So I'm re-opening commissions.

I’ll be opening both sketch commissions and full commissions, including requests for backgrounds, both digital and traditional. Here’s how it’s going down:



  • Chibis - (x) (x)$8
  • Waist-Ups - (no examples yet!) - $10
  • Full Body - (no examples yet!) - $15

Line and Colored

  • Chibis - (x) (x) - $18
  • Waist-Ups - (no examples yet!) - $20
  • Portraits - (no examples yet!) - $25 (depending on size, usually 8"x10")
  • Full Body w/Simple Background - (x) - $30
  • Full Body - (x) - $40

I’ll keep adding things to the list as I collect more examples to work with, but the above should give you guys a good idea of what I can do and my general price range. I’m starting off with 3 slots, and will add more examples as they appear.

All digital orders will be emailed as 300dpi according to the size you specify for ease of printing. Traditional media (ink and watercolor) orders can be either 3"x4", 4"x5", 8"x10" or even bookmark sizes (2"x4", 2.5"x5") and will all be laminated for additional protection through the mail.

I’m currently only taking payments through Paypal ( Let me know through TumblrAsk or Email!




I kept trying to draw a very action-y Trickster!Heir but I am having trouble so here’s some backstory for the headfluff that showed up in my head after seeing amanda-the-human’s post.

My hand doesn’t want to draw today arrggghhhh

but here’s the au-inside-an-au:

Heir gets captured by the felt and is either injected with something or cloned I haven’t decided which. It works kind of a lot like Bane’s super-juice (the batman bad guy) and drives the subject bat-shit crazy. The Felt keeps him tied up because they can barely control him as-is and after a few in house tests they bait Hemogoblin into a meeting to test how the Trick Project fares against real heroes.

The candy-themed costume was Caliborn’s Idea. He’s the head of the Project.

I just… amanda this idea is amazing I can’t wait to see if others will pick up the idea and add to it as I continue to struggle with what I want to do with it omg thank you



Because you were my 50th follower, I upgraded your sketch request from a doodle to a full-color masterpiece - Korra earthbending Asami’s car into the classic E.T. movie shot!

EDIT: Now you can get the full-size version!

I hope you like this. ^_^

((I’m not taking drawing requests at the moment, but I am accepting commissions!))

HAHA I DID SOME MORE just because that last animatic reached 200 notes.

omg 200 notes guys!!! you guys are awesome!!!

The added parts are a bit weird for the most part, and are very likely to change when I have more time to think about how to interpret each line. And I avoided Glee-style dance routine with dream bubble shenanegans! (for now… D:)

I’m not going to work on this much over the weekend because of work and other obligations but yeah wow thanks for the support!