It’s Friday!!!! And it’s going to be warm this weekend!!!!! Let’s go to the beach!
Also, in celebration of Valentine’s day coming up soon, we are having a 20% off on all our fashion illustration prints and art book. Enter code LOVE2016.
Everything will be signed and ship with love. Store link is in profile. Remember to enter LOVE2016 for your discount

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Some new gals n’ ghouls in the Amazon Warehouse today!

Don’t forget that Amazon Warehouse goods generally have damaged packaging.

Monster High

Batsy Claro $11.89

Kjersti Trollsøn $11.90

Astra Nova Playset $22.26 (no idea if that’s the darker blue or light lilac version)

Posea Reef $13.48

Elissabat $8.78 (signature release)

Zombie Shake Meowlody and Purrsephone 2-pack $15.13

Kala Mer’ri $13.12

Ever After High

Courtley Jester $14.34

Project Mc2

Adrienne’s Volcano Playset $11.51 (the playset dolls are fully articulated!)

And, as always, this is only a small sampling of what’s available right now.


                       FLASH SALE!

SO! I am hella broke, I have fallen into debt and I need to get my feet back on the ground with a little bit of cash to help get me through the coming months. I have some painful bills coming in and I would rather not default on them.

So, I am holding commissions again!!! And this time they’re even CHEAPER than before!

Price guide:
Traditional Sketch - $2AUD
Black and white digital
- $5AUD
Colour [Flat] - $6AUD
Colour [Shading] - $8AUD

Background - Add $1AUD
Extra Character - Add $2.50AUD

The prices are in AUD because I am Australian, Payments are accepted by PAYPAL ONLY. If you send a payment in USD or your local currency I will not accept it. As I said, I am poor and can’t afford to lose ANY cash in conversions. 

You can message me here, send asks or email me on: for any kind of commission you’d like to talk about. I am willing to DRAW ANYTHING right about now for money. So take advantage of this!!!


I have put a TON of stuff on clearance, and I have generally marked down the vast majority of the store. I am hoping to get rid of all the greeting cards and introduce some new ideas/products.

I had to update shipping because it has gone up again. Not too much though.

Also note that I have marked down every single doll in the store!

Run to my Etsy and check it out!

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