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Lets talk about Ozpin and Salem (Theory)

Ever since his appearance Ozpin has been shrouded in mystery and gave us all a Dumbledore-like feeling with all his wise words and helpful insight and for hot chocolate (yes it is, I belive Miles and Karry said that at one point). 

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However not much is known about him. He has been teaching at Beacon since team STRQ (wich is about 40-30 years before the start of the series). And he seems well versed in Magic or has great knowledge of it.

Then there is Salem the main antagonist of RWBY. Her Grimm-like appearance, as well as her seeming control over the Grimm, make her a worthy enemy indeed.

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She has poised herself as Ozpinʻs Archenemy and part of her plan is to utterly destroy Ozpin. 

However who is exactly are these two? What is their relationship?

First is to look at their names? They are not colors and as stated in RWBY vol 2 that became a tradition in the middle of the great war (wich ended about 80-years before the start of the show) so they are both ancient and both very very powerful

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and a popular theory is that Ozpin is an Old Wizard from the maiden’s tale or the king of Vale or an old soldier from time but what does that leave Salem in theses tales who is she?

In the monolog at the end of volume 3, we hear that Salem talks about how Ozpin choose humanity and (which implies she chose the Grimm) this seems evident to the fact that Ozpin isn't human and that is when I figured out the relationship is and its all thanks to qrowʻs shadow puppets

They are the brother (or brother and sister in this case) of the legend Godʻs of Light and Darkness. Who had fought against one another till the God of Darkness created the Grimm to destroy all of creation (till they created man and left Remnent and ceased being gods). Things could be just that Salem is the god(godess) of darkness and Ozpin would be the former god of light, however, something Miles said in The Volume 4 Commentary that bothers me. In the commentary, he makes several remarks about how the version of the story we heard is not the full version and is only a part of Remnantʻs Genisis story.That me thinking, perhaps too much, and I took a closer look at the brother’s design and I found something interesting

The God of Darkness has a body of light with a dark heat and the god of light has a body of darkness and a heart of light. When I first saw this I thought it was a cool take on Ying Yang or whatever but now I see it differently because I remember Ozpinʻs words to rwby in volume 1

Ruby. I’ve made more mistakes than any man, woman, and child on this planet.

 I Figured it out 


this is why Salem looks the way she does because she has a body of darkness (Grimm)

My theory is that somewhere in the beginning of Remnant Ozpin regretted creating the Grimm and sought to redeem himself for his creation of evil and became “human” and walk among them. (Maybe after 4 young maidens taught him how to find joy). He know embraces the light and seeks to help humanity and not let it fall into the darkness

While his sister fell from grace and no longer cared for the creation she shared with her brother (Humanity) and ceased being the god of light and descended into the shadows.

but perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you’ve long forgotten; things that require a smaller, more honest soul.

Summer Rose died at the hands of Team WTCH/Salem: Theory

Okay so a lot of people have theorized about Summer and how she died. I have seen a lot of concepts thrown around, and wanted to share mine. So, we can piece together that Summer died in battle, right? Let’s suppose she went off into battle and never came back. 

“She’s not coming”. Now, if you’ve read my other theory about Qrow hallucinating (seeing Jaune as Tai in this scene because of the venom), then it makes sense that he’d be talking about Summer here. There are some who think this was about Raven, which is also a possibility.

But assuming that this is about Summer, it can be implied that she died a warrior’s death. And now where WTCH and Salem come into the picture.

Seeing how Ruby was in the scene just before this, it’s pretty obvious that Salem is talking about her. (We get confirmation in V4 that Salem knows who she is.) This isn’t just any ordinary way of wording this. “The same, pitiful demise”. Knowing how Ruby looks almost exactly like her mother, it’s very likely that Salem is able to make the connection. I think she’s basically telling Ozpin that sending huntsmen/huntresses after her is imminent death for them, especially Ruby - and that sending Ruby after her is basically marching her down the same path as her mom. Now, could that just be an implication that Summer did in fact die in battle? Sure. But there’s more.

In this scene, the cinematic symbolism requires some analysis. After Ruby walks off, the camera zooms in on Summer’s grave. It lingers on it for a moment, before fading into the stairs within Salem’s tower. This almost HAS to represent Summer dying at Salem’s mercy. But I don’t think it was just Salem.

Hazel says this regarding Watts’s comment about “the girl with the silver eyes”. If I recall, Qrow told Ruby at the end of V3 that silver eyes are an extremely rare trait. I don’t think it is any coincidence that these guys have “dealt with” silver eyed warriors before. 

ADDITIONAL: I think Qrow knows so much about Summer’s death because he was there. I have a strong belief that Qrow and Summer were Ozpin’s “eyes”, or spies in the field.

This line threw everyone off, I think. But a thought I had is that by killing Summer, Oz was losing one of his insights into things happening beyond his power. With Qrow poisoned and supposedly dying (which Salem believes at this point), his other eye (or successor to the ranking he had) would be obliterated, or “blinded”.

Right off the bat, Ozpin noted Ruby’s eyes. The entire time he looks over her, something is off. He seems distant, as if he’s put off by it. Having lost one of his greatest comrades who shared that trait, it would make sense for him to be so cold. (Plus, Oz probably wouldn’t know that Ruby was born. He seems to be kinda separated from the social lives of his inner circle. Throughout the scene, he seems to warm up to Ruby. I theorize that this happens because he puts two and two together, figuring out that she’s Summer’s kid on his own.)

So you tell me, FNDM. Is this justifiable? I’ve been piecing this idea together in my head for a while, but needed more evidence to back it up. After rewatching the series so many times, things began making more sense to me.