Hogwarts Founders

The Hogwarts founders, also known as the Hogwarts Four, were four witches and wizards who established Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the medieval era, in the 10th century. These four founders are widely described as being the most brilliant witches and wizards of the time and were the following: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin.

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what are Thomas's favourite foods? and his favourite smell? (is this one too weird? also, won't ask what house he's in because he's more of a slytherin than any slytherin in hogwarts history)

He is literally the most Slytherin to ever slither in (ey). He’s so Slytherin that when he (inevitably) becomes Prefect, all the first years share scary rumours about how he’s actually The Heir of Slytherin because have you seen him??? Stories are shared about how so and so totally saw him talking to a snake in the bathroom last Christmas. “Why was there a snake in the bathroom?? “ “I DON’T KNOW BUT SHE DEFINITELY SAW IT”

He cannot, in fact, speak parceltongue, but damn if he doesn’t pretend he does to scare the kids. Little shitty first years refusing to do as he says and he just - gently hisses and watches, smirking, as they run screaming back to bed. High fives his boyfriend, Philip, also a Slytherin (they’re the most Slytherin couple in history, can you imagine anything more Slytherin? They should be emblazoned on the house banners)

Anyway I’ve spent way too much time answering a question you didn’t ask let’s try this again:

Both canon and modern era Thomas’s favourite food is a very Northerner-typical apple and cheese sandwich, made with the tartest apple and the crunchiest, sharpest cheddar.

And his favourite smell is bonfire smoke.

Headcanon: Like Salazar Slytherin, each founder had a hidden chamber. Godric Gryffindor made a training room full of magical weapons, only to be opened by a true Gryffindor. Rowena Ravenclaw made a library full of every book ever written, muggle and magical, updating every day, only to be opened by those who trukly crave knowledge. Helga Hufflepuff made a simple room, made to cater to the needs of anyone who needed it. To this day, it is known as the Room of Requirement.

  • Godric:Guys, where should we put the kitchens?
  • Rowena:How about a little ridd-
  • Godric:Godamn it Rowena, the children are not answering riddles to get into a kitchen
  • Salazar:How about a nice simple door?
  • Helga:No, it'll be behind a painting of a fruit bowl
  • Rowena:Okay, fair enough but how-
  • Helga:You have to tickle the pear to get in
  • Godric:Tickle the pear...?
  • Helga:Yes
  • Salazar:Helga, in the nicest possible way, how high are you?
The slytherin common room consist of:

•sometimes you walk in and there’s just a person on the floor crying.

•kids drawing fake death eater marks on their arms to scare the other houses.

•that couple on the couch that’s basically having sex.

•Halsey is always playing

•the dungeons constantly feel damp but comforting.

•fire place always burning.

•bomb parties.

•lots of alcohol that students sneak past snape.

•someone always falls asleep on the couch.

•kids struggling to get homework done by 4 am

•4 years and up putting sound proof spells on the dorms so the younger kids sleeping don’t hear them partying.

•spin the bottle

•trash talk/gossip

•magic duels that end up braking things.

•the random ass gryffindor that always freaking sneaks into the party and no one knows how

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“We Slytherins look after our own. As far as we’re concerned, once you’ve become a snake, you’re one of ours – one of the elite. Because you know what Salazar Slytherin looked for in his chosen students? The seeds of greatness. You’ve been chosen by this house because you’ve got the potential to be great, in the true sense of the word.”


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