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So, after a long time I have something to post here. I had been busy with other things that I needed to write and really don’t want to translate, and also burying myself on Voltron fics. However, some miracle happened and I wrote this Stingue just because I could.

Honestly, I wrote this just because I wanted to, and since it’s an extra scene for my long fic (that i’m not writing because why update, when you can just write bonus scenes?), it’s possible that some things don’t make sense. As I said, I just wanted to write this and I did it \o/

I hope it works well enough so you can enjoy it anyway, but well, I’ll never know

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We’re all entitled to lazy days sometimes. Don’t believe us? Meet Alawa (“the lazy howler”), a beautiful Canadian/Rocky Mountain gray wolf who lives at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. In this delightful video she’s enjoying a relaxing nap on the ground when she hears her fellow wolves begin to howl. Her instincts kick in and she joins in the howl…sort of.

But even a lazy wolf’s howl is an awesome sound:

[via Neatorama]

►►House of Salem Movies Online (2016) HD 



House of Salem Movie Storyline:
A group of kidnappers become a child’s unlikely protectors, after finding out they have unwittingly been set up to take part in a deadly game of human sacrifice. As they start to uncover the truth of the safe house they find themselves trapped, they must battle demonic forces in the walls and uncover the terrifying truth of over a hundred years of murder in the name of the Devil.

Movie Details :
Release Date : 2016-08-27
Casts :

August Halloween Challenge: 31 Days of Halloween Fun Facts

Fun Fact 10/31: Halloween isn’t the only day for spookiness or sweets in October. Try celebrating some of the lesser-known holidays and daily observances listed below this year if one day of Halloween just isn’t enough.

Oct. 9th: Curious Events Day
Oct. 11th: Face Your Fears Day
Oct. 21st: Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
Oct. 26th: Howl at the Moon Day
Oct. 27th: Black Cat Day
Oct. 28th: Frankenstein Friday
Oct. 30th: National Candy Corn Day