salem oregon

I wish Salem were more of an active city.

This runs through my head every single day. I look at Macklemore, Watsky, Slug, Aesop Rock, Frontalot; all these talents saying they love where they came from. They long for the air their city breathes. I wanna leave for Seattle to achieve the same feeling ‘cause I feel like that’s home. But then I realize, Seattle is not my home. Salem is, I can’t work off the backs of those already talented. Let’s make our city something. Let the world know that it’s not perfect, but it’s ours. If we don’t love our city, let’s build our city til it loves us and the feeling is so mutual we cuddle up with the Golden Man every night. That’s what I want Salem to be; so much greenery that the Grinch looks colorless. So much life that Link would prefer this town in a bottle over a fairy because we would heal for more broken hearts. This is something I will stand for. As Jon Hope raps, “I ain’t fully dressed until I put my city on.” Let’s wear our badge with honor and pride.