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So I did a thing… I was grocery shopping yesterday and I saw that the tanks were on sale, and I fell in love with this angry little nub..
When I realized I had a spare small filter that was still cycled it was game over.
I’m going to transfer some plants tomorrow when I have more time and make it all cosy.
Happy home day Pineapple! 💕💚💗



Witraz x Balalajka

Photos by Johnny Johnston and Jerry Sparagowski

The immortal *Bask++ was born in 1956, bred by Albigowa State Stud, Poland. 

As often in Poland, *Bask++ was sent to the racecourse as a 3 year old to determine his athletic ability, work ethic and soundness. He raced extensively for 4 years, and out of 40 races he placed first 8 times, second seven times and third seven times. By the time his racing career was over, Albigowa had stopped producing Arabians, and so he was sent to the legendary Janow Podlaski.

Janow Podlaski had planned to have *Bask++ gelded, as at the time they had already a few Witraz stallions standing at stud. That was until he caught Dr Eugene LaCroix’s eye, who purchased *Bask++ for $3,000, hoping to make a quick turn around in selling him onto a buyer in Sweden. But the sale fell through, and so *Bask++ made his way to the U.S in 1963.

After a very rough journey via ship, upon arrival in the U.S *Bask++ was put to stud almost immediately. During his breeding career, he sired over 1,000 registered purebreds, and nearly 200 of those went on to become U.S and Canadian National Champions. 

Praised for his incredible hocks and front end animation, all were excited to see him in the ring as a Park Horse. Of course, *Bask++ did not disappoint and gained multiple Park Championships, along side Halter and Driving.

The immortal *Bask++ lost the battle with colic on July 24th, 1979 at 23 years old. 

Please view  a video of him here.

The ruble is tumbling after Russia's unemployment rate jumps

(Markets Insider)
The Russian ruble is tumbling on Wednesday.

The petro-currency is down by 0.7% at 57.8029 per dollar as of 8:06 a.m. ET.

Earlier, data showed that retail sales fell by 2.3% year-over-year in January, better than forecasts of a 5.2% drop. 

This was the “least bad” reading since December 2014 and follows the prior month’s reading, which showed that retail sales fell by 5.9%.

However, unemployment rate ticked up to 5.6% in January, up from 5.3% in December.

As for the rest of the world, here’s the scoreboard as of 8:11 a.m. ET:

  • The US dollar index is up by 0.2% at 101.60 ahead of the Fed minutes. The Federal Open Market Committee’s minutes from the January 31/February 1 meeting will be out at 2 p.m. ET. Traders will be on the lookout for any hints the Fed may give as to when the next interest-rate hike may occur. The market currently sees a 38% chance the next hike happens in May, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
  • The euro is down by 0.2% at 1.0513 against the dollar. Eurozone CPI came in at 1.8% year-over-year in January, in line with expectations. Meanwhile, the German Ifo Business Climate Index printed 111.0 in February, following the prior month’s reading of 109.9.
  • The British pound is weaker by 0.2% at 1.2450 against the dollar after data from the Office for National Statistics showed that the UK economy grew by 0.7% in the fourth quarter of 2015.
  • The Japanese yen is stronger by 0.6% at 113.02 per dollar.

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Audi 5000. The C2 and C3 series Audi 100s were badged as 5000s in the US because they were fitted exclusively with 5 cylinder engines (in Europe and elsewhere they used 4 and 5 cylinders). During model years 1983–1987, Audi’s U.S. sales fell after a series of recalls of Audi 5000 models associated with reported incidents of sudden unintended acceleration linked to six deaths and 700 accidents. The 5000 was rebadged as the Audi 100 and 200 in 1989 in line with European naming conventions


‘Suicide Squad’ grossed $135million domestically this weekend, easily breaking the record for an August opening weekend. It unfortunately didn’t reach the $150million opening it was predicted at the beginning of the weekend after ticket sales fell 40% from Friday to Saturday, but it still managed to break the record previously held by ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. It also opened to $132million overseas, giving the movie a massive $267million total opening weekend worldwide!
Game Over for Struggling Mattel CEO

Mattel CEO Bryan Stockton abruptly resigned Monday, as another disastrous holiday season showed his recent efforts to revive the creative culture at the world’s largest toy company didn’t do the trick.

fyi for folks who didn’t know. important notes from this article (and others) that might explain some of the things happening:

- Profit during the holiday quarter fell 59% from a year earlier to $149.9 million, as sales dropped 6% to $1.99 billion. The results were the last straw after several quarters of declining sales.

-According to current and former executives, Mattel’s executives needed to be thinking up better toys. Instead, they became entangled in a culture that valued endless meetings and long PowerPoint presentations.

-With its results weakening, Mattel is preparing for another major round of belt-tightening. In October, it announced plans to cut another $250 million to $300 million in annual costs.

-Sales of Barbie fell 21% in the third quarter, contributing to a 22% drop in profits and an 8% decline in sales for Mattel

-the company’s stock, already down more than 20 percent over the last six months, fell another four percent Monday afternoon.

