Four more panels, or drawings; each of these is taken from the frontispiece of their respective Misión imposible volumes.

At this level of magnification, Mique Beltrán’s infinitely smooth and graceful brushwork is all the more remarkable; or infuriating.

Jordi Gual doesn’t have a single style, but works his way through varying levels of stylization and atomization in each story. This thick-line sketch allows very little room for detail, or error.

Marti is best known for psychological noir; when he expands his range for a more pop-cult aesthetic, the squeamish dread remains.

Saladrigas’s style owes a lot to Moebius (and to other followers of Moebius like Philippe Caza and Enki Bilal), which doesn’t prevent him from mocking the French grandmaster in this Picasso-y sketch.