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ayyy money’s kinda tight rn so i’m selling my US Beatmania KOC + US PS2 Game !

The game’s in perfect condition with the case and the manual, the controller is in great condition and it has been penny modded but I can remove them easily if requested.

Selling the pair for $75 shipped or hit me up with any reasonable offers/if you wanna split things, just send me a message! If I don’t reply quickly (aka tumblr ate my message) feel free 2 email me ~


So I’m really poor and I have a couple things I don’t need and I was thinking “hey, maybe someone on Tumblr needs these things and would be willing to exchange money for them, in some type of sale?”

The first thing is an Underworks swim binder, that I’m selling for $30 plus shipping. It’s black and blue, XL, hasn’t been worn at all except to try on. You can check the size chart on Underworks’ site here. I bought it and never really had a chance to wear it and now it doesn’t fit.

The second thing is a Phillips Go Lite Blu, for $40 plus shipping. The stand is missing so you’ll have to prop it up against something to use it (or shell out $20 for the replacement stand if you really want), and the cord has a few bite marks on it (thanks to this jerk), but it’s in good working condition and it does the job for Seasonal Affective Disorder, I just don’t need it anymore. You can look at the specs on the manufacturer’s website.

Both of the items are small and light so shipping anywhere in the US should only be a few bucks. I’m willing to ship internationally if you’re willing to shell out the extra shipping. Inbox me if you have any other questions! And please reblog; even if you’re not interested, maybe one of your followers will be?

#2 The Law of Category:

If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.

“Everyone is interested in what’s new. Few people are interested in what’s better.”
- ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’ by Al Ries and Jack Trout 

So you’re late to the game. You’re number 2 or 3 or more. Do you give up and go home? Heck no! You create a new category. Now you are the first in this category and Law #1, the law of leadership applies.

If you’re first in a category, all you have to do is promote the category. You promote the category not the Brand.

7up did this in soda. They didn’t compete with Coke in the cola category, they created a new category where they were first and promoted the category… The un-cola.

Another example is beer. Beer is huge. I’m sure Anheuser Busch is number one. But what about IPA’s (India Pale Ales)? It’s Sierra Nevada. A tiny company, but Big Bud couldn’t touch it in the IPA category.

Here are the steps: Find a new category. Be first. Promote the category.

So I’m not a advertising agency. The guys from the 40s 50s and 60s are still the big guys. I’m not a marketing agency… still too big. Same with digital marketing and social media marketing. Even Facebook marketing or Instagram marketing are too big. But how about Instagram marketing for the pet industry (btw, not my niche… you’re welcome to it). I could kill this. Solve all the problems specific to these companies and then sell the specific benefits of my category. My usp (unique selling proposition) is cooked right in.

So this is part of the answer to why being narrow is smart. Can you think of other ways to create new categories? If so, please share below. 😄🍺 #ijustwantabeer Stay tuned for Law#3 tomorrow.

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The Daily Dot is now hiring!

Hi, Tumblr! If you’ve been thinking of a change of pace, we want to invite you to check out our available jobs. We allow staff to work remotely unless otherwise indicated, and we have competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a great community we’d love for you to be a part of.

Check out our jobs listings below and follow the links to apply. We’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re from a community that’s typically underrepresented within the media workforce. And if you know someone else who you think might be a good fit, tell them we’re looking!

Lifestyle Editor (Anywhere)

The Daily Dot is looking for an editor who can effectively lead the Lifestyle section and ensure authoritative coverage of its core focuses: sex and dating, health and body, LGBT issues, food, and fashion. Apply now.

Strategic Content Writer (Anywhere)

The Daily Dot’s strategic content writer will create social media- and SEO-friendly digests for all things related to the Internet.We’re not interested in lifeless articles that sound written by robots. We’re looking for compelling features that can inform and entertain readers. Apply now.

Associate Social Editor - Facebook (New York, Anywhere)

The Daily Dot is seeking a Facebook pro to nurture and expand our fast-growing audience. This position reports to the Director of Audience Engagement and requires some experience (non-entry level). Apply now.

Account Executive (Los Angeles)

The Account Executive position is responsible for delivering on advertising revenue goals in their assigned territory. He/she should expect to travel outside of the assigned metro area as needed. He/she reports to the Chief Revenue Officer and works closely with the Marketing and Agency teams. Apply now.

Account Executive (New York)

The Account Executive position is responsible for delivering on advertising revenue goals in their assigned territory. He/she should expect to travel outside of the assigned metro area as needed. He/she reports to the Chief Revenue Officer and works closely with the Marketing and Agency teams. Apply now.

Ad Operations Associate (New York)

The Advertising Operations Associate will coordinate all aspects of advertising placements on the web and mobile web consisting of standard display, programmatic, and native/sponsored/branded content executions. Apply now.

Finished Delivery Moogle Bag and SALES!

I finally finished my moogle bag! \o/ (I actually finished a week ago but this week I was terribly busy and didn’t have time to post decent pictures) I really like how it ended up. Since my sister anhe-foraz​ and I are in need of money to keep paying the subscriptions and some debts we are planing to take orders of this bag if someone is interested in having one.  

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Mejorarando tu fondo de armario aprovechando descuentos .

-Vestido crudo largo . ETXART PANNO. 69€
-Vestido crudo corto y manguita . ETXART PANNO . 49€
-Pantalón vaquero con carácter . ZARA. 9'99€
-Blazer negra recta. ZARA. 29'99€
-Vestido camisero con cinturón . MANGO.14'99€
-Vestido azul .MANGO . 12'99€
-Salón “made in Italy”. UTERQÜE . 129€
- Vestido aberturas y escote. UTERQÜE. 99'95€.


amiclubwear is having a random cyber monday sale (in july??? yes. not sure why but i’m cool with it.) which is for 55% off the entire site with the code “CYB55″ 

they have tons of cute stuff in their plus sized line, lots of it for under $30. they also have tons of shoes in larger sizes too, if you’re someone who has trouble finding shoes in your size! definitely go check them out while this sale is happening, it’s a big deal! 

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Free Email List Nurturing Blueprint

Free Email List Nurturing Blueprint

Grow your business with one of the Internet’s most used tools, email.

Yes, email is still the best way to communicate directly with your potential customers, through their inboxes.

The latest, greatest tool to communicate directly with your potential customers is a lot more “old school” than you think.

See why email list nurturing is…

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