salamander stop it


Land of Storms and Ichor

Your flooded land is surrounded by a constant thunderstorm, a massive, planet-sized series of ruins and jungles that are constantly sunken underwater by several yards of liquid. However, this is the natural way of things, for your Consorts, the Salamanders. What is unnatural is the second layer, a crusted-over hellhole of poisonous ichor that the Scorpions live in, has become cracked by Neptune, and slowly, while it is normally kept in perfect balance, it is now leaking into the waters, killing the Salamanders. Stop Neptune.

Described by @classpectanon.

Another attempt at using photography and my first attempt at drawing a land from space.

The Iron Monster: Chapter 1

Fairy Tail was outnumbered.

Many of Fairy Tail’s members were now unconscious, the guild greatly miscalculating Phantom Lord’s strength. Gray was defeated, as well as Erza, Mirajane, Elfman…so many.

Natsu was still standing strong, his urge to free Lucy overpowering his own health. The blonde was his mate, but he didn’t know how to explain the concept to her yet. They were the best of friends, but he wanted more, craved more. But he would have to deal with that subject at a later time.

His opponent was also still energized, his body covered with iron scales. Iron talons replaced his usual human nails. Natsu narrowed his eyes towards the iron dragon slayer, determined to win this battle. His hands lit up in flames, his soul energized with the feeling of his fire dragon slaying magic. It shouldn’t be much of a battle after all. Fire obviously wins over iron, right? Gajeel Redfox should be no challenge for the pink head.

“Gihi, ya can’t stop me Salamander. I’m the best dragon slayer around!” he boasted, laughing towards the fire dragon slayer.

Natsu growled. “That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard, Metal Head!”

They clashed against one another, growing at each other as a failed intimidation act. Natsu’s strength was failing, as Gajeel overpowered him and knocked him across the room.

“Natsu!” Lucy called out, tears threatening to form.

Happy was already crying, tears soaking his blue fur. “If only Natsu had fire to eat! His strength would come back!”

Lucy gasped as she thought of an idea. Reaching for her keys, she was prepared to call upon one of her celestial spirits. However, a large chunk of the guild’s wall slammed into Lucy, knocking her out completely.

“Lucy, no!” Happy yelled out, more tears streaming from his eyes now.

Hearing Happy’s frightened voice towards Lucy, Natsu glanced their way, his eyes widening when he discovered that Lucy was unconscious, the side of her head bleeding. Not paying attention anymore, Gajeel took this as the perfect opportunity. Changing his arm into an iron club, he punched Natsu, sending him slamming against the wall, knocking him out as well.

Gajeel glanced around, noticing that every Fairy Tail member was knocked out. He laughed, smiling evilly at the scene in front of him. “We won! We beat this no good wimpy guild!”

Walking away from the room, he suddenly noticed that there was a rather lovely scent mixed in with the normal scent of destruction and blood-or well, at least normal for him anyways. The iron dragon slayer was quickly becoming addicted to this scent, deciding to follow the scent trail. It led him into the Fairy Tail basement, the scent becoming stronger and stronger as he walked along. What confused Gajeel was that this scent was not only addicting, but also very familiar. He knew this scent from somewhere, but he just couldn’t quite figure this little mystery out.

Opening the door to what looked like an infirmary room, the slayer’s eyes widened when he discovered what-or who really-the scent belonged to. Laying down in one of the infirmary beds, sleeping peacefully, was the little shrimp that he bolted to a tree with her stupid fanboys. Her scent was calling to him, awakening the beast within him. He cursed under his breath when he realized what was going on. This little blunette, this…this victim of Gajeel’s wrath, was the iron dragon’s mate. Immediately, regret and guild filled Gajeel’s soul, but he quickly ignored it. Smirking darkly, he picked the little blunette up, cradling her into his chest. The cruel smirk of his remained upon his face. He won the battle against Fairy Tail, so why not claim his own personal reward?

Setting her back down, he grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from the desk up front, writing a sloppy letter to all of the members of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Brats,

If ya wanna know where yer little shrimp went, I got her now. And ya ain’t gonna get her back, because ya can’t now gihi! She’s my mate, and just ask that stupid Salamander about it. He’ll tell ya that ya can’t get this little shrimp back……so don’t even try gihi!

It wasn’t a very creative or threatening letter, but it was the best that Gajeel could do. Picking the small woman back up, he walked out of the infirmary room, leaving her two companions alone. Stepping over the rubble, the pierced man took this silent moment to have a look-over at his mate. She was incredibly beautiful, in a nerdy, adorable way. Her hair was frizzy, but it had a nice wave to it. And her unique light blue hair color was greatly approved by his inner dragon. Her body was very curvy for her small height, and it pleased Gajeel greatly. A smirk formed on his lips at all the things that he could do with his new mate, whether she wanted to or not. She’ll eventually grow to accept him as the mating bond grows stronger. But in order for the bond to increase between them both, Gajeel will have to care for her, prove to her that he was a suitable mate. However, with this latest request, he knew that this particular part in the mating process would take a very long time.

Speaking of request, he remembered that someone needed to grab the busty blonde. Glancing towards the area where the blonde had fallen, he saw Totomaru slinging her over his back.

“Why are you taking that one too? New order that I didn’t get?” the black and white haired man asked.

Gajeel shook his head. “No, this one’s for me personally. Just grab the blonde. We need to get out of here before anyone wakes up, ‘specially Salamander.”

Nodding in agreement, both men quickly exited the guild, each with a girl in their arms. Though the reasons why differed obviously.

Allowing Totomaru to walk far ahead of him, Gajeel stopped for a moment, nuzzling into his mate’s neck and biting her, marking her as his mate. Though the mark won’t be permanent until they fully complete the process, he knew that she wouldn’t let him near her neck while awake.

Snickering at the idea of the woman attempting to push his advances away, the tall dragon slayer walked on.

He honestly couldn’t wait for his mate to wake up.