(via ANCHOR DIVISION: Salence Clothing - Caisson Double-Breasted Jacket

One of the interesting things about this jacket is the fuctionality. It really caught my attention (me being keen to multi-use because of the US Army) because of the hybrid style this jacket persues. Not only can it be transformed from a double breasted to a center zip, but the lapels can be buttoned back. The design really is a mix of class and the ability to handle all the elements. Mixing Wool and Polyester with a breathable membrane for insulation and also staying waterproof. This is definitely a quality jacket. Not to mention, it does look great on you. There was also some neat features to be discovered, the thin lining that wrapped around your hand similar to a glove and the hide-away wallet for your I.D. and money built into the right sleeve.

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As a coat, jacket, blazer, and cape lover, I pine for Fall in this scorching heat.  Summer is unbearable– give me cold and blustery weather any day. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to outwear. Just about anyone can pull off a nearly naked and trendy look in the summer time, but it takes style and effort to keep warm and look good. I, for one, do not believe that your fall/winter wardrobe should consist only of cheap anoraks, ratty hoodies, and Michelin-man bubble jackets…and well if they have to, they should at least be in very good taste as well as practical. Enter everything in the Salence Bridge Collection.

Salence believes that aesthetics should not have to be sacrificed in lieu of functionality. Using a combination of lightweight, waterproof, and breathable fabrics for their collection, the coats are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Named after the different parts of a bridge, the collection embodies the sleekness and durability of the essential structures.

Like bridges, these pieces have quite a few utilitarian details such as hidden sleeve pockets and inside pockets big enough to fit an iPad. It’s also the aesthetic details that endear me to this brand– things like leather straps and smooth buttons. The Caisson is probably my favorite because of its transformative capabilities. It can be worn in the classic double breasted manner or as a more modern military coat with a row of buttons down either side of the lapel. Take a look at The Chord– its not the typical shlubby hoodie that makes you look like you just rolled out of a frat floor. It’s mature, sophisticated, yet still comfortable and casual.

Which one is your favorite?

I’ll most likely do another post just dedicated to the details because I am really taken with them.