Hoping for the best for Kime0!  Always have been inspired and learning from his and his little brother’s videos.  Keep up the great work and continue inspiring young ones to keep our Khmer language alive.

kime0 asked:

“TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favourite blogs and tell them that they are it!”

1. Half Chinese and half Cambodian. (Dad is Chinese and mom is Cambodian).

2. College student. (Majoring in the Pharm.D program).

3. Just turned 20 years old.

4. I love playing video games! (Anyone got a PS3? Message me for my PSN and let’s game :D).

5. I listen to Korean pop, Khmer (mostly boran or songs that has that traditional sound to it xD), Thai, and R&B.

6. Favorite Khmer food is Kateav. (Love it homemade! The pork meatballs are the best part of it xD + a ton of Sriracha sauce).

7. Been to Cambodia once in the Summer of 2009. 

8. I live in the East Coast.

9. I’m an “awkward turtle”.

Last but not least … 

10. I like to dance ! 

Hey, Kim! TAG. You’re it ! & I tag ALL of you followers xD.