I am moving to a new STATE in a couple weeks, and I need enough funds to get my ass over there!

How to request a Commission:

1) Stop by my Twitch when I’m Livestreaming and talk to me in Chat

I will announce on my twitter @Salahare when I’m ready to stream, and when my stream starts!

My Twitch account is SalahareDrawsToo

2) Email me at with the phrase “Moving Sale Commission” in the Subject line

How to pay:

Once we work out the details of what you want, I will draw up an INVOICE in Paypal and send it to your email so you can pay me upfront.You will not be required to have a Paypal account, as far as I know. If you do not have a credit card we can possibly negotiate a different payment method.

Just want to donate?

That’s great too! You can head to and leave me a tip while I livestream! I’ll still draw you a quick gift sketch on the stream as a thank you~

Please reblog and spread this post, I really need the help and if the next month is successful I’ll keep my commissions open through the new year!


I kept trying to draw a very action-y Trickster!Heir but I am having trouble so here’s some backstory for the headfluff that showed up in my head after seeing amanda-the-human’s post.

My hand doesn’t want to draw today arrggghhhh

but here’s the au-inside-an-au:

Heir gets captured by the felt and is either injected with something or cloned I haven’t decided which. It works kind of a lot like Bane’s super-juice (the batman bad guy) and drives the subject bat-shit crazy. The Felt keeps him tied up because they can barely control him as-is and after a few in house tests they bait Hemogoblin into a meeting to test how the Trick Project fares against real heroes.

The candy-themed costume was Caliborn’s Idea. He’s the head of the Project.

I just… amanda this idea is amazing I can’t wait to see if others will pick up the idea and add to it as I continue to struggle with what I want to do with it omg thank you



Because you were my 50th follower, I upgraded your sketch request from a doodle to a full-color masterpiece - Korra earthbending Asami’s car into the classic E.T. movie shot!

EDIT: Now you can get the full-size version!

I hope you like this. ^_^

((I’m not taking drawing requests at the moment, but I am accepting commissions!))

HAHA I DID SOME MORE just because that last animatic reached 200 notes.

omg 200 notes guys!!! you guys are awesome!!!

The added parts are a bit weird for the most part, and are very likely to change when I have more time to think about how to interpret each line. And I avoided Glee-style dance routine with dream bubble shenanegans! (for now… D:)

I’m not going to work on this much over the weekend because of work and other obligations but yeah wow thanks for the support!

My secret santa present to rabbitfull! (now merryfull for christmas)

This was my first ever secret santa event and I’m very saddened to say I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I wanted on it because of work… and my style changed inexplicably for this one, but… this kind of Jadekat scene I’ve had in my head since thanksgiving was happy to find it was requested by my assignment!

I hope you like it even though it’s really just a sketch~ u_u;

Results from my last livestream!

Denten and Case did a pesterlog voiceover and it got my animation fingers itching again. When I finish fleshing out the keys and breakdowns I’ll go back to work on the music video I started.

I have made a new vow that whenever I start drawing I’ll be livestreaming. Hopefully soon people will come over just to hang out! I know animation looks a lot more boring from the outside than just illustrating does but… I’m hoping to see if I can get motivated better by thinking I have peer pressure.