This is a trailer for my Youtube channel, but more importantly it’s my first proper attempt at putting my face on things in such a way. I started making a spoof documentary last year, where I stuck my face on loads of people being interviewed to alter what they were saying - it looked OK but I lost all the footage in a fried hard drive incident. I am still working on getting the technique right but at the moment I am quite excited about what I can do with this. I still have the scripts for the spoof documentary series so I might get back to it at some point. Anyway you should all subscribe to me on Youtube because it’s getting really hard to keep an audience on there, and even harder to make a living from it. Maybe one day someone will decide I deserve to have money and just pay me off for what I have done - though from that point on, my work will become bland and uninspired, so let’s all hope it doesn’t happen.