Here’s the perfect present I was talking about.
I still don’t get why she would do that for me. These are custom made..
Just perfect. Waiting to get my fingers on these, heh.
For those of you who don’t know Salad Fingers, please YouTube that shit right now.
Thank me later.

Also buddy, if you ever read this, I love you! Thank you for this awesome pair of shoes and for always encouraging me to write even though I suck at this. Wouldn’t be writing whatever little that I do without your support..

==> Beware The Friendly Stranger

You are the SALAD FINGERS fandom, you have an obsession with SP00NS, and you take great pleasure in caressing objects. Currently your all alone and not doing anything, MOST people think your creepy. Your a little different to other people and you prefer to rename things, for example ‘Sand’ becomes 'Floor Sugar’. You are terrified of 'The Great War’ and what you want most in this whole world is to not be ALONE any more. You type with a diSt0rted northern engliSh accent. As a matter of fact you do have a chumhandle and it is chaoticMasochist. Now go and make some friends