-Lego surpassed Mattel for the first time as the world’s largest toymaker

-Monster High sales appear to be cannibalizing sales of Barbie dolls, rather than growing Mattel’s top line

My 1989 Tour Experience

Okay, so I’m warning you now, this is probably going to be really long. So this all starts on November 3rd last year when Taylor announced the tour. I was driving to class and when I got to school, I checked my phone and had like 10 texts and twitter notifications about the tour. I knew that I was going to want to go to both Gillette shows. A couple days later, the presale started and the best seats I was able to get were club ones. I decided to buy them and take my brother with me the first night. I continued to look for tickets for the second night for my sister, Allison, and me. I tried again when tickets went on sale and got nothing besides the 300 levels. We decided to wait and see if more tickets would be released or if we could get some on Stubhub. I found some people selling some, but something always came up and the sale fell through. Most of you know that I surprised my brother with the tickets for his birthday/Christmas. I wrote him a card (x) and recorded him reading it (x). Taylor liked them both and replied to it saying:

She also replied to a video of my David singing, saying:

This made us even more excited for the tour. I started to look around for contests for Gillette because I didn’t think I was going to be able to find anyone selling any tickets for night 2. I found probably about 10 different contests and entered them all everyday. I found the Keds one for the first night, but entered it anyways because it was a meet and greet (As you all probably know, it did end up being changed to a backstage tour). I entered that contest everyday with my name, my two sisters, and both my parents’ names for over a month. So let’s flash forward to June 23rd. I was at work and my sister, Casandra, was out with her friends. She came into work and was like, “I just won tickets and backstage passes to see Taylor Swift from Keds.” I didn’t believe her at first and thought she was just joking. She showed me the email and my dad called them to make sure it was legit. So now I had 2 sets of tickets to the first night and none for the second. Allison and my friend bought the club seats I had for the first night. I finally found someone selling pit tickets to night 2 for my brother and me for face value. Although they were expensive, it was worth every penny seeing how happy my brother was. 

So July 24th and 25th finally came. My brother and I made shirts with both replies on it (Taylor liked a picture of the shirt a few months before the show). The first night came and my sisters, friend, and I got to Gillette around noon (I woke up early that day because I had a nightmare that I missed the concert, only to realize that I actually didn’t, lol). My sister and my tickets and backstage info had to be picked up at will call. We went straight there when we got to Gillette. We wanted to get our tickets as soon as possible because we had no idea where our seats were. We got to will call and our tickets weren’t there. No one had any idea about them either. They told us to come back in a few hours. Everyone else that had won the Keds contest and whose tickets were late to will call got a meet and greet instead of the backstage tour, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up (good thing I didn’t). So we went to have lunch and went back to will call and our tickets still weren’t there. They told us to come back again in an hour, so we went back to my car and charged our phones. The gates opened at 5, so we headed back to will call around 4 and our tickets were finally there. I opened up the envelope and freaked out when I saw where our tickets were. We were right at the catwalk, seats 3 and 4!!! Since my other sister and friend had club seats, they go in their own entrance, so they left to get in line and my sister and I went to find out where we should enter. We were told to meet at 5:15 at section 128/129. We went to the gate to get to that section and they told us that is where we are supposed to enter. The gates opened and we tried to go in, but they were telling us that we couldn’t go in there and had to enter on the floor because we had floor seats, which was on the complete other side of the stadium. It was already almost 5:15 and we didn’t think we would make it in time. We literally RAN the entire stadium and finally got to where we needed to meet. We ended up waiting there for over an hour so we ran there for nothing.. It was also where the meet and greet people lined up, so I saw so many people from Tumblr there. They finally took us in and told us that Taylor Swift’s mom, Andrea, was going to be giving the tour and no one seemed to care, while I was freaking out. The entire time, my sister and I were like running to be right next to her, haha. I explained everything we saw backstage here: (x) When we were backstage, Shawn Mendes was coming to go on stage, and Mama Swift was like, “That’s Shawn coming. Say hi!” And I just saw the security guard so I was like okay?? Hi? Then, I saw Shawn behind him and I was like, wow, I just casually said hi to Shawn Mendes while standing right next to Mama Swift. Then we were walking around backstage, and Shawn had his guitar on and was about to go onstage and I was standing right next to him. I could have just lifted up my arm and touched him, but he was so concentrated and looked nervous, so I didn’t say anything. So the tour ended and Shawn had just gone on stage and we got to take pictures with Mama Swift. I was too nervous and shy, so I didn’t mention anything about Tumblr to her which I have regretted everyday since then.

