Craigslist ad with photos of black classmates

  • Slavery in the United States officially ended over a century ago, but a high school student in Florida got caught trying to “sell” his classmates.
  • An unnamed senior at Fleming Island High School in Jacksonville, Florida, took a photo of two black female students in class and uploaded it to a Craigslist ad titled “Two Slaves For Sale” with a price of $470. 
  • The listing tagged the location to “Fleming Island Plantation,” which is a location that exists in the town, but the direct reference is to slave plantations in the South.
  • The listing’s description is horrific: “Two healthy negro slavegals for sale. Good Condition and hard work ethic! If you need another pair of hands around the farm/house, you’re in luck!" 
  • The ad has since been taken down.
  • The student responsible for the listing has been suspended for 10 days and will transfer to an alternative school. Read more (4/28/17)

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It Wasn’t a Mistake

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 5487

Warnings: sin, fluff, angst?, blood

Author’s Note: I decided to write this to celebrate the trailer of American Assassin coming out and it was a fucking amazing trailer. Dyl looked so good. oml. I want to thank like all my friends for encouraging me that this is good! I wanna thank @dumbass-stilinski for looking it over, helping me with some parts, and just being amazing all around. You da best babe. I hope you guys enjoy!!

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Vorrei vederti vestita di niente
scriverti addosso che sei mia per sempre
farti vedere un modo diverso di amare
dipingerti in un verso, questo lo so fare.
Siamo fiori cresciuti sotto un temporale
con le radici forti in un campo di sale;
baciarti sulle guance mentre piangi sale
imparerò ad amarti senza farci male
senza farci male.
—  Coez, Jet
Too entitled to wait in line.

I checked out a lady In the garden center the other day. She had asked for a certain amount of mulch she said “whatever is cheapest is what I want” so I showed her a picture of it on my phone to verify what she was getting. She comes back a couple minutes later with our sale ad saying I had given her the wrong one she wanted the one on sale (2$ a bag) but I had given her the “cheapest” (1.54 a bag)

The whole time she was complaining about it I was trying to check out other customers. She said she hadn’t loaded the mulch yet so I told her I could easily do a return/exchange for her in just. I asked her kindly to go ahead and get in line so I could get to her quicker because more people were heading towards the check out but there were only two people ahead of her at that point.

She started getting huffy and wondering why the other Cashier couldn’t just do it. So I pointed out that the other Cashier had went to lunch. And she started making a scene about how had to wait in line.

“you mean I have to wait in line AGAIN”!
“yes ma'am I’m sorry about that but I am on the middle of this transaction, but if you get in line I can get to you before the line grows any more.”

HER: “well it’s not my fault that you messed up I shouldn’t be punished” (the whole time she is standing next to my counter while the other customer is trying to pay.)

Me: “I’m very sorry ma'am but you can get in line behind this gentle man, or you are welcome to go inside to the customer service desk, but the line is usually worse in there.”

She then sighed very loudly and stomped off because the line had grown to 4 people while she was complaining about having to wait behind 2 people. I finally managed to clear out most of the line and there was a woman my age checking out. She had seen the whole thing and told me she thought I handled it very well.

Then when I went on lunch later I saw the customer service Cashier and she says
“what did you do to the lady with the mulch”

“I told her she had to wait in line”

“Oh that explains why she jumped in front of everyone, then started yelling when we told her she needed to wait in line”

Tldr: a lady asked for the cheapest mulch, got mad when I gave her the cheapest one instead of the one in the sale ad, and then pitched a fit because she couldn’t cut line to return it.


!!! so sorry for the lack of updates the past few days *///*
it’s been a stressful week at work ((it’s sale && ad season lol)) so i always come home tired and stuff O<-<

here are some wips, btw! a lot of you have been asking for RFA’s children with MC *v* i posted the other sketches on my instagram story (@myetarts) lolol

i’m going to go rest for a bit ♥♥♥ will update zen feels train this weekend as well HAHAHA ((will try replying to messages tomorrow too ;;; i’m so slow im sorry eeek))

for the record, heres how project wonderful works: you enter a “bid” for a 24 hour period and your ad occupies the space until you are outbid. you are only charged the absolute minimum (in 10-cent increments) it takes to keep your ad online, and youre only charged for the amount of time your ad is actually on the page.

for example, mspa has a $5 bidding minimum. however, you are only charged ten cents more than the prior bidder. so, if an ad slot is empty, you only pay 10 cents for 24 hours of exposure.

but if someone else wants to displace your ad, they have to outbid you. if someone wants to displace the original $5 ad, they have to bid at least $5.10 - but regardless of how much they bid, theyre only charged ten cents more than the prior bidder. so the second bidder pays $5.10 for 24 hours. if someone places a $5 ad that i want gone, and i dont want them to come back, i can buy their ad slot for something crazy like $500 - but i only pay $5.10 for that slot. and if mr. $5 rescinds their bid entirely, i only pay 10 cents. if someone wants to kick out my ad, they have to bid at least $500.10. this is how you get crazy bids like $4700+ - the person who bought it didnt really pay that much, and probably wasnt willing to either.

additionally, you are only charged for the time your ad actually spends on the site. lets go back to that earlier example. if my $5.10 ad gets kicked in an hour, i only actually end up spending about 12 cents. pw charges minute-by-minute.

all in all, considering how many people participated and how long each ad stayed up, i figure mspa probably only made around $200 in pw ad sales yesterday

Remember a few days ago when I said I was excited about something? Well, that was about this little guy here! He’s a rehome, but not your usual one.
So what’s so special about this little hog? He’s an “original African pygmy hedgehog” (four-toed/whitebellied hedgehog), from Togo, West Africa. And he’s truly pygmy - while slightly underweight, he’s also very tiny in general, weighing less than 300 g at an estimated 6 months old. This is how African pygmy hedgehogs used to be; captive breeding has increased their size over the years, as it has done with many animal species.
When the previous owners got him he was riddled with parasites (mainly fleas) which they treated him for, but I’m doing another round of treatment and he will stay in quarantine for a while.

I’m baffled by how easy going and sweet he is - this must be one of the calmest, sweetest hedgehogs I’ve ever encountered. I’ve yet to hear a real huff.
He spend hours running on his wheel last night and even got up during the day for a run so he seems to be a pretty active guy!

Note: I do not advocate selling wild caught (wc) African pygmy hedgehogs. In my opinion there is little reason to sell them because there are plenty of captive bred animals for sale. Adding new blood to existing lines might be a reason I could somewhat get behind - but even then, I think it should be left to experienced breeders, and breeding with wc animals brings other possible risks because the genetic background of the animals is unknown.
Wild caught animals are often infested with parasites and can possibly carry other diseases as well. They tend to be underweight or even sickly and are often a lot of work in the first few weeks or even months since it can take a while to nurse them back to good shape/health. These animals are caught and shipped to various parts of the world, causing unnecessary stress, and they usually end up at wholesalers or pet shops who sell them to inexperienced new owners who then get stuck with a potentially sick hedgehog or, after finding out hedgehogs aren’t their thing after all (also because most of those sellers don’t give out correct information), having to rehome an essentially wild animal.

This little guy is still looking for a name btw, I’m open to Norse mythology related (or Icelandic/Old Norse) name suggestions!