Salad packed and I’m ready for the day! I also pulled together a tub of fresh pineapple and mango- thank you food prep!

Today my box has…
•• 3 cups spinach
•• ¼ cup homemade hummus
•• 2 Tbsp diced cucumber
•• 2 Tbsp shredded carrots
•• 1 Tbsp red onion
•• ¼ fresh tomato
•• alfalfa sprouts
•• ¾ pepper worth of homemade garlic roasted red peppers
Fresh lemon juice

Gluten Free | Vegan
225 calories, 7g fat, 29 carbs, 11g protein

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Breakfast: a whole head of lettuce, an avocado, a handful of black olives, tortilla strips for crunch, a cucumber, and a can of white tuna. The dressing is my sweet balsamic vinaigrette from my cookbook. Have you ordered yours yet?!??
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Massage Kale, Grape & Goat Cheese Salad💚🍇from last nights scrumptious dindin, now up #ontheblog (link in profile)

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Another grocery shopping trip and another delicious whole foods salad! This one had:
》spinach & arugula
》garlic sauteed mushrooms
》multi colored shredded carrots (I love these!)
》grilled tofu
》roasted beets

Topped it all with the sesame tahini dressing, yum!

Salad of the day: Sweet & Tangy Spinach Salad. I created this beauty with…
3 cups baby spinach
5 strawberries, quartered
½ Tbsp chopped pecans
½ cup sweet pecan roasted squash
1 oz goat cheese (vegan optional)

I dressed it with a simple balsamic vinaigrette. I actually like to microwave the dressing for a few seconds (5-10) to heat it up; the warm dressing just barely wilts the spinach and is so good!!

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My number one tip for anyone trying to be healthy in a cafeteria/dining hall setting: mix and match stations! Look beyond the salad bar to what else around would make your meal more interesting (and tasty). Here’s how I did that in mine:

From the salad bar:
》heaps of spinach

But then I got creative with:
》caramelized onions from the DIY panini station
》oven roasted edamame from the hot bar

I also love using whatever sauteed veggies they have on the hot bar-zucchini, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc. If you have a stir fry station you could even have them cook up some veg (ask for water instead of oil, sometimes they even have tofu) to top your greens with too!
Get creative and have fun!
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Some people drink their greens but I like to eat them with lots of homemade tasty goodness on top! Okay sometimes I do both haha. I thre this combo together for a quick dinner before grad school tonight.

Lots of baby spinach topped with:
Sweet pecan roasted butternut squash (click for recipe)
Crumbled Goat Cheese
Homemade hummus (recipe posted yesterday)

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Super simple taco-style salad. I loaded up my greens with fresh tomatoes, black beans, plenty of homemade bean guacamole, and my absolute favorite salsa (Fire Roasted Stonewall Kitchen Salsa). Deliciously simple and so easy!

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