Trip to Salamanca on a three-day weekend!

Salamanca is a city I wouldn’t have thought of visiting if it wasn’t a part of our excursion. Knew nothing about the city before I came, and was blown-away with the beauty of the city and the magnificience of the romanico buildings - catedrals & universidades. It is a city full of college students along with numerous antique buildings that seem to be connecting from past and modern times; living in the history in modern days…. how cool is that :)

Not a well known place for foreign travelers compare to other big cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Seville. But different from those cities, Salamanca has its own history and art that represent its own distinctive culture and I enjoyed sightseeing here. Plus, I would love to go to college here in Salamanca, passing by old, historical places everyday; I probably would end up getting distracted on the way and be late to school…

Abandoned Carnegie Library, Salamanca, NY

According to Wikipedia, a 1992 report by the New York Times revealed 911 of the 1681 (or 1687 or 1689–all three figures are listed in its Wiki) original US Carnegie Library buildings were still in use as libraries, while 243 had been demolished. At that time this particular building was a law office, but it’s clearly abandoned now. I’d be willing to bet there’s been a substantial uptick in the number of abandoned and demolished libraries in the past 25 years.