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John Aloysius Fahey (* 28. Februar 1939 in Takoma Park, Maryland; † 22. Februar 2001 in Salem, Oregon)

“I was creating for myself an imaginary, beautiful world and pretending that I lived there, but I didn’t feel beautiful,” Mr. Fahey said in an interview with The Wire magazine in 1998. “I was mad but I wasn’t aware of it. I was also very sad, afraid and lonely.”

–  John Fahey, 61, Guitarist And an Iconoclast, Is Dead, New York Times

Seems like RM or somebody has been reading some Ursula Le Guin

That Spring Day teaser fucked me up. The moment “Omelas” appeared on screen, I got shivers down my spine. If the mv has anything to do with the short story “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” — I will cry. That will mess me up. Oh my god. That story… and BTS. Fuck. I never thought I’d ever think of those two separate entities together.


Fairview Training Center; Salem, Oregon

The Fairview Training Center was a state-run facility for people with developmental disabilities in Salem, Oregon, United States. Fairview was established in 1907 as the State Institution for the Feeble-Minded.

In 1923, the legislature established the Oregon Board of Eugenics, and Fairview’s superintendent served as an ex-officio board member. The eugenics legislation provided for the “sterilization of all feeble-minded, insane, epileptics, habitual criminals, moral degenerates, and sexual perverts who are a menace to society.”

Founded 1907; closed 2000.

Bonus: Where’s Molly? is a 2007 documentary about Molly Daly who was institutionalized at the Fairview Hospital and Training Center in the 1950s.