salamander mutant

baby animals have been known to play with their parents tails whenever the parents babysit them, it’s especially seen with lions so I thought it be cute that Mona would use her tail as a toy for little Irrilia and it would probably be her favorite thing to play with whenever her mom is around and would miss her tail the most when Mona left for space.

Irrilia belongs to @myrling-art

I’ve had this drawing for a while now and I didn’t want to paint it til I got more experience with paint tool sai but now I have plenty of experience to back me up and I wanted to go for an underwater theme since she is a newt and they are amphibians which means that they spend most of their time in the water and each of the opals on her are just like her regular weapons in the show which she can basically use to shoot from every angle and I wanted to design a dress that fitted her personality where she can look goregous but still be able to kick butt without a regular dress or skirt to hold her back

not sure what time it is in Slovenia but here in the US my clock say’s that it’s officially July 20th which means that it’s your birthday finally!! and what better way to celebrate someones birthday than to draw their OC’s expecting the future Mrs Raphael,I wish I knew their names by the way. Hope you have a great birthday @zivazivc