valeria (@ciehlos) you just did not tag me to this ahahah

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blog you would like to get to know better

name: marta

middle name: sofia 

gender: female

star sign: virgo

heigh: 5′5 

hogwarts house: i don’t talk w/ me about hp sorry

favorite color/s: blue, grey, black

time rn: 00:26am

hours of sleep: 9 probably

lucky number/s: 4

last thing i googled: if the book “everything everything” was already available in portugal 

favorite fictional character: i have many, but lisbeth salander, from the millennium trilogy

blankets i sleep with: «like 4? i’m always freezing» SAME VALERIA!

favorite artists: the neighbourhood, eden, mansionz, ed sheeran, blackbear, tyler the creator… (and so much more)

dream trip: australia and bali and having a roadtrip w/ my friends

dream job: anything that i feel inspired with

what i’m wearing rn: my cozy pajamas

what do i post about: aesthetic, modern, some boho, book quotes, basically anything that reflects me 

why did i make my blog: it took me a long time to finally decide to create it, but the main reason was because i wanted to have my personal space where i could just be me 

do i get asks on a daily basis?: i don’t, so you’re totally failing as being a follower, xx (you should tho, i would love to know you)

why did i choose my url: whenever you post something online, conscious or not of it, any person will be able to see it, so you’re basically under some light/focus 

countries i’ve lived in: portugal (until now!)

favorite fandom: the skam fandom and eden fandom

languages you speak: portuguese, english and i’m learning german and spanish, some words of french 

favorite film: seven pounds, everytime i saw it i cried, i always go back for it 

last article i read: idk, i think it was about mansionz

last thing i bought online: i don’t really buy stuff online

last person i dreamt of: i don’t dream a lot but when i do my mind likes to come up with persons i don’t know, so probably that was the case last time

a recurring dream: i don’t have that, but it would be cool tho, just one more thing to add to the list of things i wanna talk to a psychologist with 

phobias/fears: if i have any it would be chronophobia, always feel that time is running through my fingers like sand 

how would my friends describe me: probably funny, a little bitchy and cold because i say what i have to say, a friend that they know is there everytime for them

if i had money to spend what would i buy first: my dream camera 

3 first songs that came on shuffle on my phone: exchange by bryson tiller, fate don’t know you by desi valentine, XO by eden 

ps: thank you valeria, this was actually pretty fun. i tag @imheartlessdarling @to-die–was–an-art @under-minds-world @pedro-nunes-nps @millemoore @the-pale-skinned-girl @hipsterboho @lolidontlikeyou @patricia–marques

sorry if you have already been tagged, and be happy!

mar xx


“I’m on the battlefield, Knocking soldiers down like house of cards, I’m a one woman army, Yes, I’m a one woman army

‘One Woman Army’ by Porcelain Black

“It did no good to cry, she had learned that early on. She had also learned that every time she tried to make someone aware of something in her life, the situation just got worse. Consequently it was up to her to solve her problems by herself, using whatever methods she deemed necessary.”
- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), dir. David Fincher