So the show had already started by the time we got to our seats. Shawn, Vance, and HAIM were all AMAZING. Feel So Close started playing and I started completely freaking out. Taylor came out and I could not believe how close I was. I swear she looked right at me like 10 times. She brought out Walk The Moon and they were so good! The night ended and I couldn’t believe that I get to see it all again the next day. We got home probably around 1 am, but I was too excited to fall asleep, so I didn’t go to bed until close to 3 am. The next morning, I woke up early again. I had decided that since I was so close the night before and I knew that my brother wouldn’t be able to stay in the pit all day, I was going to just be more towards the back of the pit, so we could just enjoy the show and sing and dance. We got to Gillette around 2 and met up with people from Tumblr. I finally got to meet so many people for the first time. The gates finally opened and we were with some family friends who also planned on going to the Taylor Nation booth, so we decided to go together. We went in and they went to scan our tickets, and it said refund and told us to go to customer service. My brother was freaking out and I was just trying to keep my composure, so he wouldn’t freak out even more. After waiting for like 10 minutes, they finally told us that we were just supposed to pick up another set of tickets from will call. So we finally got in and went up to the Taylor Nation booth. We ended up waiting for 2 and a half hours and no one from Taylor Nation was there and we never even got our picture.. We were in line with people from Tumblr, so it was fun to chat with everyone for awhile. We finally got down to the pit and ended up getting a good spot where my brother could see. This was his first concert so he was amazed with it all. He ruined all my videos with his singing, but I don’t even care because he had so much fun. The special guest was MKTO, who I had already seen, but it was nice to see them again.

Once the Gillette shows were over, PCD was sooo real. I really wanted to go to one more show, but I knew my parents would never let me. Jess (@jtmaster13) even offered to buy me a ticket to the Tampa show, but my parents wouldn’t let me go. I knew that the only way I was going to be able to go is if I won tickets. I began looking for contests all over again. I entered ones for just tickets and flyaway ones too. I knew my chances of winning another one was slim to none, but I continued to enter about 10 of them everyday. I found the Xfinity College Sweepstakes which included airfare, hotel, tickets, and spending money. Only college students were eligible to enter, so I entered everyday with my name and my sister’s. Most of the contests ended September 30th and said they would notify the winner by October 1st. I hadn’t gotten any emails by then, so I just assumed that I didn’t win any and it wasn’t meant to be. 

I was in class on October 6th and just refreshed my email as I always do in class to see if my next class got cancelled, lol. I saw an email that said, “Congratulations Kimberly from Xfinity and Fly Away…” and just assumed that it was an email from a college or something because I get emails like that all the time. I exited out of the email and then went back and actually read it and started freaking out. I left class and went to call my parents and sisters. I told a couple people on Tumblr that I knew were going to the show and were trying to help me go to the show. I didn’t want to tell that maybe people until I submitted all the paperwork and it all got approved. I was going to try and keep it a secret until the day of the show, but that didn’t last, lol (If I had already met Taylor before I probably would have, but I wanted to make my tour post for her to see). My dad and sister ended up going down to Tampa with me because my sister was afraid to fly by herself. My sister agreed to wear a costume though, so we dressed up as Red Lip Classic Thing 1 and 2. 

Halloween finally came and we got to the stadium around 4 pm. We met up with so many people from Tumblr and just hung out until the gates opened. It was SOOO HOT out and they ended up opening the gates a little earlier to get us out of the sun. Before they let us in, I told my sister that I wasn’t going to run to Taylor Nation because it was too hot, but once I was in, something came over me and I literally sprinted there, scaling a set of stairs, lol, and managed to get to almost the front of the line. I was so focused on getting to TN that I didn’t even realize that I ran right past Shawn Mendes. My sister and I took our picture and then talked to Kevin and Ali for a little bit. Sierra wasn’t there yet (Kevin said she was stuck in a meeting). After hanging out at TN for awhile, my sister and I walked around the stadium, visiting the Keds booth and stuff. We went down to our seats which were on the floor and waited for Shawn to come on. Shawn played and then Vance, who was dressed as a pirate, and they were both amazing again. Feel So Close started playing and my sister and I started freaking out and everyone around us just stared at us like we were crazy. Once we told them that Taylor comes on after it, they started freaking out with us. We even got on the screen right before Taylor came on. Taylor came on and was absolutely perfect again. She brought out Alessia Cara and absolutely killed that performance. I completely lost it when she was dressed up as Olaf for Style and then brought out Idina Menzel and sang Let It Go. I was freaking out more than the 5 year old next to me. The show ended and I couldn’t believe that that was the last time I would be seeing Taylor for awhile. We left Tampa the next day and I miss it so much. I still can’t believe that I actually went though!

So I doubt any of you actually read all of this and I apologize for how long it is. I just wanted to write it all out, so I would have it to remember how amazing this year was. I would like to thank Keds and Xfinity for both sets of tickets that I won. I can never thank them enough for making all of this happen. I would also like to thank Taylor for everything she has done this year. For releasing an unbelievable album, for putting together the most amazing tour, and for making me feel special. Whether it is on Tumblr or in a crowd of 60,000 people, I have never felt closer to her before. Thank you for always being there for me and making not only me, but also my brother feel special. Thank you again and “I love [you] so much. I really really do!” @taylorswift