Dreamer Dispatch: A Young Sailor

Ahoy! Our latest Dreamer Dispatch is out and we have a delightful sale-ing story to tell! Click through to read about a young sailor aboard the pirate ship, The Dreamer, and discover the secret code that will get you 20% off your entire purchase from now until July 17th.

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Hi! So, lately, I’ve been trying to sell my School Idol Festival Account. However, as I discovered, almost every site bans selling anything virtual, and since School Idol Festival is a virtual game, well…it would just get taken down for violating the rules.

So, I thought, the best idea from there was to make a post here, and make a gofundme account.

Basically, I have lost interest in School Idol Festival, or rather I don’t play it anymore so there’s no point in keeping it. I have spent a lot of money on the game, so I decided I shouldn’t just give my account away, especially if I’m in need of money right now.

You can see what cards I have in the pictures above. Notable cards are the idolized Kotori UR, and the Maki UR. There are 11 idolized SRs, and 35 normal SRs. 

The account is Rank 126.

And that’s about all the info I believe is necessary about the account. If you are interested, please message me (off anon so I know who you are) how much you are willing to pay for it. I would like for the minimum price to be $50, however I will tone it down if things don’t work out. Like I said, I’m just really trying to find a way to get money.

If people could please reblog this to boost it, I would highly appreciate it! Message me if you have any questions!


These are some books I am selling to downsize. In all honesty they’re books that didn’t serve me or didn’t speak to me, but maybe some of you will find good use in them.

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs  – Scott Cunningham SOLD

The Goodly Spellbook – Dixie Deerman & Steve Rasmussen $13 + shipping *(This one is my favorite, it’s actually an excellent book and a GREAT starter, it’s just heavy and I don’t use it often so I’m sending it to a new home.)

The Lost Books of Merlyn – Douglas Monroe $10 + shipping

Magic from Brazil Caroline Dow $6 + shipping

They all have a little wear and tear around the edges but as you can see they’re in good shape for how long I’ve had them.

So as ya’ll know our dogs were sick earlier this summer with pneumonia…
Our bill was over $900 and we still owe about $700. I’m desperate to pay the credit card off before interest kicks in. Neither I or my parents can afford it right now. Things are super tight.  I am unemployed until next summer as well (because of a financial aid program I’m in).

So if you are interested, please simply send a message with a character ref and say you would like a chibi sketch ~ You don’t have to pay PayPal fees, so tips would be super appreciated (but not expected for sketches I guess) ;w;

If you can’t, please PLEASE spread this?