I just lost my wedding venue. I’m going to lose my shit. I’m not having a panic attack over this.

You work in television Salem. You find locations, dress them and supervise a whole art department in less than 48 hours. You got this.

My best win yet! I was Aries the Executioner. On Day 2 someone claimed that they were Doused. I decided to pull a very risky move and claim Investigator. I said that my target was either Bodyguard, Godfather or Arsonist. THEY INSTANTLY PUT MY TARGET ON TRIAL. Everyone in the game voted guilty and she was lynched. I tell everyone “Thanks” as they find out I was the Executioner. I said I was willing to work with anyone and I decided to work with the Arsonist. The Serial Killer was PISSED when I found them and ratted them out. Arso won with our little alliance.

And that’s why Executioner is my favorite role. You can manipulate the HELL out of people if you play your cards right.