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[Gif of Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch lying on a bed while wearing a pink nightgown and bonnet. He’s talking into the phone and saying, “Help me. I’ve been kidnapped. And I’m wearing a nightgown.”]

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BBRae, Salem Witch Trials AU

That’s a new AU on me. 
- - -

“Did you do it?”

Raven lifted her head and looked at the mad standing on the other side of her small cell, tucked back into the corner of the courthouse. She shifted a little, her feet brushing up against the dirt floor as she moved closer to him. The man speaking to her was barely above her age, his eyes bright and green as they looked past the wood bars of the cell and into her face. In any other situation, Raven would have claimed that he looked handsome, almost boyish in his good looks and lopsided smile. But this was not the time for fancying young boys. Not when she was about to meet the gallows. 

“Did I do what, exactly?”

“Poison those girls. Make them speak tongues.” He wrapped his hands around the roughly hewn bars of the cell. “Did you…” His eyes darted around the room before dropping to just above a whisper. “…perform witchcraft?”

“They say I did.”

“They say a lot of things… a lot of things that aren’t true.” He pressed his face against the wood, trying to tilt his head this way and that to get a better look at her. “I have found that it’s only on rare occasions when they actually speak something honest. So rare, that I have yet to believe a word they say.”

Raven was strangely surprised by how easily he spoke against the town leaders. Cautiously, she moved closer, letting the thin light of the room slide across her face. She cocked her head to the side and watched as his smile spread his lips again. 

“So… did you do it?”

She shook her head and his face fell. 

“Awe…” He sighed and pulled back a little, looking distraught at the truth. He shifted a little, moving from one foot to the next as he tried to think about how to approach the conversation again. “I thought, maybe… you might be guilty.”

Raven scoffed just a little, her lips twitching in annoyance. “Would it make you feel better to know a guilty woman was going to be hung?”

He shook his head. “No, of course not… but at least I could talk with someone… about me…”

“And what about you would you talk about?”

“The animals,” he said easily, lifting his eyes to her face. “The animals speak to me, and I thought maybe… I could trust a witch. Maybe I could find a friend who understood what I was going through… maybe even find someone to help me.”

Raven offered an apologetic look. “I am not that woman.”

“I wish you were.”

Mystery Hill megaliths may be 4,000 year old - did celts build it?

On Mystery Hill in Salem, United States, lies a 4,000-year-old man-made construction containing a maze of man-made chambers, walls, and ceremonial meeting places. Some argue it was built by a Native American culture, others say it was the Phoenicians. In this article, Tara MacIsaac, presents evidence that the ancient structure was in fact built by migrant Celts.

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Tagged in two ask memes! I am consolidating for ease. First is 52 truths, tagged by @smileslikeparentheses!

☆ LAST: ☆

Drink: Coffee. It is morning.

Phone Call: My wife, last night, when I went to go pick her up at work.

Text Message: HA! I don’t have text messaging on my phone.

Time I Cried: A few weeks ago while I was adjusting to my wife’s practice schedule (aka I am a derby widow now and it is lonely.)


Dated Someone Twice: NO SECOND CHANCES, EVER!!!

Been Cheated On: I guess so, yeah. But there was so much about that particular relationship that was crummy, it barely even registered.

Kissed Someone and Regretted It: Yep.

Lost Someone Special: Yes.

Been Depressed: I get seasonal depression every year. “Soon it will be springtime” becomes a very aggressive mantra, but some days all I can do is cry. 

Been Drunk and Thrown Up: About one to two times per year. And I always feel badly about myself afterwards.


Made a New Friend: Yes, many! Hi friends!!! (waves enthusiastically)

Fallen Out of Love: Not recently.

Laughed Until you Cried: Of course! That’s the best kind! If I haven’t, then that’s a terrible year.

Met Someone who Changed You: In the past year? I can’t really say. But the past five, ten, fifteen years? Yes, absolutely.

Found out Who Your True Friends Were: I think a good number of my friends are Hufflepuffs. I have a few other friends where I know to be cautious of the level of investment. I’m not usually disappointed. This was a hard question!

Found out Someone was Talking About You: Hahaha! All the time! It’s generally benign. I can understand the reasons why someone might be frustrated with me. Even my closest friends give me cause to vent sometimes, so I wouldn’t begrudge someone else that need.


Age: 30! I should be kicked off Tumblr.

Nationality: I have a red face and a white belly. Why yes, my ancestry is English and Irish, why do you ask?

