Three year old Jafaralsadiq Dasfriede has been diagnosed with inoperable, but not untreatable, cancer (Non-Rhabdo Soft Tissue Sarcoma). You can read more about the tumor below. Jafaralsadiq is currently being cared for in a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. His family, including mom Brandee Mimitzraiem and brother Salahaldin, need your financial support.

The funds will go toward the holistic care of this family, including expenses related to his care, food, gas for trips to the hospital, and whatever other needs they have. While so many of us are far away, the best way we can support them is through our prayers and financial support. If you have specific questions or ways you would like to support them, please contact April McGlothin-Eller at 313.610.1980 or Contacting April will allow Brandee to focus her time and energy on Jafaralsadiq’s care.

Thank you in advance for your financial support!

The tumor is impacting (literally, as in abutting) his brain stem and lining. It’s adjacent to cranial nerve 5; the one that controls his eye. Tumor position: Place your right hand on your right cheek, with your wrist at your jaw bone, the top part of your palm touching your tragus, and your thumb under your ear. In Jafaralsadiq, the tumor covers that amount of space PLUS the area from your thumb to the center of your neck. The largest part of the mass is at the base of his skull. (It’s 6cm, btw) Where your fingers cross your hair line, the tumor pushes against his brain. It’s in half of his head. That’s why it’s inoperable.”

~April McGlothin-Eller, fundraiser organizer


This is my mom’s friend’s baby boy. They’re a great family and I’d love to see them get some much-needed financial assistance in treating Jafaralsadiq’s cancer. If you can donate, please do so. Otherwise, please reblog this post to spread it around. Thank you!