psa for non-Americans and non-New England Americans

you know the Salem witch trials? that thing where nobody got burned and nobody was an actual witch but it was still a big deal because 19 innocent people were executed?

well the place we call Salem now was not where that happened. that place used to be called Salem Town. the trials happened in what was then called Salem Village (also sometimes “the farms”). it was an agrarian community with stronger Puritan values that sometimes clashed with the more worldly trading center Salem Town

after the trials Salem Village was so ashamed that it changed its name to Danvers and went on to experience a bunch more dark and tragic stuff. Salem Town said “sweet, tourism!” and jumped on the witch bandwagon and is now a center of pretty nice magic shops, pretty tacky tourist attractions, and pretty pretty historical dance events

Danvers has a laser tag place and they used to have a Denny’s but it closed

the end


March 1st 1692: The Salem Witch Trials begin

On this day in 1692, three women were brought before local magistrates in Salem Village, Massachusetts, thus beginning the infamous Salem Witch Trials. The women were Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba and all three had been accused of witchcraft after local girls began experiencing strange fits. Given the lack of medical knowledge at the time and the preponderance of beliefs in the supernatural, witchcraft was the only logical explanation for their condition. The accused women matched the description of the stereotypical witch: Good was a beggar, Osborne rarely went to church and Tituba was a slave of different ethnicity. The women were interrogated by magistrates John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin and Tituba eventually confessed to witchcraft, claiming Good and Osborne were her co-conspirators. The three were then sent to jail; Osborne died in jail, Good was hanged and Tituba (as a useful confessor) was kept alive and eventually released after the trials ended. The initial interrogation was followed by many more accusations of witchcraft throughout the village and the surrounding area, fueled perhaps by local rivalries, poisoned grain or just mass fear. The manhunt resulted in 19 ‘witches’ being hanged, one pressed to death and hundreds more imprisoned in horrendous conditions. The event is a famous example of mass hysteria and has become a cautionary tale for religious extremism and false accusations.

RWBY Art Challenge Day 8: Antagonist.

And you all thought Raven was the worse mother in RWBY, jokes on you because Salem absolutely teaches her kids to scream on planes, and leave their legos out in prime walk ways. A woman of pure evil.

I’m still behind on the prompts, and I just wanted to do some that I missed, so I’ll probably be jumping around till a bit later on. Tomorrow though I’ll mostly like be doing day 17′s prompt!

Also, I don’t really know why baby Watts and Hazel still have facial hair??

Daily Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon, March 31, 1956

If you have some April Fool prank you want to play on Easter better do it tomorrow for it’s a long wait until the next time the two days fall together, 62 years to be exact.

Although Easter has fallen on April 1 several times in recent years it will not be until the year 2018 that it will do so again.

So if you have plans for a soap filled Easter egg better get busy.

  • Salem: So Qrow Branwen is dead?
  • Tyrian: Yes! Do you forgive me?
  • Salem:
  • Tyrian: ...NOOOOOOOOO-
  • Salem: *Retires to her room*
  • Salem's room: *Covered ceiling to floor in shirtless Qrow Branwen posters*
  • Salem: *Strokes one of the posters before wiping a single tear from her cheek*