Veggie and rice bowls are what make up my life these days 🙌 Easy, fast, and so tasty 👍 Here was a salad filled with mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, tomato and spinach then topped off with spicy tomato rice plus more mushrooms and sugar snap peas on the side. Finished it all off with some salsa and nutritional yeast too👌 I swear I could probably eat my weight in sugar snap peas though, it’s an unreal obsession that I’m not at all upset by 🙈 #vegan #veganeats #vegansofig #vegancommunity #plantbased #hclf #hclfv #healthy #salad #veggies #vegetables #rice #rt4 #rawtill4 #rawtillfour #greens #personal

lunch today was a quick (wholemeal) pasta salad made of corn, kidney beans, tomato, basil, parsley, pepper and chili pepper, evo oil and hemp seeds while my family had my grandmom’s heavy lasagna ahahah. as usual, when my grandmom visit me, she brought me loads of fruit and fresh figs that when i saw them i almost screamed oh lord i lovE FIGS O K A Y; maybe i’ll eat some fruit for dinner since i have a cravinggg, but i have to wait the end of Roma vs Juve, italian football match for excellence (we cheer for Roma!!). now Onika is sleeping, again, and i’m gonna show you some pictures of her afternoon nap x)