How Many People on Tumblr do you Know in Real Life: Very, very few.

Do you Have Any Pets: I have a very small elderly cat.

Time You Woke Up This Morning: 7:17. Kitty wasn’t hungry, evidently, so she let me sleep in.

What Were You Doing Last Night: Watching Inu Yasha with Kitty.

Name Something You Cannot Wait For: My tax refund.

Have you Ever Talked to a Person Named Tom: The hell kind of question is this? Myspace Tom, is that you?

What’s Getting on Your Nerves Right Now?: My toes. I’m 90 percent sure that the one that wasn’t dislocated is broken, and it still really hurts to walk.

Blood Type: I actually don’t know.

Nicknames: Rhoder, Rhoda Perdictionary, Rhoda Dendron Bush, Unicorn Princess, Ali, Ali Val. My wife and I call each other “Wompa.”

Status: Bleary-eyed.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Pronouns: She/her

Favorite TV Shows: Luther, The Fall, River, Farscape, Firefly, Rizzoli & Isles, Law & Order: SVU, Parks & Recreation.

High School + System: I went to an alternative school that was kind of like a self-driven voc-tech. I interned on a tall ship, at an art gallery, with an artist who made screen printed gig posters, and at an education reform non-profit.

College: RISD

Hair Color: Brown.

Long or Short: I’m growing it out now, so it’s pretty long, but lately I’ve been having dreams of it being shoulder length again. It’s actually more practical to be long, though, because braiding it helps keep it from being ripped out in grappling. 

Do you have a Crush on Someone: I’ve got plenty of celebrity crushes. Real person crushes I like to suppress, because nothing good comes of it.

One Thing You Like About Yourself: I am a heart weasel. I don’t always make great first impressions, but I will slowly weasel my way into people’s hearts.

Tattoos: Just one, a lion on my right forearm.

Righty or Lefty: Orthodox.


Surgery: Just my wisdom teeth. Nothing since then, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Piercings: Ears at six. None anymore.

Best Friend: My first best friend was Tshepo in elementary school. She moved to South Africa in fifth grade after the first democratic election. I was pretty bummed. I’m in touch with her mom a fair bit on Facebook, though. Tshepo is a scientist now, not surprising since she was always really smart and a great student.

Sport You Joined: Well, my dad is a college track coach, and my mom was a very competitive distance runner back in the day (Olympic trials twice, for 10,000 meters and marathon), so naturally they would sign me and my sister up for kids’ races a lot. I often came in last and told my dad I hated sports. I didn’t understand that there were other sports that I could potentially not hate.

Vacation: I don’t remember my first vacation, but we took regular trips to Vermont to see my grandparents, and we’d spend a week every summer in Maine. 

Pair of Sneakers: My folks were runners, you really think they didn’t put tiny baby sneakers on us at the first opportunity? My sister and I had bitty little Reeboks. Hers were pink and mine were white.


Eating: A bagel.

Drinking: My coffee is gone! Shit, time to make another one.

Listening To: The sound of my cat licking herself in my lap.

Waiting For: My toes to get better.

Want Kids: Last weekend one of my teammates brought her toddler to a fundraiser event, and he had a tantrum for no good reason. When she was trying to carry him out, I watched in horror as he legit tried to claw at her eyeball. Children are great, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get a sweet, sensitive, kind little angel. Sometimes you get Damian from The Omen. So my wife and I are doing the world a service by choosing not to spawn the Antichrist.

Get Married: I am married! It’s pretty cool. Plus you get a nice big break on your taxes!

Career: Freelance illustrator

Second ask meme is five things I like about myself, from @lecherysweet!

1. I like my muscular build. I work hard for it!

2. I always take time to think about someone’s intent and meaning when they say or do something upsetting.

3. I’m a good coach and a patient teacher.

4. I can make people laugh.

5. I forgive easily.

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a qt moment

Emily took Danse for a quick spin around Salem after settling in to her new lighthouse home. (Admittedly the trip was for my own benefit of hearing his feelings on the royal hierarchies of mirelurks - no such luck though) Ultimately she’d like him to move to the Lighthouse with her and the junkyard dog she rescued who lives there, but unfortunately the Brotherhood patrols there too much.

Anyway, after clearing out the mirelurks, Danse expressed some thoughts on how nice and well intact the town still was. Emily pressed for further thoughts, and he said (so earnestly)

“Can you imagine what it must have been like to live in a town like this? Oh… sorry…”