Leaving for Yosemite in 5 days!!

Excitement level keeps going up! …so does the Nervousness level.
Nice to be back from my family wedding over the weekend. Now I can go back to training these last few days before the trip.
Got in another 1000 feet of pitches last night, ranging from 5.11c to 5.13a, and a lot of pitches of off-hands, and finger crack. Endurance is feeling pretty good. Few more days of training left. Back to the gym tonight.

Greentogreyagain: Are you really going to solo half dome (or was it el cap)?

I’m not soloing anything. I will be free climbing. There is a big difference.
Free climbing is climbing while on lead, either triad or sport climbing. The lead climber doesn’t use any artificial means of advancing up the route, ie pulling on gear and aid climbing. Free climbing the leader climbs using only the natural features of the rock. The climber is protected the entire time.
Soloing is free climbing, but with no protection.
Aid climbing is climbing, but pulling on gear/ladders basically. That’s a really basic simple way of explaining aid climbing.

There seems to be a lot of confusion among climbers about the terminology of climbing. Free soloing, soloing, free climbing, and aid climbing are all very different things.

That’s why The Salathe route on El Cap is a 5.9 aid route, or a 5.13b/c if its climbed free.