So Salem, how much faith do you have in Cinder? Is she close to you? (Asked by anon)
  • Salem, coldly: I have faith in her much like a carpenter would have faith in a hammer.
  • Salem, folding her hands, and maliciously staring over them: That should answer the second half of your question as well.

anonymous asked:

Grandmasters and "Hey two of my friends were selling bread and I wanted to buy one from each of them but there was miscommunication and now I have three loaves reserved and they won't fit in my locker and I can't eat them all for lunch do you want some?"

Anon, I don’t even know what to make of this, but here goes nothing, I guess? Hope you like… whatever this is.

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“This is a joke, right?”

Ozpin frowned, since they knew that they probably should have expected that sort of reaction out of Salem,  especially given the absurdity of the situation. Of course, they hadn’t wanted to get involved in James and Qrow’s weird bread-related pissing contest, but in the end they hadn’t had much of a choice in the matter. 

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