салем, почто я наделила тебя любовью к обширным монологам

я сокращаю сокращаю

а текста не становится меньше


[EN] alexey-qazqwer: Huh, but after a hasty closing of the dimensional rupture going through the same reality will be few thousands orders of magnitude more energy-demanding… You’re lucky that I’m so kind today. [opens the portal to the world of soil and throws the indignant pegasus girl in there]

        alexey-qazqwer: From here you’re on your own. Good luck.

        alexey-qazqwer: [turning back to the crowd] No need to thank me. [turning to the “that guy” pegasus with a face wrapped up in web, trying to cut the web with a knife] Hehe, it’s useless. It’s way stronger than steel. It’ll fall off by itself after you get sweaty.

        alexey-qazqwer: And yes, after affecting it with magic it becomes even more stronger. [Pegasus is lowing in response, trying to open his mouth] You’re welcome.

[Salem] ~ I agree, no need to thank you, especially that your intervention was downright unnecessary. We’re capable not only of closing the portal, but also of returning the hedgehogs back to our world. But you’ve thrown miss Leo somewhere, too! She would’ve only received a warning, and somepony prepared and provided with equipment would’ve come for the hedgehogs. But now we also have to save miss Leo. In addition, you’ve attacked my inferior.

Your further statements are not valid, since he was free when they appeared. He managed to react in time and avoided a direct collision, so he only has a few bruises. By the way, your web is now hanging on the curtain.

And in general, why did you attack him? His argument with a pony responsible for opening the portal doesn’t look like a proper reason to me. After all, in spite of his harsh tone, he was right.


алёша заявил о своей любви к “недомагам”

а сам проявляет полубожеские способности и вообще хочет внимания


[EN] ask-blog-auntrude: Seems like everything went back to normal o.o now we can dance (⌒▽⌒)☆

        leonilaleo: Where does my portal lead? Damn. To the world of stones!..

~ Everything will go back to normal when a certain young lady returns the hedgehogs to their rightful place or pays a compensation to the royal menagerie. And judging by the size of compensation, it will be much easier to get the hedgehogs back from the another dimension.


Mary Sibley in ‘Til Death Do Us Part’

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darth-salem-emperor-of-earth replied to your post:I’m gonna be alone all week. I thought I would be…

*sends you Zevran all wrapped up in ribbons with a bow on top*

*receives with gratitude*

(though on the bright side, I’m watching the cats all this week, and am gonna earn 45$ for it. which you know what that means…)